Fall Into Your Horoscope

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These horoscopes are designed to give you a deeper insight into your sign, and what is possible for you. By no means am I telling you what is going to happen in your life. These are my intuitions. I am sharing aspects of your star sign based entirely on my own perceptions. If you are born within ten days of another sign, read both. Your Astrology is not just about your sun sign, but your entire chart and what that is composed of. These horoscopes are based on the elements of your sun sign, though every birthday has a different chart and different combination of dominating elements. Aspects of these horoscopes may not apply to you, it really depends on how much you identify with your star sign.


Aries (March 21-April 19)

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You need to start thinking about what matters to you long-term. Sometimes Aries gets too caught up in what is happening now, though they are constantly thinking about their future. A lot of you have worked super hard and are starting to see the fruits of your labor. Aries can’t help but want to make it and be number one. They have a competitive heart and don’t always like to share. Now is the time to bank on your good mind. Follow the sense of your heart. Your instincts are probably right on the money. Don’t get too caught up in the spectacle of things. Look for meaning. Find a meaningful place for you to dwell. Remind yourself that yes, you can always have, want and acquire more, but you likely already have enough. It’s okay to like attention. You deserve it just don’t let it go to your head. Finding a modest version of yourself will attract others to you. In love, you need to express your feelings more. Tell people how you feel about them. Make sure you partner knows how important they are to you. No it is not an unspoken truth just because you are married or have been together for awhile, you need to learn how to communicate your emotions and feelings without any other stimulant in your system. Aries will sometimes make the mistake of thinking of themselves oppose to thinking about their partner. They care, but they aren’t going to butter you up or kiss your ego. This goes both ways, as much as Aries needs to give love they also need to get it. If you can’t keep Aries’ attention they will find it elsewhere. Aries isn’t afraid to go after it, but you know you’ve won their heart when they start to calm down and start becoming an even better person then they already were. The best partner for Aries will bring the best out of them.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

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A lot of you have made changes that weren’t a part of your comfort zone. You may have finally left that job, or embarked upon a new journey with your loved ones. You’re in no rush, but you know what you want and your not afraid to say what that is. Sometimes Taurus can move slowly, especially when they are making a big decision. Other times things just change for the Taurus in a heartbeat and they have to adjust to it. Taurus wants to feel like a winner at the end of the day so they won’t take failure well. Taurus is tender and loving at the root, and will generally put forth this energy to others. Don’t introvert your feeling Taurus, talk about them. Don’t be scared to get deep, and get down to the truth of matters. Your feelings are important and a lot of people care about them. No matter what challenges come your way, remember that you are strong. You are a force, and you can handle it. Be positive about the good things in your life, and don’t hold back from what you want to do. Vocalizing concerns in a wise manner is best. Don’t shut off or tune people out. Deal with any confrontation that comes your way, and trust that love is on your side. This is a sign that makes for an excellent partner so just know that your mate is truly lucky for you. Your level of loyalty is hard to fine and greatly appreciated.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

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 It doesn’t matter if people like you or not. Yes, you are very attractive and charming, but some people will naturally rub you the wrong way. It would be shocking if Gemini didn’t have beef with some other sign. Regardless of the bad banter Gemini’s get, there are true gems to be found in this star sign. Literal gems who are so lovely and kind. Gemini is challenged by appearances versus reality, sometimes they like the look of something or how something seems to be, but they don’t give it a deeper look. Focus on what’s real. Some Gemini people will love to be surrounded by people—they will love to be popular, though it is better for Gemini to concentrate on what is true. Who is going to be there for you when things get difficult? Who can you really talk to? And sure, Gemini rules communication and can easily talk their way to the top or out of trouble, but I mean intricate emotional conversations. The people you can be your vulnerable self with are the people who matter the most. Dig deep, Gemini as a lot of things will come to the surface, but it’s what’s below that really matters. Some Gemini’s have a shady past or a shady side, but they can overcome it if they focus on what’s of value. Don’t ignore your problems. Gemini can get upset, but they prefer to let things go, however this doesn’t mean letting go of what your feeling. It’s important that you take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself. Don’t get sucked into situations where you know better but do it anyway. Be mindful. Try to pay attention to something different for a change. Stop worrying what other people think. Gemini, you have a very generous and thoughtful side, keep showing this side of you, and always give for the right reasons.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

