There is No Such Thing as a Good Year: Horoscopes for 2018


Every year we grow a little bit. We mature and figure out what’s important to us. We always hope for a happy new year, but life is complicated and presents many challenges. What we can bank on is happy moments. Life is a roller coaster, full of ups and down, and you never know what can happen. Regardless, focus on the happy moments and try to obtain a positive attitude towards your own life and others.  


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

 Fresh Start Feelings:  There is an increase in wealth and success for this sign. Something big is on the rise for Aries, and it will likely call for a celebration. The change should be a positive one. Expect a big shift at the start of the year. This is your time to shine. Though you’ll also have some seeds that didn’t grow. Let them go, don’t dwell on them, dwell on the harvest and the good times that are bound to find you.

The Look of Love: Aries needs to keep themselves distracted in a good way. They are most attracted to their partner when they show signs of excellence. Aries will get off on other people liking their partner. They want the best on their arm. Be careful though, if Aries isn’t getting the attention they need in their current relationship, they will look elsewhere. It is always good to keep this sign stimulated. And while sometimes they go cold, they really do need a lot of love. This is the time of year when bad Aries relationships are meant to end.

On to The Next:  It’s time to get in the kitchen and whip some things up. You’ve got a lot of tricks up your sleeve and now is the time to use them. Either you just made a change or plan to make a change, but regardless there are going to be some big chances. You are making room for chance and reevaluating who and what you want in your life.


 Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

 Fresh Start Feelings: This is a time to be joyful because lucky Jupiter is in your house of partnerships and this will keep relationships in a good place. Not just romantic relationships, but work relationships, family relationships, the whole nine yards. Interpersonally, you are in a good place and should focus on what’s making you feel good. This very well could be the year of the Taurus.

The look of Love: This is a time for Taurus to feel happy in love. Many of you have great partners because you make for a great partner. Single Taurus is finding their way, but they have to watch not to be too picky or hung up on their past. Having demands is good, but having too many demands is bad. Marriage is in the cards at the beginning of the year, many Taurus people have been with their mates forever. Don’t worry, it’s coming! Taurus usually feels like your spouse even if you’re not married, which is why walking down the aisle doesn’t come right away.

On to The Next: It’s time to switch it up a bit. You’ve worked there for how long now? Taurus finds a comfy seat and they like to stay put in it. Many of you have been looking for a career change or life change and now is the time to do it.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Fresh Start Feelings: You crave that fresh start feelings, and you like to let things go, but some things and people really stay on your mind. Relationships haven’t been the best in the past while. There has been a lot of push and pull, but you are coming into your own. You are making realizations, which you never would before. You’re starting to trust just a little more, though it’s hard when your trust has been messed with.

The look of Love: You’re not afraid to make them work for it, but you’re also so open to sexual experiences, you can’t help yourself. As a very visual person, you will be attracted to a lot of people. Even if you aren’t single, Gemini can tend to have a wandering eye. Still there’s nothing they wouldn’t do if they truly love somebody. For those born after June 15 relationship will be hit or miss. Gemini is used to the drama, but doesn’t want it all the same.

On to The Next: Gemini can pine, but they won’t pine for long. If a good opportunity knocks at your door, they are bound to take it. This is a good year for Gemini to go after their passions and do things that really make them smile. Gemini can care about impressing others, but when they let go of this, they get the best results. Most of this won’t register with Gemini as they don’t like to admit things about themselves especially if those things are negative.


Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: If a theme for this year is harvesting, you will have no problems. Cancer is great at building things into what they need to be. They will collect their comforts and stay close to the few people they truly trust.

The look of Love: This is a great year for love, so don’t lose hope. Don’t forget the already thousands of Cancers who are happy and have found the one. Cancer needs something to nurturer and protect, which is why they are excellent at raising a family. Family is a big theme for Cancer this year. You should think about your role within your family and what they expect from you.

On to The Next: Cancer is onto some big things. Things they need and want. It might feel like it is finally coming together for some of you, but either way, you are in a better place. Your confidence is only going to get better as you enter this year and make good moves.



Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: Leo is all about the fresh start. They don’t forget the past, but they are more than ready to move on from it. Leo wants good things to happen and because they have this stance –good things do happen. This is Leo’s time to thank Jupiter for blessing them last year, and to now enjoy those blessings.  

The look of Love: Sometimes work gets in the way of romance. You can’t help being dedicated, focused and hard working. Love is always in the air when a Leo is present, but sometimes life gets in the way of making it out for date night. It’s important to tell your Leo why you love them. They want and need attention from their lover. Do not neglect this.

On to The Next: You will experience some big and exciting things this year. Your hard work is going to pay off. 



Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: Virgo is modest but in charge. Beneath their sometimes shyness is a very powerful voice. This will be a good year to flex your skill-set and show the world what you can do. Typically, Virgo is modest and doesn’t like a bragger. As the sign of service, they work hard and like to impress others. Whatever Virgo does, it can’t be for just them. They excel when they are helping others, and while there are impatient Virgos, many will take the time and put in the hours to help you.

The look of Love: Virgo wants a partner, but it’s got to be the right partner. If Virgo isn’t feeling it, they aren’t going to take your hand in marriage. This sign is very particular about who they date and what they are looking for in a mate. Virgo is the wannabe perfectionist and is highly critical of both themselves and others. If they are putting you down in any way or not giving you the attention you acquire—they most likely aren’t as into it as they should be. You will know when Virgo is in love because it will feel so real and naturally a good fit.

