An August to Remember: Horoscopes That Explain Mercury in Retrograde.


If you’re wondering what is bringing on all this sense of change. It’s the Uranus Retrograde encouraging you to develop what is underdeveloped and to deal with bad habits. This is the time to make the changes you put off. This is the time to deal with the undealt. Additionally, we are experiencing a Lunar Eclipse where the moon is currently in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius. They say to expect the unexpected at this time—anything can happen and is possible. This could be a time for a great change or a large disaster. 

To top it all off Mercury is in Retrograde in Virgo. This will always shake matters up some as we learn to properly communicate with each other. Communication will be challenged and this will affect a variety of things. Misunderstandings could occur, fights, and falling outs. The Virgo aspect means that this is a time to work on yourself and make improvements. Virgo is always trying to improve themselves and this energy will be in the air. It's a month of hard work, but you can do it. 

The moon will return to Leo on the 21st, and Venus will enter Leo inspiring a fun-filled end of summer.


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: You find yourself irritated over little things. There are things you can’t let go of at this time. Your angry and you show it in different ways. You also suppress it. You could be off your game at this time and making wrong choices. Though you will be blinded by the light and see only what you can stomach. Aries could be a little too honest at this time and play the insensitive card. Aries won’t admit defeat and this would be the worst time for them to get into a brawl. Best take it easy Aries and really think about the things in your life that matter.


Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like:  A very ugly, stubborn side could come out, or just a bitchy or bossy side. Taurus will be controlling and uneasy when affected by this. They will also be hard on themselves. Taurus sometimes strives for perfection, but is happy to accept whatever they are given though they wont be opposed if it’s the best. Taurus might be more likely to make a diss or show a bad mood at this time, but for the most part they will keep it chill, Taurus takes a lot to get worked up.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: Gemini will be loose with their lips at this time if they are affected. They might say some things that they regret. They might talk shit about someone they care about. They might just tell you to your face. Gemini is too honest when they are not in a good place. They also go into bitchy mode, meaning they could literally cut your head off if their having a bad day. At the worst case scenario, this could mean scandal and drama for the Gemini. They really need to watch their interactions of communications.


Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: Cancer will be self-critical at this time, and might put themselves down. They may also hide behind their humor as they don’t like to show (just anyone) their emotional side. Cancer wants to seem okay even when they are not. Cancer might also be prone to lose control at this time, they could snap or become very stressed out. Work can do this easily, but Cancer has to find the balance between drifting off into their own little world and staying in the real world.



Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: All the things that Leo pushes down now rise to the surface if they are affected by the retrograde. Leo is pretty good at pushing problems away, but now they might make that dick comment or make fun of someone or do something unkind. Leo might also start a big debate when it’s not needed. Leo doesn’t want to deal with “bad stuff”, so they will do whatever they can to keep their communication in line. They might get a little stressed, but again, Leo will know how to deal with that and will having healthy coping mechanism.


Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)


What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: You will be more volatile, more quick to snap or tell someone to fuck off. All those times you get annoyed by people and don’t say something, well this may be the time that you do. Your not afraid to stand up for yourself at this time. Your not also not afraid to use your voice. Sometimes, it gets muffled, but you don’t have the fear that used to follow you. Sure you get scared, but you’re much braver now. At this time you could be a little bitch, you could be cold or rude. You could also be insulting, though you never mean it, you will know where to hit em’ where it counts. Virgo is loving, but when Virgo is in a bad place they isolate and can turn into a foul being. Virgo needs to feel okay to be okay, it’s that simple.


Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: This would be the time that Libra gets involved, and didn’t mean to and says something offensive. Libra can make that one comment that really knows how to slice you. Libra might be gone all together, AWOL and unable to reach. Libra gets caught up and will forget about you. They don’t mean to, it just happens. Libra can also show aggression at this time, which isn’t like them. Libra will be frustrated and like there are a million things they want to say but don’t have the ability to. Slowing and over time, Libra will get out their stories, but you’ve got to be patient.



Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: If affected this could get pretty nasty to say the least. Scorpio will cut out communication with you all together or be a horrible bitch. Scorpio doesn’t have the patience for stupidity, they want you to get it and to get it know. They won’t be afraid to call you out if you are being what they see as “wrong” in their eyes. Scorpio will make sure that you know their perspective, they want their truth to be heard at all times. Though they will always be making and keeping secretes—this is just their nature.

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Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: If Sagittarius is affected by the Retrograde they will be over-communicating. Talking to much and possibly telling others how they can self-improve. Sagittarius can’t help but see room for better and want to cheer it on as it grows. Sagittarius might shut down at this time, become tired and stressed. A lot of things could be bothering them, but they struggle to talk about it. If they find the right person, Sagittarius might open up quite a bit, but it’s never something easy for them. Sagittarius has to work on being in a good disposition and showing kindness to others in communication.




Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)


What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: Capricorn is always thinking about stuff, but rarely talking about it. This might be the time, though Capricorn can avoid serious, matter of the heart conversations. Capricorn could fight back at this time and say something unexpected. Capricorn is always going along with the beat, but sometimes they have an issue of their own. Talking is a way for Capricorn not to feel alone, but they want to talk about their choice of topics, otherwise they will get uncomfortable and change the subject.




Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like:  If affected by the Retrograde, Aquarius can become mean. Aquarius won’t like anyone in their way of success. Aquarius can be known to gossip and put other people down. This is all very minimal as Aquarius is a very friendly sign. They know how to connect with people, but have to watch their honesty. Aquarius can say things rather bluntly and has been known to hurt people’s feelings. It’s not that Aquarius doesn’t care, they really do, they are just emotionally-detached and not as quick to react to matters they find small.



Pisces (February 19-March 20)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like:  If this time affects Pisces their tongues will get them in trouble. Pisces has to really think about what they are going to say before they say it. They might not only say the wrong thing, but they might offend someone in the process. Pisces has to be careful not to over-communicate if they don’t get a reply they have to take that as a sign. Sometimes getting no message is also a message. Pisces needs to know when to quit. Often they think they “know better” and just want to prove their point. Their persistence comes from caring.