Slay, Strut, Stay Strong and Survive: Your Astrological Summer Guide.

By: Tara Chloe Dusanj

The super moon shifts from Gemini to Cancer and we feel a sense of home in our hearts. We are reminded of what matters, we are inspired to create, and to make great things. At this time, our emotions will be more present, and feeling happy is a part of this. You’ve had stress, you have stress, but your almost ready to let the “what if’s” go. You realize they drag you down and that your destination needs to be forward. Yes, we want to move on, but the Cancer moon will make sure that you’ve truly dealt with your issues and your heartaches. It’s okay to take some time and let it all out of your system, just don’t take too long. Cancer builds and creates, but Cancer also tears down, be cautious of this. Don’t be the last man dwelling, but be the first person to make a move that benefits you. Don’t bank your existence on your heart. You will heal, but only if you tell yourself that and believe it.

 Cancer can throw in some pessimistic energy, but you have to work through this and get back to showcasing your talents and fostering a home, with the people you would do anything for. This summer might seem like a good idea to relax, chill out and forget it all, and it will be for some, but for many others this will be a time to find the sentiments in your life and start planning for an even brighter future.  

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Typical Aries has stride in their step, they have confidence in their movements. They are not scared to take the dare or be the object of all eyes. Aries loves to be adored. The summer will relax them a bit, as they take in good weather and trips away. If the workload cools off, Aries can find more time to look into passion projects. There is this element about Aries where they can just get everything done, quickly and alone. Aries love the company of people, but they are deadly alone and can get a lot accomplished. Tone it down, always, Aries needs to work on being more mindful and embracing the moment without looking for other things to be concerned about.

The Emotions Within You: It’s not that Aries doesn’t care. They care a great deal. Sometimes they just don’t know how to show it. Aries can be turned off of the high-stress and emotional, simply because the life of an Aries is already high-stress and full of emotions. In their leisure, they want to hang out with fun, upbeat people who are down for good times and adventures. Aries can also be logical about their emotions. They use their head more than they use their heart, but if they’ve let you, it means something. You shouldn’t get discouraged if Aries gets distracted with other things. Aries is a fighter, and they don’t respond well to weakness, they expect you to be a warrior of your own pain. Though they, of course, hate seeing the people they love suffer, and just want happiness and success for all. These are the kinds of things Aries wants to be around.

The Fate in Your Hands: you can have it all and you probably already have it all, but you need to learn to appreciate it and be happy with what you have. It is in your fate to be a little greedy sometimes so you need to think of others. Keep account of how your actions with affect the people that care about you. You have so much potential in your finger. Whatever you decide to put your full energy into will be the most successful, but you’ve got to be sure. You were born knowing what you want so if you start to question something ask yourself why this. This summer is going to be full of adventure, and work, you can’t seem to stop yourself there, but it’s a really good time to think about what you want going forward.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

The Energy That Surrounds You: You can be hard to read. A lot of the time you think something but don’t share it. You’re usually pretty calm and chill, but you can get worked up. The bitch or the bully does live somewhere in you. You’d rather be loyal and tender, though you don’t show just anyone your tender side. Your grounded and have good common sense. You’d like to think you have a good sense of direction. You are generally stable, hard-working and flexible. You have pride but you also put pressure on yourself. It wouldn’t be common for you to look bad or unpresentable, Taurus knows how to put themselves together. This is the time to take big turnovers and changes. Sometimes Taurus gets stuck, but they just need to take that leap of faith and trust it, even if it doesn’t hold the same security as a paycheque.

The Emotions Within You: Taurus has a lot of emotions but they keep a lot of them to themselves. Taurus is selective with what they share, but if they found someone they can really open up to and trust, this is key for the Taurus. Taurus is happy if they know they are loved, and that their partner has expressed some devotion. Single Taurus is eager to meet someone but also picky about who they can open up to. Taurus does have strong emotions and they are sensitive creatures. They need to know that their emotions are worth sharing, and try not to let these emotions overcome them in times of frustrations.

