Horoscopes To Help You Along, Disarm and Charm.



Mercury Retrograde was in Virgo, and now the Retrograde has moved into Leo. On September 5th we will finally see Mercury Direct, and we will see a full moon in Pisces on the 6th. Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign so it will bring forth some exciting energy. This is a time for closure. You must bring things to an end if needed. You’ll also be able to get out of the craze, which can likely be your life.

Communication is key. Really pick your words carefully, and if you feel a fight coming on, let it die. You don’t have to give into every impulse you have.

Virgo is a sign of self-improvement, and in August there was the Uranus Retrograde, which encourages us to deal with what we haven’t. Quit bad habits and tie up loose ends.

 Now is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It doesn't mean you won't have big plans for change, you will, but you will also be about working at being an even better person.



Aries (March 21-April 19)

It won't be hard for you to steer forward into a new direction (you like evolvements), but it will be hard for you to let go of something that is really bothering you. Naturally, in your Aries 's nature you try to avoid it, but if it continues to come up, you have to deal with it. You have to communicate your concerns and it is in you to do this. Aries isn't the biggest fan of confrontation, and would rather show a tough skin then fall a part when problems arise.

You will be challenged and you will have to deal with what is left to be dealt with. Take a minute to just relax. Let other people guide you for a change, and don't always be so quick to see a better way of doing things. Give other people a chance, they may prove to really impress you. In love, just be yourself.

Don't be too selfish but also don't feel the pressure to be more romantic if you're not. You show love and support in other ways. You almost feel like nothing could surprise you. It will take a lot to shake you. You are pretty well prepared for any potential storms and certainly, exhibit the traits of a true survivor.


 Taurus (April 20--May 20)

You can think that you keep a lot of things to yourself, but it's always apparent when you don't want to do something or when you don't like something. Most of the time you are up for the hustle, up for the travel, but sometimes you just want to stay at home and surf the internet. Right now, remind yourself that people often know where you side on things. Even if you don't say something. What you have to say and what you want is of great value.

This week is a good time to deal with the incomplete, the things you've avoided for years. This is also a good time to make amends with people.  Find your ground. Don't think of what you need, or what you need to add to your life, focus on what you need to do to keep yourself in good spirits. Taurus is capable of living in the moment. They only get into trouble when they look too far into the future. When Taurus gets too stressed or too angry, Taurus can freak out.

Ideally, Taurus would like to have everything planned out, they want things to go how they desire them to, and there's no saying this won't occur, but Taurus has to actually believe in the neutral stance they are taking. Don't go along with anything just because you feel you have to. It's okay to know what you want and to make all the right demands. It's okay to ask for what you need or what you would like to see happen. 


Gemini (May 21--June 20)

It would be a lie to say there isn't always a little stress or anxiety surrounding this sign though they hide it well. Gemini loves to be the person that everybody loves. They love to enjoy life, but their responsibilities are also very important to them. Gemini is able to express duality in their life.

Gemini sees the voids, and will always be working to fill them, to improve things and make things look and feel even better than before. This is the time to stay on the bright side of things. Work towards making those self-improvements. If you know something is hurting you then you have to remove it from your life--this is a part of resolving the unresolved.

Socializing is great (and most Gems love it), but sometimes it can come at a cost. This week, you could  be challenged. Watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. You work hard to keep all your ducks in order, but you also know life makes it impossible to do this. It's not to say you don't feel bad about this quality, but Gemini knows how to get out of trouble. Gemini is charming and will know how to work it in needed situations. Use your charm for good, and put your visions in motion. Don't be afraid to take a chance on something that looks unappealing. Something good can come from something unexpected so be patient. Don't lead with that anxious Gemini energy, be confident and see where things can go.


Cancer (June 21--July 22)

Cancer will feel like home being self-critical. This will give Cancer the chance to work on building confidence because sometimes Cancer doesn't see how great they are.

Now's the time to come out of your shell a little bit. Be the guy who makes the first move, and take action towards something that really inspires you. Sometimes you get caught up in love or the lack of love that is in your life. You have to find a way to get yourself out of this headspace and into something productive. Life isn't just about people so don't bank your happiness upon them.