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It can take Cancer some time to find their calling, but once they do, they will be in a good spot. Cancer has to love what they do otherwise things will not go well. Cancer has to work hard at not letting their mood determine their day and interactions. Cancer can be very moody, and will let their mood destroy their whole day. If there is a problem of any kind, try to determine your role in the situation. Really look back on how you handled it and whether or not you were wise about the situation. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Your feelings can take over your thoughts, and sometimes this is bad. The more you crave a relationship the less likely it is going to happen. Cancer needs to be in a good place with themselves. They need to be honest with themselves, and try to work on the things that need fixing. Don’t hide in your cancer shell and protect yourself. Come out, and tell us how you feel. Speak your mind more, don’t just show how you are feeling, talk about it. The more you stay in your Cancer shell the more you will doubt yourself and miss out on opportunities, people and places. Cancer is really good at building a place to call home and they want to do this with another person. This will happen, just focus on your own gifts and strengths first. Live out your own goals and see what happiness comes your way. At this time, you might be starting over, or looking for a new path to follow. This is good, and now is the time. The universe is constantly sending you messages, it’s about time you started to listen. You are hilarious and have amazing wit, but you don’t always have to be entertainment. Know when to take a break and cool your jets, though you likely will do this any way. Cancer is very sensitive and feels things very deeply.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

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You do best when you get to project your own vision. Whatever you do, you have to be the master of it. Some of you tire from being the backbone in too many people’s lives. Now, like always is the time to be selfish. Not to say that you don’t secretly (or openly) love yourself, but Leo will take people on. They won’t disclose weaknesses about themselves to just anybody. Leo wants you to think they are winning at all times, and often they are, but beneath that lies a jar of insecurities. Leo isn’t always as confident as they come off, but they are smart enough not to vocalize these things. Leo will want things to be perfect, which is why they will have a hard time when things go astray. They might think they are good at handling stress, but the truth is they aren’t. Sometimes Leo will want things done their way, and will get annoyed when others don’t compliment their vision. Still, they like to be on good terms with people so they won’t rock the boat unless they absolutely have to. Leo doesn’t take confrontation as well as you would think. Leo will protect themselves from any form of negativity. They can’t cope when things are dark. A Leo can easily be the big arm that comes to save you, but be careful, if something you tell them could one day indirectly affect Leo, they might use it against you. Even if you thought they were super understanding and supportive, Leo can’t help but have standards. If you really do them wrong, they will never trust you again. If they really do you wrong, they likely will never see it this way. Leo isn’t a fan of being in the wrong, and they will defend themselves dramatically if needed. At this time, it is better for the Leo to really ask themselves what and who they want in their lives. Leo needs to look at the big picture and consider the facts before making a judgement call. Whatever you do Leo, don’t turn your back on true love with anyone in your life no matter what people say. What’s in your good heart is what matters. Trust gets broken, but it can repair itself, you simply have to ask yourself if it’s worth it?

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

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If you have doubts of any kind, you are not making the right move. You should just know in your heart and your head what it is that you want to do, and then you should move forward to do it. Virgo will just know when they’ve found the right mate. They will feel like they’ve met their dream match, and Virgo will develop and grow from this love. Virgo is a very critical sign, so when someone fits the bill, the feelings come naturally. The problem is that Virgo will often think before they feel. They think about everything. Even if they are critical, they don’t take criticism well. A stubborn sign, Virgo will often fight for their own rights. As a very smart sign, they have good instincts and can usually see the pros and cons of any situation. Regardless, Virgo will proceed with caution. They are not the type to rush into anything. Virgo is one of those signs that enjoys their own company, and they will need alone time regardless of who they are with. Work is very important here, and the work ethic of a Virgo is usually outstanding. They will put in extra hours, they will strive to learn in their role and really push the boundaries. Their abilities will be recognized, as many will flourish in their career pursuits. Virgo is a realist. They don’t kiss butt or charm people. They are what they are and what they appear to be. They aren’t scared to come head to head with the truth. Virgo can be hard to get back in with once you have upset them, but many have a high tolerance rate for diversity. They aren’t always forgiving because even when they do forgive, they don’t forget and they will use the past against you if its in their favour. For the time being, Virgo should focus on being real with themselves, and thinking about the future proactively. What’s really going to benefit you? Are you doing it for the right reasons? What’s at stake? It’s okay to show people what you are made of. Virgo is not the type to brag, but they still want attention and they still really appreciate being told why they are awesome or doing a great job.


Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

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Libra may never want to grow up, but they have to eventually and this can be challenging for some. Libra often doesn’t know what they want. They can be attracted to something, but also see why that person or thing is not good for them. Libra won’t do well with early age commitments. It is better if Libra meets their partner later in life because Libra can easily be swayed, or steered into another direction. Libra is very charming and loves to flirt. Sometimes they cross the line, and don’t figure things out until they’ve lost them. Libra, like a lot of us, struggles for balance. They constantly need to be assessing what is beneficial to them and what is not. Take a chance Libra, you never know where it will get you, but nobody got anywhere by playing it safe all the time. Work on developing your confidence, and if you feel like you are really confident, work on being modest. There is a butterfly feel to the Libra, as they touch and go, but rarely stay. People that demand your attention and can get you up and at it are good for you. Libra needs to be motivated in a gentle way. They will not respond well to cruelty or bullying. They need to be stirred sweetly not shaken abruptly. This is a good time to really figure out what it is that you want for yourself. Ponder it, but don’t make yourself crazy with intense thoughts. This sign is usually very crafty and creative. They have a good eye for aesthetic, and know what looks good on people and themselves. Insecure Libra will have a hard time making their mind up about almost anything. Libra secretly knows that people don’t make you strong, you make yourself strong, though they can try to be on everyone’s good side. Know that this is not possible, and bridges will burn even if you try to rescue them. A lot of you have very important people in your life, and this is because you do know how to play it cool and go with the flow. It looks this way any way, but we know Libra has a lot going on upstairs, and even if it appears like they have thrown caution to the wind, trust me, they haven’t.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

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You have to be careful. Sometimes you project your inside stuff onto others, without knowing it. When you are unhappy it does show, and this is because you are such a strong person. You really impact people even if you don’t know it, you have great influence. Use this to your advantage. Remember that nothing stays the same, no matter how you feel, almost nothing lasts forever, despite your insane loyalty and ability to keep remarkable friendships. Soon it’s going to be Scorpio time, and this means time to be upbeat and positive. You can’t hide behind anything at the end of the day, though you do this so well. You have to face what you are really feeling head on, otherwise it comes out in other ways. Scorpio like all water signs is not good at hiding their mood. You could say Scorpio is happier when they have something to love, and without that they can get a little down, but hang in there because it is going to work out. Scorpio is lovely and deserving. While they always tell you not to mess with a Scorpio, this is true, but Scorpio is a wonderful, generous and loyal sign. Scorpio hits the jackpot when they find someone they can tell their secrets to, though Scorpio will always have secrets that they keep to themselves. Truthfully, Scorpio struggles to be happy for others when they are in a bad place, but this is because Scorpio is not the best at playing pretend. If something is going on with them, it will be apparent. As mentioned, Scorpio season is upon us, and this will be a good time for Scorpio to recharge and figure out what they want to improve. If you feel like you can’t be bothered, try to shake yourself out of it. You will defiantly feel better once you tell people how you are feeling with words.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

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Whatever it is that you are doing, you should be owning it because Sagittarius is a boss. They are better in charge, and playing a dominate role oppose to a submissive one. Sagittarius simply needs to put their efforts in to see something grow. They are a sign of independence who will do what they love naturally. Very gifted and bright this sign is capable of so much. Good fortune is in their cards. As hard as they may work, it is important for Sagittarius to find time for themselves. Sometimes Sagittarius just feels things would be better if they did it themselves. Some can have anal tendencies, and will prefer doing things a certain way. Others will struggle to let people get close to them, until they come across the right person. Sagittarius wants to be respected, and they will not settle for second best. Sagittarius needs to trust you over anything, and this is why they might not open up easily emotionally. Sagittarius like Scorpio can be very private about their personal life and their true feelings. Sagittarius is smart and knows when to share and when to shut up, though they will have advice for you. This sign is very philosophical and able to give you advice that will help you live a better life, or at least what the Sagittarius believes is so. Now is a good time to channel energy and keep at it. Your hard work is going to pay off, trust me. It might not be tomorrow, but in good time, you will be shinning. Keep with the optimism, which is in your heart and you can’t go wrong. You know it’s possible now you just have to make it possible. Some of you are just starting to go after your dream, and this is a good thing. Try not to let negative thoughts get in your way or prevent you from going after it.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

