Ice Cream Conversations They All Want The Scoop.

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It's that time of year when the sun comes out to greet us, and this gives us energy. We are emotionally very sensitive to the weather, when it's rainy and windy out we feel less motivated. The sunshine makes you want to do things, be places, and take part in activities. The sun will inspire you to achieve your goals. You will want to do and accomplish more. This is the nature of the sun, to shine a light onto all of us. 

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Aries ( March 21-April 19 )

Mind:This is your time to wind down and relax. I know you want to kick it up a notch, but when isn't this true? You could use some relaxation and time to just let things chill. Recently, something big happened, something good or life changing. Focus on that. Don't ask for more. Sometimes you want more when you already have enough.

MoodStay humble and calm. The angry side of you doesn't need to come out. You will enjoy your life so much better if you focus less on the stress. Don't stress yourself out either. Don't put pressure on yourself to be great all the time, you are great so just accept it. You might think that you are unbreakable, but even you will push people away when you are under emotional distress. 

Matter: This is the time to be head over heels in love. Stop being so practical. Stoping thinking about love and just allow yourself to throw yourself into it. You want the love when it's right, and while you can nag, you generally love the person that you are with and can stand being around them without forced breaks. 

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Leo ( July 23-August 22)

Mind: There is so much that you are thinking but not sharing. In fact you are over-thinking and this gives you anxiety. There is nothing to worry about. Sure, there is stuff that is giving you the no feeling, but it's nothing you can't overcome. Don't party yourself stupid just to feel alive. There is plenty of good surrounding you. Keep your mind in that positive place and you will be untouchable. 

Mood: You're craving love. Real love. The kind of love you can't talk about or write about. The type of love that isn't captured in a Drake song. You want the real deal, and for some of you, this is when you really give yourself to your partner. You want to be adored, cherished, and appreciated. You want people to see all the magical things that you do. 

Matter: Your love, or whoever you love the most these days is really going to help you get through. You know who matters in your life and you know who doesn't. Fake friends have shown their true colours and you don't have the time now. You don't have it in you to care anymore. If you are single your learning to depend on you, if your are invested you are very much in love and always putting your romance first, unless of course work gets in the way. 

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Sagittarius ( November 22-December 21)

Mind: You want to be everywhere and do everything. You don't like being help down. You get restless. You might even start to shake your leg if you find yourself too bored. Your mind is set on the adventure. Your great at doing the 9-5, but sometimes you just want to take off and explore. Your giving up the thumbs up sign because you want to stay positive. There are some things you wish you had the answer to, but you know you could never ask. Sagittarius isn't going to take it deep unless they absolutely have to or if they've had a few.

Mood: You're happy if you get tot see the people you love and spend time with your friends.As mentioned, you like to see the glass half full. You want to do fun things and this increases your mood. Setting things to look forward to will also keep you in high spirits. You want to move, and you want to go somewhere. You want to see things, but you also want to excel at your career.. 

Matter: There is likely someone that you admire very much. There are probably feelings you haven't expressed, but your feelings are deep. Trust in it. If single try to stay out of trouble. Don't rely too heavily on dating applications. You need to meet someone in real life if you can. You have to feel out each other's chemistry. 

you're really you will see the mighty draw.

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Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Mind: You have a cool side that never goes away, but you can also be so focused. Whether it's work, a side project, friendship or romance, you've got a quick mind with it. You're not afraid to take it there if you need to. If you need to be brutally honest, you will be. Mind you, you've got charm and lots of it. You know how to get what you want while keeping everyone else happy. You're mind is bright, and when you're good, you are a bright light. You attract people to you because you are so interesting.

MoodAs long as everything is packed up and ready to go, you are okay. You just want to be one step ahead of the game if you can be. You know how to get a lot done and on your own. Sometimes you crave that alone time because often your life is very full. Love is always something that you think about and care about, but you can get a little distracted. A little romance could be good to spice things up. Plan something for just you two, keep that flame burning brightly. 

MatterYour significant other matters, but so do a lot of others things like your health and your job. Aquarius will be getting their fitness some place, as they work hard to stay in shape. This will mater, but not as much as their loves and this usually includes partners, kids and pets. Or a whole sort of things, Aquarius likes to keep it interesting. 