If you haven't discovered it by now, people find you pretty funny, so don't be afraid to take the limelight for a change. Utilize your natural empathy as always, but don't scare away easily and allow yourself to shine. Stay on top of your work because you know It makes you nervous when you feel unprepared. Don't get lost in the emotional world of things. Try to stay active and effective and I can promise that your week won't be so bad.. Sometimes you are impulsive when you are trying to have a good time, but self-care is important.


Leo ( July 23--August 22)

It's probably another jammed life period for you, events, friends, marital and family obligations and the like. Leo might also be leaving town, as they search to fulfill their need for adventure and enjoyment (and in some cases, escape).

Leo when un-conflicted will be very open and attentive to their love. Leo recognizes true love and when they are, there is nothing they won't do for their mate. When conflicted, Leo will be more self-involved, getting their attention elsewhere, but usually from other people. This time, like all the time,

Leo will be busy Leo will need that validation of love from their partner and their friends. Leo wants to feel special to you, and if they feel this way, they will do all sorts of sentimental things to make you feel like you matter. Be careful Leo, don't let love blind you or consume you. There is still self-work to be done.

Though seemingly so full of it, Leo has to work on their confidence, as well as their honesty. Leo is constantly putting pressure on themselves to be the best, but no matter what good they hear, it often isn't good enough. It is encouraged you resolve the unresolved. It will help Leo sort out the things that get them feeling uneasy sometimes. Leo has to give into it though, Leo has to welcome constructive energy into their space. In some cases, certain relationships can only improve if Leo learns to communicate about issues effectively and truthfully.



Virgo (August 23--September 22)

 Stay true to how you really feel and don't let others affect your opinions. Deep down, Virgo always knows how they feel. Unless they are on the cusp of Libra, Virgo is pretty damn good at taking control.

This time encourages self-improvement, something Virgo is very big on. It will feel natural to you as you're always in your head on how to make yourself an even better version of you. Big decision blocks are coming your way, but you will get past them and make something beneficial out of it.

It appears, at times, like the past rules your current agenda. Virgo should be inspired by their past to make positive changes and move forward with their future path. Change is on its way. Things are shifting for the Virgo, and they are entering a new wavelength, which will test their will for something that should be very important. It will come will challenges, but it's nothing Virgo can't master.

You have your plan in mind, and it is a good plan for you. Follow it, and see what positive could unfold. Work is a big part of who you are, but sometimes you have to pull on the breaks and realize that money is never going to be the thing that makes you happy. You are an intelligent and critically minded individual. You need to do what you love or you will never last at that profession.


Libra (September 23--October 22)

At this time, try to make room for the people you've been casting off. Your heart is usually in the right place, but you can't be in two places at once. You'd love it if this were possible.

You need to take responsibility for your word. Own what you say and do what you planned on doing. In love, you can struggle because you can easily be attracted to multiple people at the same time, and you are so indecisive about love and life, you never know what you want, let alone if you will be attending.

There is a lot within the Libra that Is unresolved. Be inspired by the Uranus Retrograde and really work on yourself and your commitments. You struggle for balance in your life, but your rare to be a no show when it counts. Libra is a good friend, and sometimes that's all they can be, but if they work on untangling their issues, Libra can be a lot more.

A Libra who has found their way can be an excellent lover, even if there will always be those young Libras who don't know what they want. This week, try to be sincere. Don't just take something because it is free or hang out with someone because there is something in it for you. Don't just date someone because you are bored. Base your choices on feelings, and tap into your emotional side. You know when you're not really satisfied so don't settle for any games.


Scorpio (October 23--November 21)

 Literally, there is no telling of all the things that a Scorpio could achieve in one day. They certainly can have this Superman/Superwoman complex going on.

 It's really important for Scorpio to keep moving forward towards making self-changes. Many Scorpios had/have to get rid of a lot of things before they can move on towards their happiness. Lightening the load, and encouraging Scorpio to relax are key initiatives.

In love, Scorpio is devoted beyond words. Unless something is missing from the relationship, cheating is unlikely, though it is important for Scorpio to fulfill their sexual urges. This is how Scorpio expresses themselves. A Scorpio will always show how they feel before they tell you how they feel. They project about 10% of what they are actually thinking and feeling.