The Fate in Your Hands: I’m not lying when I say that you can have whatever you want. You are a very hard-worker, but you need to be doing the right things. You need to be in a job that you love and once you are, you will flourish. You are good at being the boss, even if you do it on the sly sometimes, you will find a way to get your point of view across. Big things on the rise for the Taurus. Many of you have your foot on a good mark and are ready to start a new race. It’s important that you find your place. Taurus wants somewhere to call home. They want to make a home to come home to. When Taurus loses their sense of routine or structure they can suffer, but this is a sign of strength and one that will always come back brighter and better.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

The Energy That Surrounds You: it's complicated. Gemini can go back and forth. They can have two reactions to any given situations. They can have ten. Gemini is very much in their head, thinking constantly. It may seem like they communicate a lot, but it’s about 10% of what’s really going on. Anxiety follows this sign. Often Gemini is restless and trying to get out of their head, but often they keep looking forward, keep making plans and moves to improve their life. Gemini in a lot of ways has this unstoppable energy. They want to be liked, but they don’t always do the things necessary to get other people to like you—unless of course, they like you. When they have a fan base it is strong, as long as Gemini doesn’t let the popularity go to their head.

The Emotions Within You: Gemini will have emotions and then push them down. Gemini doesn’t want to have problems or be a problem they want to solve problems. Highly intelligent, Gemini can wrap their mind and insight around a lot of things, but they have to be more honest and open about their emotions. Sometimes Gemini will play emotional games, dropping bread trails hoping that you figure it out, but most of the time they will just shut down and say very little. Gemini can be bitchy and mean when they want to be, but a lot of time they just withdraw and try to take their mind to a new place. It’s not always possible, but Gemini is always trying to let go of what bothers them. Gemini is also moody and they have to get a grasp on their moods and how they affect others.

The Fate in Your Hands: Gemini is inclined to have a heartbreak or two. They attract a lot of suitors, but when things don’t add up emotionally, Gemini gets distracted. With Gemini, it’s where they put their energy. Are you out all night partying? Or are you thinking abut your future, and how to become the best version of yourself? The fate is really in your hands. Whatever you want more is up for you to determine. Just make sure that whatever you do it is serving you. Are you getting what you need? Are you a sitting duck? It’s time to keep making moves in the direction of your success. You can get it all together, but you may need to let it all out first.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Cancer has an emotional and all-knowing energy about them. They can be shy if they don’t feel comfortable. Cancer will go into their ‘Cancer Shell’ when they don’t want to talk about something. Cancer is up when they are making things happen, helping others and doing a standup job. Creativity also follows Cancer. They are the type to be crafty and put things together. Cancer can be a master planner. Cancer is happiest is at home. They enjoy domestic duties, are capable of keeping things clean and putting dinner on the table.

The Emotions Within You: Cancer is most enjoyed amongst good friends that they can have good laughs with. While humor is easy for The Crab to hide behind, they have tons of emotions. Emotions from the past and present, and they have fears about the future. Though, they may also have plans. Sometimes Cancers emotions make them doubt themselves. Cancer can be self-critical and hard to whole-heartily impress. Cancer like most water signs is selective and they will show their true, awesome colours to the people who matter, to the the people that Cancer likes and trusts.

The Fate in Your Hands: Changing your outlook is key here. You have to believe you will get the things that you want, work hard for and deserve. Love might already be in your life, and if so, embrace it confidently. Be mindful of your disposition and try not to get down over little matters. If you are single, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s only a matter of time, but you have to believe that it is coming, you can’t get down on your luck. You’re not a victim of love. You have so much to offer in a partnership, you are a valuable asset and one day you will meet the right person.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: The sun shines down on Leo. Yes, there are more quiet, modest Leos, and even Leos who get down, but for the most part, people in this signs have a lovely nature. People will want to be around you. People will admire the things that you do and give you credit. Leo lives for creating the best moments possible in life and they want to share them. They generally really do care what people think, which is why Leo is likely to befriend an enemy or be nice when you are rude. Leo shuns negativity. They will deal with it in their own way, but they want the outer sphere of their life to be amazing and positive.