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There is both a bossy and submissive side here. Capricorn will want to help you do your job better, but they will also want to people please, and do right by others. They may not vocalize it, but they do care if they are liked. Capricorn tends to take the job seriously, sometimes too seriously, which can affect certain relationships if they are not careful. Capricorn likes to know what others think of their work and their efforts. Secretly addicted to validation, Capricorn almost always aims to please. It’s been said that Capricorn is boring and dull, which isn’t true. Capricorn wants to have a good time, but sometimes their career and life demands can get the better of them. Capricorn will put work first, but they also care about love and generally are a long-term relationship sign. Still, they need to be with someone who will let them have a say. Capricorn will get hurt when their efforts are not taken into account, and they give more then they get. This is a good time to focus on balance, and find a place of content in your life. If you are broken over the past, trust that it will repair. Things don’t happen impulsively for the Capricorn, they happen naturally. As they always say, when you least expect it.  


Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Aquarius Friday.jpg

As a true, full-blooded Aquarius, your life is rarely boring. You have a lot of different people in your life who you are friends with for different reasons. You can’t help but see the good qualities in others, even if things don’t work out, Aquarius will not forget what attracted them to you in the first place. Aquarius, as much as you are a hard-working, social butterfly, you still need to take time for yourself. This is important. Aquarius wants love, but they are not in a rush. They are usually very much their own person and very independent. Many Aquarius people fall in love, but are not in a rush to get married. Aquarius might chose to have children before they tie the knot, if they even do. Aquarius is aloof until they meet their match, which isn’t always easy for them because they need to connect beneath the surface. When they do magic can happen. Aquarius is usually very adventurous with an open mind. They are unique individuals that usually attract people easily. This is a good time to figure out what’s most important to you, and try to prioritize it. Don’t let too many activities or too much work take away from your treasured interpersonal relationships. You are an asset and anyone in your life, especially your employer should know this. You are gifted and smart with an ability to get what you want. It’s easy for you to make friends, but it’s even more important for you to make close, deep connections. Aquarius needs someone they can talk to about their fears and insecurities. They often need someone who is a bit opposite of their energy to help bring out certain qualities in Aquarius. Aquarius symbolizes the need to make friends with lovers before hooking up with them. This is because Aquarius thinks a lot about love, they think about love before they feel love, and they need to mentally connect with someone. A part of you is a little bit lucky, you might just have a personality that people love. When you feel the pressure of stress or if you feel overwhelmed by any life aspect, reflect on your accomplishments, and know that you are super strong and can get through anything. Aquarius was never meant to be kicked down for too long, they usually have a powerful spirit, which keeps them fighting.


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces Friday.jpg

This is supposed to be a good year for The Fish. While they always have their ups and downs, Pisces is likely in a good place. A place which will allow them to grow and grow up. Pisces struggles with the elements that come with growing up, but that doesn’t mean they lack the desire for marriage or children. Pisces is sweet-natured, but can be feisty and sassy. They really want true love, and often dream of how they would like things to look like in their life and in their partnerships. The problem is that Pisces will tolerate negativity in their relationships. They don’t handle rejection well, and often wear the rose-colored glasses when they are involved. Pisces needs to write down all the things they need from a partner, figure out what they want and not steer from it. As such a mutable sign, there can be many variations, but Pisces can be weak. Wise Pisces has learned not to let people take advantage of them, and has cut out the people who didn’t value them properly. This is a time not to be lazy because you might just be in a really good headspace. Waiting for things to happen is never easy for anyone, but Pisces will learn that any hardship that has come there way has only made them stronger. They have also learned that things can change, some people just take longer to come around. Regardless, minus the life chaos, all you can control is yourself. Your reactions to things mean everything, as you start to really watch what you say and how you say it. Lead with the part of you that wants to kill with kindness, but don’t let people walk all over you or use you. If there’s something missing in love, you need to acknowledge it. Love is important but sometimes it is not enough. You need to have that lasting, raw chemistry to truly build a connection. If you are thinking about it constantly in a critical way, you need to realize this romance is likely not best for you. Don’t go along for the ride, learn to drive and take control of your destiny.