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

Mind: Libra is trying to get and stay focused. Or at least, focus on one thing that they can achieve from start to finish. The mindset of the Libra is cool. They don't want any drama, but they do want good times. It's not uncommon for Libra to have lots of friends and people to spend time with. Libra needs to get their head out of the clouds. They need to find something that makes them want to stick around. Sometimes Libra will tolerate poor conditions when they deserve more. People can take things out on them because they refuse to get involved and will often retreat and take space if there is a conflict. 

Mood: Libra will be up and down as they struggle for balance. They can get in moods, but it won't take long to get them out of these moods. Libra is looking for excitement, concerts, outings and good times. They want to photograph all of their memories. Their mood is usually of a charming nature. Libra can work any room and any one. They know they have something to offer even if they do struggle with confidence and knowing that they've got it going on/

Matter: Libra is the universal sign of caring for the people in their life. They will try to be there for everyone, but sometimes they get in the way of their own good deeds. Libra needs to be good with Libra in order to be good with you. A lot matters to Libra. They hate to end things on bad terms, and sometimes take the blame when they shouldn't. Libra is about achieving harmony in their lives and all they want is to get along.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Mind: Sometimes Gemini has too full of a mind. They ate big thinkers and can get anxious sometimes in their thoughts. Gemini can be a bitch or a dick when they want to be. They know what to say to really hurt you if they want to. Gemini mind is bright and active. They are excellent communicators because thoughts generally appear so fast in their minds. Gemini mind is fast so you better be abde to keep up, their not the sign to wait for you. Gemini time is double time. If they say they are going to call you back there is a high chance that they won't. 
Their mindset is busy and they don't always have room to hold new information or take on new matters, but their everywhere, putting out fires all over the place. 

Mood:  Gemini mood can be fleeting. It's just the good twin/bad twin thing. They never know what energy they are going to lead with. Gemini has many sides, but one is that they like to have a good time. There are many famous Gemini party people. Gemini is also prone to doing for others, they don't know how to sit down most of the time. They enjoy relaxation a lot, but don't always get enough of i in thee life. Mind you, there is the Gemini who is constantly watching TV series or playing video games. Gemini is very visual and they learn better this way. A lecture hall is not always the best place for a Gemini

Matter:  Gemini puts their family first, and their love. They care what people think like our president who cares way too much what people think. Gemini is image-focused. 
They want to look good and sound good, and they don't mind being popular. At the end of

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Mind: You're mind is in the right place just keep it in a peaceful place and stop giving yourself reasons to get mad. Things are good and a lot of you are in a good place. Stay there. New things are entering your mind, and change is on the rise. You want to avoid reverting to your stubborn side. Give up your mantra sometimes, and try to find a place of compromise. This could be a really goof time for you to wrap your mind around some gems. 

Mood: There are still some things you are not over. Men or women from the past. A job that gave you no validation. Besides that, your mood is good. Your not complaining as much, and you are embracing the things about your that rock, which you've ignored. Your mood could be loving or accepting, but whatever it is, you've realized something that could change the course of your life. 

Matter: Your loves. Your family. Your friends. The people who has stuck by you through all the chaos. You never deserved to be hurt, and this is the healing process. For some of you, you were doing just fine until someone came along who mattered. Your job matters to you too, and you do a damn good job of it. Finally, you are feeling recognized at work and like what you do actually matters to people. 

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Mind: You're determined to make something happen, big or small, but you want it to be great. Your mind is full of happy thoughts, but also doubting thoughts. Like you thought you would get picked for the job or you thought you'd make more money. Virgo just wants to be called out as wonderful, when they are, but sometimes they get pushed over when they are really talented. You mind is clean and clear, you are like a rocket ship with one mission. You have a sense of duty now, and this is playing games with your brain. You want to excel, but fear some of your choices, if they are the right ones. 

Mood: Content but itching for more. Some just wants to change the world. They want to leave some positive impact. Their mood will be good, but also distracted. If only they could sit still for a moment or stop having great ideas that change their mood. Virgo will also be in a hard-working mood, they want that dream job or that dream family, and they will know how to raise it. Virgo has good ethics, morals and values and when they apply these things they can be a huge success. 

Matter: The people you love, your family, and everyone. Virgo is the type to spit it back up if they don't like it, which is why if you matter to them you mean a great deal. Virgo is looking for that perfect fit, and once they've found it, there is no turning back. Virgo is the sign that stays with the people who matter, and they know exactly who those people are. Don't waste time on fake friends and phoney engagements. Keep your head down and continue to fight the small battles, which come your way. 