The Emotions Within You: Leo is an emotional sign because even expressing optimism and joy, requires having an emotional connection. Leo is happy to embrace all the emotions that feel good, but they aren’t the best at taking care of the hard emotions. Leo doesn’t want pain, and when they feel it, it will be unbearable. Loyalty is everything to The Lion and when this gets crossed, the Leo will be secretly hurting, but they won’t always talk about their feelings. Some Leos won’t be able to stop talking about their feelings because it helps them, but there will always be a part of Leo that hates to admit defeat. They aren’t the type to share their bad days, but they will share their triumphs.

The Fate in Your Hands: This is supposed to a be a lucky year for Leo, the planet Jupiter (planet of luck and fortune) is on your side. You won’t have to pick up the phone looking for work, things should be steady and consistent. Make time for your partner, don’t put them second or third, put them first. They are likely used to living with you and your social and active life. A little romance never hurt. Keep on the path that works best for you, and be honest with yourself. Don’t avoid the things that fester at you, deal with them. Deal with them so that you can move forward the right way, in an honest way that has more potential.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: There are constantly on the go Virgos, but the nature of this sign is more of a homebody. Virgo will love the idea of being home and being able to relax. Virgo is a big thinker, intelligent and prone to have suspicions. Virgo likes to know what is going on and flexes a curious and inquisitive spirit. They have a lot of good, but then they also like things that are not entirely conservative. Virgo is critical, and can sometimes respond better to a critical partner then they do a soft, and easy going one. Virgo is secretly self-critical and constantly seeking self-improvement. They put in the efforts, and work had, but they know their shortcomings, even if some of them will never articulate weakness. Virgo can be stubborn, but if they really love you it will be hard for them to shut you out for too long.

The Emotions Within You: Virgo may appear bulletproof, but they actually are very sensitive. They remember the cruel things you did and said, and they don’t forget it, they can’t. Virgo can try to understand, but it’s hard for them not to place judgments. Virgo is private about their emotions. They wouldn’t want others to know they are upset, though it’s usually written all over their face. Virgo wants something good to be proud of, and while they falter a lot about what they want, there are some things they are absolutely destined to do.

The Fate in Your Hands: A Virgo, once said to me, “well that’s what I do, I set goals and I make them happen.” Virgo has the ability to put their mind to something and figure it out. Give them time and they will show you their overall worth. Follow the path towards pursuing your career dreams. For a lot of you, this is more important than locking down a romance. Virgo knows that will come when they decide the time is right. Continue to get yourself sorted, keep doing what you are doing if you are working, don’t settle. You know you have big dreams and nothing is stopping you, but you. In the long term, if you find yourself still questioning or sizing that person up, it’s probably not a good fit. When Virgo finds the proper mate, they get stopped in their tracks and they work towards being a better person. True love will motivate you, but it shouldn’t leave you feeling uncertain or that there is something better waiting for you on the other side.  

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Libra will always have this uncertain energy to them. They can’t make up their minds about what they want, who they want to be with or where they want to go. Libra spends a lot of time battling whether or not things are possible. Libra is also like a butterfly, like most air signs, Libra will fly to a lot of places, but will never stay too long. Forming commitments can be hard for Libra because it means making allowances for someone else. Libra is charming and attracts a lot of people and friends. They are also cool and know how to play it cool. It’s not likely Libra is chasing you, but it likely that someone is chasing Libra. Libra is alluring and aseptically pleasing. They know how to represent individuality.