Don't be afraid of losing something at the risk of being brutally honest--you know you're capable of this. You need to do right by you and ensure that you are getting all the things from life that you desire. The full moon might cut you loose, which is a time when Scorpio loses control, but sometimes they need this and it can actually be an enjoyable time. Other times it is a sloppy mess of saying a lot of things you normally wouldn't and potentially forgetting everything.


Sagittarius (November 22--December 21)

Not much can hold you down, and this time shouldn't be any different. Sagittarius will be up to all sorts of things. They crave adventure and activity and often need constant stimulation. Sagittarius is eventually going to get bored and will want to do something.

This is a good time for Sagittarius to acknowledge that their sometimes selfish, and display, anti-social, anti-emotional ways, which can make others feel uncomfortable. Sagittarius thrives on positivity. Sagittarius would rather you toughen up, and hide the sad things they can't bear to hear.

If you find yourself facing problems this week, learn to talk about them. Bottling everything up inside is not good for you. No one is going to think you are embarrassing, they will think that you are human. In the case of some Sagittarius people, they need to deal with a matter which they've been avoiding for a really long time. This time all about this, dealing with something underdeveloped which must be caught up with. Deal with those things, be honest, don't find ways to avoid people who you might be afraid to talk to. Use your natural business skills and put your excellence to the test. You came to win, to conquer and to fly, so do exactly that.


Capricorn (December 22--January 19)

Your time will probably involve doing a lot for others, isn't that typical? Sure, this might be a part of your profession, but regardless of how hard you work, you can put your needs last. Something within you just likes to take care of others.

Stop looking for validation from others. You will know by profit if your work is good and that is enough. You have to get on board with your needs and stop accepting less than what you deserve. You worry a lot and focus on things, which prevent you from having a good time.

When you do let go and give into the moment, people love to be around you. Show others that there is another side to you. Don't be cautious just let go for once and do something that you never have before. With love, you are looking for that perfect soul mate to cherish and have as your family and team member.

A lot of Capricorns are in long-term relationships because they make a good partner and will do a lot for the person they love. Single Capricorn is probably still haunted by their EX, is looking but might not be ready to find love right away. Capricorn can do committed relationships easily so if they're not in one there is likely a reason for it. Hang in there Capricorn, love is coming soon.


Aquarius (January 20--February 18)

The sky is the limit for Aquarius right now, but it's almost like all the time. Aquarius is almost always getting up to interesting things. Unless born on the cusp of Capricorn, Aquarius likely can't stay in one place. They are just so busy.

With friendliness as their number one zodiac trait, Aquarius is probably full of plans. It might involve going to a show, meeting friends for dinner, or doing something physically active like working out, playing a sport or going on a hike. Aquarius likes to live a well-rounded life.

They tend to find love later in life. They can have many dates/relationships, but when they find the one it is really apparent. Suddenly aloof and eccentric Aquarius won't run astray. As long as are down to join them on their journey, they are unlikely to stop loving you. Aquarius is known for being emotionally-detached so they benefit from a partner who is more empathic and can open them up emotionally. Everyone needs someone to come to about their problems, and if Aquarius comes to you, you can take it as a sign that they truly love and trust you.



Pisces (February 19--March 20)

You've got the persistence so don't be lazy, Pisces, keep swimming against the current. Regardless of what comes your way, you can stay afloat and wait it out. Right now will have its up and downs, but it is what you make of it. Focusing on positive thoughts oppose to interpreting the facts will be good for you.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. If things aren't going your way, it doesn't mean that this can't change. Life can seem like eternal waiting, but eventually, things will start to make sense. This time of self-focus will feel natural to Pisces. They are constantly looking at their personal flaws and trying to work on them.  

Try to get really invested in a project that keeps you mindful. You tend to dwell too much and need to re-focus your thoughts. Remember, only concentrate on the things that are in your control.Let those other outcomes determine themselves. Not knowing what is going to happen drives you crazy, and you tend to assume the worst outcome, but I promise you that something is coming that will make you feel good, and it will be because you earned it. You just might have to wait a little longer than desired.