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Capricorn (December 22-Jan 19)

Mind: Capricorn will have a busy, hard-working mind. They keep getting all these great ideas and living them through. The mind of a Capricorn is very focused and very dedicated. They might not be able to take their mind off of you. Though they are trying, when Capricorn falls, they fall pretty hard. Capricorn mind can be like a lightening rod, they can be very productive when they want to be. They have a goal-setting mind so there will always be something that Capricorn is working on. They want to strive for the best and they will put in the hard-work and effort to see dreams realized. 

Mood: Capricorn is always putting work first, but now they are unwinding a bit and trying to enjoy life. A Capricorn mood is almost always determined by how successful they are. When Capricorn is winning they want the whole world to know it. When Capricorn is losing, they will hide their feelings and have a tough time letting go. Capricorn was born to achieve and make things happen so when they don't they can  get down on themselves.  

Matter: Capricorn cares for the people they love, but sometimes they care for people who don't really matter. Just because someone is really nice to you it doesn't mean you have to be their best friend. Stick to your true friends. The people you know for certain that have your back, and don't engage with people who are just using you or who want something from you. 

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Mind: The Scorpio mind is alive and active. Constantly thinking, I'm not sure how they get rest from their head, but it is mighty powerful. Scorpio will be good to you if you are good to them. They don't like certain people and will distance themselves from these people as much aa possible. Scorpio doesn't fake anything and their usually in the mindset to tell you the truth. Take it or leave it, Scorpio has a tissue for your tears, but they aren't going to deny what is catching the blind eye.

Mood: Moods are up and down here. Sometimes Scorpio feels great, and other times they feel like shit. You can almost always tell in their fashions, how they are feeling. If Scorpio is hiding behind a hooded sweater they likely just want to be left alone. If Scorpio is wearing some badass, fashion outfit, this usually means they are in a good mood and want to be noticed. It's rare that Scorpio goes after something and doesn't make it happen. They work hard and really put the efforts in to achieve and do well by their standard. 

Matter: Not that many people matter to Scorpio, they've got their family and a close circle of friends and that is enough for them. They have trust issues, so they only let you in if you pass the test. Scorpio will matter to a lot of people, they have a way of bringing people extra close to them. You know you matter to a Scorpio if they open up to you and tell you their deep, dark secrets. Scorpio is mysterious and often keeps a lot to themselves. When they share the vault with you, you can rest assure that you really matter. 

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Mind: Cancer will be in either a productive or lazy slump. They will want to excel, but they could get pressed by a mood. The mindset of a Cancer is very creative, and it is always thinking. Cancer mind is funny and active. They can be a bit shy sometimes especially if they are warming up to you. Give them time, from their minds wonders will speak.

Mood: Cancer is the signs of moods, they are always going up and going down. Cancer has fleeting moods, which will affect their relationships. When they become too closed off, and shady, this is the time to start asking the questions. Questions that are probably too big for Cancer and they feel like they cannot answer. Either way, Cancer might run if emotionally challenged. 

Matter: A tight crew. Cancer keeps it cool and they know who to stay in touch with. If in love, their baby is everything to them. Cancer isn't scared to throw down a little romance, in fact at times they encourage it. Cancer is super caring and probably has a soft spot for many, but if they do, you will know as this is not a sign to fake friendships.

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Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

Mind: Compassionate. Forgiving. Willing to the see the other side of the coin when you shouldn't. It;s okay, it's just a Pisces thing. We think far too much and let people in too easily. Suddenly someone means something to you and you just met, what's up with that? Pisces do make strong connections when they do make them. They are pretty picky about who and what they will waste their energy on. 

Mood: Hopeful. You want something so bad, and are working so hard to make it happen, that it could happen. You just have to get your head out pf the clouds. and put your mind on earth where it needs to be. Pisces could always benefit from a little water, and whole lot of earth in they're lives. Mood will also be open-minded to what is going down and how people are reacting. A Pisces will often suss it out before they put their stamp on it that they are going.

Matter: Everyone. Everything, and why? Pisces needs to put themselves first, they need to matter right now. Love is great, but it is blind, it will take over your mind, you've got to rise up. Put your cards on the table and figure out how you are going to play them so that this time: you win. Pisces cares about a lot of people, some of which they shouldn't, and it's this "care", which gets them in trouble. Don't do things just for attention, figure out what matters, what really matters and focus on that.