The Emotions Within You: Libra has a lot of emotions that will come to the surface, but Libra will also minimize their own problems. Often Libra isn’t comfortable talking about themselves unless it’s the right person. Libra also shows a lot of emotions through love. They might be gone from your life from awhile, but they never stop loving you. Libra is emotional, but sometimes they bank on being neutral. As they try not to feel the things they are feeling because at the same time they are unsure of what they are feeling. They will often see how things could be better, but are a very forgiving sign that hates drama, and often is full of second chances.

The Fate in Your Hands: Make sure you are headed in the right direction. If things continue to bother you then you need to make a change. Don’t avoid the things that matter, and don’t escape through socializing. In relationships, sometimes couples drown themselves with other people, and hang out in groups, helping to avoid the fact that you don’t really want to talk about it. Sometimes Libra doesn’t want to realize something important that they should. Libra has a hard time letting go when they love someone.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Sometimes the energy is hostile when you don’t want it to be. Yes, you are usually very busy and on the go, but you like making peace. Despite the reports that you should be cautious of Scorpio, Scorpio is actually beyond loving, wise and generous. They carry a knowing spirit and an intuition about people and places. Scorpio will not associate with people they don’t like and they will not travel to places that don’t interest them. This generally goes for food too, though not as much. Scorpio’s energy is all hidden emotions. They are highly emotion but they do whatever they can to avoid dealing with the brunt of it. Scorpio can also be the healer and they will want to help, but they have to watch their boundaries and some Scorpios can overstep, though often this quality is valued.

The Emotions Within You: Scorpio is the emotional one who doesn’t want to talk about it. Talking about it can make them feel uncomfortable. It takes Scorpio time, experience and growth to handle a confrontation. Scorpio will always state their truth and give their insight, but this doesn’t mean they want to argue with you. Friction does occur with what Scorpio would consider to be daft people. Scorpio can be self-righteous and all-knowing and can be inclined to wanting to do things their way. Scorpio can be attracted to submission in romance, but they still crave a challenging sense of intellect in their partner. Scorpio can’t help but wear the pants, though you’d be surprised how happy it makes them to see you help. Scorpio will do, but sometimes they overdo and Scorpio will be aware of it and can become fickle. It’s best they hang around people who are as equally giving as they are.

The Fate in Your Hands: It’s hard because sometimes the Scorpio cycle moves so slowly. They might be making a lot of advances, changes or developments, but their emotional state is hard to temper with. Scorpio has to figure out what they want most and reach for that. As a highly intelligent sign, they have a lot of possibilities and can go many places. It’s simply up to the Scorpio, who should be asking themselves, “what am I doing? Do I really enjoy doing it?” Scorpio needs to be happy for Scorpio and with Scorpio. They can’t seek validation for people, even if they will because it’s important for Scorpio to feel complete with who they are. It’s imperative that they can get to a point in life where they really demand something for themselves or follow through on a dream or a goal. Scorpio might be doing a lot, and they may be very happy with this, and that’s excellent. If Scorpio is dissatisfied, they need to take another look at the picture.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Sagittarius is on the go and they ain't waiting for no slowpokes either. Sagittarius might love you to death, but there are certain things they won’t budge on. The energy here is hot and curious. Sagittarius likes to know things, and they will ask questions, but when the tables are turned, Sagittarius is very cautious of what they might share. Sagittarius is adventurous, but there is a private energy to them as well. They don’t trust easily, willing or sometimes, not at all. Sagittarius can be impulsive and get invested in business dealings and gambling matters that can cause them problems. They may also be prone to forms of substance abuse. Sagittarius lives for the high and they would rather stay up. Sometimes they bend the rules to make things happen, but not always, there are plenty of healthy and harmless Sagittarius people who just want to live right and to feel good about themselves. Sagittarius also has a very ambitious side to them, they are constantly striving, achieving and moving on to the next thing. Sagittarius likes when they or others excel, though Sagittarius is known to have a competitive side.

