All photography provided by Kayla Cohen.

For over a decade, I have been composing top quality and compelling copy, while managing corporate blogs, editing and enhancing content, re-writing websites, brainstorming and utilizing creative ways to share content. All while completing my first manuscript. I have published over 100 articles in the past two years, and have worked with a variety of platforms and businesses both locally and in the United States. I am a highly endorsed Writer who can work with any topic from life science to Astrology. I am diverse in my field and bring a unique and memorable dynamic to my work.   

What I've Done

Currently I am working as a Content Specialist for Kidzworld, curating original content for kids and teens. I am managing their "Dear Dish-It" advice section, writing insightful, self-help articles, and composing Astrology articles and monthly Horoscopes. Helping others is a big part of who I am, and I spent five years volunteering and mentoring with The Vancouver Crisis Centre. I was awarded for my ability to manage others, and provide exceptional empathy (in calls and chats) by becoming the first recipient of the Youth and BC Service Award. I am a huge advocate for mental health and will be featuring a lot of mental health material on this bIog.

My affection for Astrology bloomed through my fascination with people and their diverse realities. Words are affirmations, words are healing and helpful. This is why I write, to move someone, to prompt someone to quote me out of inspiration, to provide the perfect recipe of words, which will bring remedy, provoke thought and even create a catharsis. 

 Writing is something I have done a lot of, in my career. I have created, articles, content and copy for: Prospect Solutions, Tangle Creative, The Marketing Chicks, Elite Daily, The Investing News Network, Valent, Woodlot, Kidzworld, Cymax, Constant Retail and Loss&Foundxo. At Loss&Foundxo I composed original, seasonal horoscopes series. At Woodlot, I produced monthly horoscopes, which were very successful. I also wrote a dozen Astrology articles for Elite Daily. I was hired by The Investing News Network to write an article series on life science topics. At Prospect Solutions I got to showcase my love and talent for HR, creating unique HR articles for a recruiting company. At The Marketing Chicks (now Chicks INC), I demonstrated my knowledge and passion for influencer marketing, helped with promotional email content, and was featured on their site as a guest blogger.

Previously to all of these writing contracts, I exercised my natural Communications expertise at The Museum of Anthropology (MOA). Here, I managed all aspects of MOA's communications,  controlling their social media, promoting their events, writing newsletter features, press releases and blog contents.  I was able to increase the social media following (in less than a year) by 165%, I wrote proposals to put MOA on Instagram and Pinterest, and utilized Pinterest to showcase the gems of the MOA Shop. I managed and edited the blog, created stories, worked with other departments and performed interviews with artists. I was able to tell stories that really engaged our audience, but also presented new audiences. My ability to create sound, effective and good content became evident.

At Snaptech Marketing I was able to bring in similar results, organizing a organic social media Job Fair that was so successful, the company wanted to write a case study about it. At this time, I wrote presentations and blog posts for breakfasts with Google, and increased social media followings rather quickly for both Snaptech and their clients. This work allowed me to flex my passion for blogging. I have maintained a blog for over seven years, and am highly endorsed for my blogging skills and capabilities. People started noticing my work on LinkedIn, and I was offered jobs based off my articles. The past four jobs I obtained were from someone reading by work, liking what they see and wanting to work with me.

I truly believe that if you have a natural talent for something, something that makes you smile every day, then it is not a job, it's a calling. Writing and working with copy and content is my calling and it is my goal to create groundbreaking, unforgettable and quote-worthy work in all my endeavours.