On to The Next: Virgo is very much, me, myself and I when it comes to making things happen. They work well with themselves and get a lot done in solo mode. Not to say they can’t function in groups, but just to say that Virgo is much more of a leader type than a follower type and they can be stubborn about their choices. Still, they like to do the right thing and really listen to concerns. If it’s a good idea, Virgo will be all over it.



Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: This is the year, the one where you start to make matters better for yourself. You get depressed sometimes, and you get demotivated, but you have so much to give. When you’re working, you’re working hard, but it’s finding that urge to get out and get something done.

The look of Love:  Libra can be a tricky one to date, simply because they don’t often know what they want. Even if they are with you, it’s not common that they feel unsure.  Libra isn’t usually into fast-tracked relationships. They live for the moment, and when they want to, they make for excellent leaders. They just have to get past their insecurities, find their voice and not be afraid to use it.

On to The Next: There is a lot of hope for the Libra to do great things this year. It’s almost as if they have a moment with themselves where they realize they want more for themselves. Though Libra will put up with poor conditions longer than they needed to or desire to. 


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Fresh Start Feelings: Scorpio can be so set in their ways that they remain the same. You can almost predict the Scorpio reaction, this sign is so fixed and set in its way. There is a speed of success going on here, in that Scorpio is seeing happiness unfold in their lives. Scorpio is setting more boundaries and making more positive changes. Lucky Jupiter is in Scorpio for the first time in 12 years. This will bring all kinds of fortune, and provide Scorpio with good things.  

The look of Love: This is something that Scorpio really wants, but they can be introverted and have a hard time trusting people. Regardless, love is in the air for the Scorpio they just have to feel it. They have to ensure that they are tolerating the right things and being treated right. Scorpio doesn’t fall for just anyone, but when they do, they fall hard.

On to The Next: Keep with this ideology that forces you to take care of your own needs. You might feel like something is missing, but you never know when something is coming. Be patient, take advantage of opportunities for you to get out and keep a positive, not bitchy attitude.



Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Fresh Start Feelings: Sagittarius is always ready for a fresh start, but sometimes they get stuck. This will not make them happy though they will tolerate it. As long as it’s serving the Sagittarius in some way, it will be hard for them to walk away. Regardless, Sagittarius is not meek and will own everything that they do. They are capable of achieving many great things, and when they work hard, they often see good results.

The look of Love: Sometimes love for the Sagittarius is seeing something they want and going after it with their bow and arrow. It can be about fun and conquests, but at the root Sagittarius is looking for the right person. Someone they will actually feel proud to be with. This year, Sagittarius has to decide who they want in their life. Who is serving them? Sagittarius loves the company of themselves, but they need to find people they can trust.

On to The Next: This might be a good time to start a new project or get invested in something new. Sagittarius gets bored when things remain the same for too long. They need to meet new people and see new things. They secretly live in a state of being away, and will take themselves out of the picture when they are ready to go. Sagittarius doesn’t believe in social obligations, they do what they want.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Fresh Start Feelings: If anyone is in need of a fresh start it’s Capricorn. They worry about every little thing and sometimes forget to take care of their needs. Don’t get it twisted, in the workforce, Capricorn is the boss. They are not a passive sign. They are very with it and witty. This will be a highly social year for the Capricorn. They will be quite popular and busy living life.

The look of Love: Capricorn wants true love more than anything. They are looking for the perfect mate. Sometimes they struggle to open up so when they do it’s a big deal. They need to find a teammate, maybe even someone they can do great business with.

On to The Next: A part of Capricorn is scared to move on from the things that have hurt them. When they love, they love with all their heart and have a hard time letting go. It’s important for the Capricorn to do positive things that are good for their minds. A lot of Capricorns don’t like to talk about themselves, which is why they need to meet someone they can open up to naturally.




Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Fresh Start Feelings: Aquarius is all about the fresh starts. They do find their “place” and stick it out for a long time, but in their lives, they are open to so much. Aquarius is bored when they don’t feel challenged, so there will be something big this year that they are working on.

The look of Love: Aquarius is picky in life because they “think” more about love more than they “feel” love. True love here doesn’t always come overnight, it takes times, but with that time an amazing partnership can develop. It’s key that Aquarius meet with their partner’s mind, as they can’t romantically connect unless they are attracted to their brain.

On to The Next: Aquarius will accomplish big things in 2018. It’s a part of their personality to do it all, and do it all with the enthusiasm and passion. Aquarius likes to take that extra leap into something new, just as they will love to practice the things that make them the most happy 


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Fresh Start Feelings: Pisces needs the fresh start more than anyone. They need to change the way they think. They need to make their lives more about them, and less about the people in their life. Still, this is a great time for Pisces to start growing up a little and making some impressive changes. Firstly, Pisces needs to take care of themselves. They focus on all the wrong things when they should be thinking about self-improvement and self-success.

The look of Love: Pisces wants this more than anything. You won’t come across a lover like a Pisces. They will do anything for you. With such a generous heart, they really want to make you happy. Cool on the drama Pisces, let little things go and pick your battles. Waiting for results isn’t always worth it, but sometimes it is. Don’t try to rush people, but also don’t sit on your hands for too long. If you’re not getting what you desire, you need to move on. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

On to The Next: This is the year of the Pisces transformation. They may finally see the light and the wrong direction they’ve been walking in for too long. This is the year that Pisces is turned around and pointed into the right direction. Embrace your gifts and share them. Don’t let the shy Pisces side hold you back from being a success. Themes this year for Pisces are travel and education. Go back to school If you’re thinking about it. See the world, embrace new cultures and make new friends.