The Emotions Within You: Sagittarius is characterized for keeping their emotions private. There are certain things and subjects that they just won’t want to talk about. Sagittarius will open up when they feel comfortable or when they have formed a bond of trust. Sagittarius usually likes to keep their emotional feelings to themselves. Sagittarius will also keep thoughts to themselves, though generally outspoken, Sagittarius always know when the best time to escape is. Sagittarius is strong about their emotional coping mechanism and it is to up and leave. Sagittarius will not deal with anything that you confront them with. Sagittarius makes change and choice in their own time. Sagittarius has to feel ready in their bones when they take a leap of faith.

The Fate in Your Hands: The only thing in the way of Sagittarius is Sagittarius. You’ve got natural gifts and abilities. It’s in your data to be running businesses, making investments and making decent bank. Sagittarius can be very good with their money when they aren’t being foolish. Sagittarius merely needs to stay on the right path. Sagittarius loves positivity and when they surround themselves in this they can’t help but smile.



Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

The Energy That Surrounds You: This energy can get intense, especially when you put too much on your plate. You tend to want to explode, but then hold back, but then at the right moment you will lose your bearings. You will do it in a way that it hurts no one. It’s not your intention to harm or hurt others. If someone has been good to you, you will be good back. Capricorn can sometimes deny themselves the things that they want and deserve. Always hard-working but always satisfied in all capacities, Capricorn has to be careful not to take the stress of their day out on the people that they love. Capricorn also has a professional energy. They might like to do things by the book, but they plan to be the best and get the best results.

The Emotions Within You: Emotions here are washed down because Capricorn will avoid confrontation. Capricorn is an emotional sign, but they don’t always express this emotional aspect in their demeanor. Capricorn cares what others think, they care about their image and want to project the best on everyone.

Capricorn sometimes hides or pushes aside their longings in partnership or relationships. Sometimes Capricorn doesn’t demand enough in the love department.

The Fate in Your Hands: The fate is going to be friendly, but it’s going to take time and work. It will have to be a progression or a big chance. With the Capricorn’s hard working nature, Capricorn is constantly working themselves to the top.

Aquarius (January 20-Febuary 18)

The Energy That Surrounds You: You have a worldly energy that wants to see and do and feel it all. A true Aquarius will make all of this happen. They have the determinations to make dreams a reality. Aquarius is thirsty for knowledge, people, things, and education. Aquarius is the sign of constant self-improvement, they are constantly working on themselves. Aquarius is also known for being emotionally-detached. They would rather live life then stop for bumps in the road. It’s not that they don’t care, but that Aquarius gets caught up in their own chaos.

The Emotions Within You: Aquarius will detach from the conversation emotionally, especially if it is triggers at them. Aquarius can be receptive to thoughtful feedback, but they will not tolerate an attack. Aquarius needs someone who can get them to stay in one place, someone who can open them up and connect with them on an emotional level.

The Fate in Your Hands: Anything is possible here, it’s all in the hands of the Aquarius and what they like, and Aquarius will know what they like. Aquarius has crazy, genius potential and can really do great things. When they stick their mind to something they usually get it.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The Energy That Surrounds You: A lot of emotions surround you, which complicate your life. Your energy is to run away, is to escape and do whatever you can to flee the bad moment. Pisces is caring and empathic. They try to listen and be there for the people who matter. They are compassionate. Pisces can be moody, they can feel one thing one day and think an entirely different thing on another day.

The Emotions Within You: Pisces is swimming in emotions. They feel everything. They feel for sad people on TV. As a mush ball of emotions Pisces will call you out on the truth, or sometimes say things you don’t want to know. Pisces is both emotional and honest, and can often talk about their state of mind.

The Fate in Your Hands: Things are constantly progressing for the Pisces, the last of the zodiac, the sign made up of all the other signs. Pisces is special for this reason, and while they will be special naturally, even more, special things are on the rise. Pisces just have to believe in their own gifts and just continue to do what you love. You will get recognized it’s only a matter of time and if you are in a role, I hope it fulfills you.