Astrology Readings


What are your astrology readings all about.

Based on your birthday, date and year as well as the time that you were born, I will calculate your birth chart. Everyone has a sun sign, the sign they were born into, but so much more makes up your Astrological map. While you do have a moon sign, rising sign, and a sign in each planet, some planets bear more weight then others. What we'll focus on more is, your rising sign as this is a big part of your personality. Some people actually identify more with their rising sign.

Your moon sign is important, as this is what follows you and indicates your moods and dispositions. Venus is the planet of love and rules how you relate to others, and how you mate. Often people want a reading of their Venus and their partners', it is said that two lovers who have each other's signs in their venus are meant to be. Venus can be really telling, as it in conjunction to the chart can say a lot about your past, present and future love life.

Mercury, the planet of communication is also important. You know how people always say "Mercury is in retrograde", well that means problem with communication. Communication is the most important thing, and depending on your sign placement in Mercury, a lot can be said about how you communicate and how you communicate with your partner, co-workers and loved ones.

Elements also play a big factor in my chart readings, I will give you a breakdown of your elements. Too much or too little of a certain element can be dangerous, especially when that element is missing entirely from your chart. Elements are very telling, as each brings a different nature. A person with no water in their chart likely lacks empathy and suppresses emotions. A person with no earth lacks the stability to really commit and find that true connection. Elements can also show what your true zodiac card is. So many people defy their sign, but it could be that an element of a different sign is ruling their nature. I have a talent with intuition and I can read people very well. In my experience of performing Astrology readings, I have yet to get one complaint. Take a look at some of my testimonials:

"Tara is a professional, whip smart, hilarious and intuitive woman and I cannot recommend a reading with her enough (whether for fun or for serious guidance)."--Caroline Carter, CSuites

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She basically digs deep under the "hood of the car" to give you insight into who you are and how you act. I believe that the one of the most important traits for any human is self awareness and she completely nails it on the head! Right now she's doing a special deal as a fundraiser. It's $20 for a 30 minute reading. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out if you have even the slightest interest or curiosity. So cool! If you want more info get in touch with her directly or send me a message! She will even evaluate your relationship and let you know if the one you're with is a keeper or not :)"--Kelly Trerise

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