Venus Signs: Find Out How You Love


Venus is the planet of #love and pleasure. It also takes over our ability to express affection and to enjoy beauty. It also tells what kind of sexual desires you have. In looking at your Venus in your chart you can answer questions like: what kind of lover do I attract? Does love make me happy or am I often let down? Am I flirtatious? Where do my creative talents lie? The influence of Venus in your chart shows how you relate to the opposite sex. It rules your ability to love and to share with others. If your Venus is compatible with your partner’s venus then this is a good sign. If you have your Venus in your partner’s sign and they have their Venus in your sign, I consider this a soul mate match. I predicted forever after reading my friend’s chart and discovering they had their Venus in each other’s signs. I predicted marriage, and marry they did less than five years ago. Wondering how do you figure out your Venus? It’s easy, just look it up online or go here and look it up right now. It’s helpful knowledge, and even more helpful if you are still looking for the one.

VENUS IN ARIES #VenusinAries

-Gives a responsive and impulsive love nature

-You feel at your most complete when you are emotionally involved with someone

-physical appearance is what gets you at first 

-to keep things going you need a mental match

-vulgar actions and sloppy appearances turn you off 

-you attract friends due to your enthusiastic persona 

-you like to give surprise gifts to the ones you love

-you are a curious mixture of sentimentality and aggressiveness. 

-emotions are easily touched

-you can be demanding and selfish

-you are not expected to settle down easy into domestic peace 

-you are too restless and flirtatious

-you are too enamoured of amour 

VENUS IN TAURUS #VenusinTaurus

-very affectionate and romantic

-you don’t give your love away quickly

-you make decisions off of feelings oppose to logical thinking

-you have a very physical and earthy nature

-love does not exist without sex

-you are generous to your lover sometimes too much

-you have the need to make your lover belong to you

-with friends you are cautious about forming instant friendships but you are willing to help

-this Venus position brings money, luck and sometimes inheritance

-you have a keen artistic eye and love music and food

VENUS IN GEMINI #VenusinGemini

-Must have intellectual stimulations before affection can sore 

-your perception of love is lighthearted 

-You have so many interests that a lover can’t be the only focus in your life

-your inconsistencies can cause you trouble in love or marriage 

-you always bounce back quickly

-you are charming, witty and funny

- You enjoy being around people and have lots of friends 

-sometimes you have more then one lover 

- the art of flirtation comes out here 

VENUS 3.jpg

VENUS IN CANCER #VenusinCancer

  • You are romantic and sensitive

  • you might conceal it, but being loved is more important to you than practically anything 

  • You would rather be chased then do the chasing 

  • Once you feel secure you are sensual and demonstrative

  • You have a wonderful gift for eloquence and are also very sentimental

  • You will make a big deal out of birthdays and other special days, like the day you first met

  • The position of this Venus indicates strong family loyalty

  • Venus in Cancer people are more then happy to stay home and cook a meal

VENUS IN LEO #VenusinLeo

  • Without doing a thing Venus in Leo is able to attract warm feelings from others

  • There is something so undeniable about you, something so magnetic that you will enjoy great popularity

  • You are very affectionate and generous with the one you love, sometimes buying extravagant gifts and paying them compliments in public

  • What Venus in Leo needs back is a lot of attention, devotion and loyalty

  • You are drawn to the arts and performing and many of you have creative gifts

  • You love fine possessions like money, clothes, jewels, furs etc.

  • Even if you are pleasure-seeking and self-indulgent you will make great sacrifices in order to make somebody else happy

VENUS IN VIRGO #VenusinVirgo

  • You tend to be cautious about falling in love

  • You protect yourself from the fear of being exploited by someone unworthy

  • You want to feel special in your relationship, or for someone to make you feel special

  • Oddly, when you do give your heart away it is usually to the wrong person who will not value your fine qualities

  • Without reason, this position of Venus can promote scandal

  • Venus in Virgo has many virtues, they are refined, intelligent, loyal and sympathetic

  • You have great business sense, could make for a talented writer and have a quiet but witty sense of humour

  • Many of our great government leaders and humanitarians have their Venus in Virgo, who have given their love to the entire world oppose to just one person

    VENUS IN LIBRA #VenusinLibra

  • You are in love with love

  • You are much more romantic then sensual

  • You are turned off by anything coarse, crude, vulgar, or earthy

  • In your mind, true love is of the spirit

  • You can fall in love easily and have more then one on the go

  • Love affairs for Libra in Venus has to have all the right trimmings

  • You have charming social manners and they get you far

  • Libra in Venus can be cold and aloof to anyone who presumes

  • This is a wonderful position for artistic flare, design, and decoration

  • You are good at creative projects within a partnership or marriage—sometimes you combine both

  • Venus in Libra enjoys creature comforts and luxury, they tend to be extravagant with money


VENUS IS SCORPIO #VenusinScorpio

  • Being in love is an all-consuming experience for you

  • There is a profound intensity to your emotions

  • Your sex life is passionate and demonstrative

  • In a love affair it is the sexual side of the relationship that is emphasized

  • Still, you put love on a spiritual plane

  • You want to make your partner surrender to your body and soul—you want to possess a lover wholly

  • Your possessiveness is not easy for anyone to deal with, though you are great as an indapendant

  • You are very sensitive to any rebuff

  • If someone does not respond to your love you can even become vindictive

  • Venus in Scorpio tend to be involved in lucrative marriages or business partnerships

  • The placement has an amazing, compelling imagination, as many of them do very original artistic work

VENUS IS SAGITTARIUS #VenusinSagittarius

  • Usually begin love affairs with a spirit of adventure

  • You like to explore the excitement of love just like you search for diversity in your own life

  • First attractions are always wildly romantic, you never seem to have commonplace or banal love affairs

  • You can’t sustain the emotions of relationships and therefore never fully give up your freedom to anyone

  • What you lust for is the the unobtainable—the perfect love, but even if you could find it, it would shrink you from being possessed by it

  • You have so much contradiction going on here, it is no wonder you leave your lovers puzzled

  • Venus in Sagittarius is high-spirited, outgoing and very imaginative, they tend to attract powerful and influential friends as they find it much easier to deal with friends oppose to lovers

  • There is luck in creative affairs surrounded by projects undertaken in foreign countries or far from home

VENUS 2.jpg

VENUS IN CAPRICORN #VenusinCapricorn

  • Venus is Capricorn is careful and cautious about love

  • You may sometimes be thought of as cold and calculating when that’s not the case

  • In love you are loyal, faithful, and dependable

  • If you don’t marry rich, you work to give a mate security, which includes material comforts

  • You may not be flowery, but what you say you mean

  • You have earthy passions but keep them a part from your mental attitude

  • You can be sexually involved and detached at the same time

  • Venus is Capricorn can be jealous, possessive, and fearful of rejection

  • Once you snub a Venus in Capricorn there reaction is total coldness

VENUS IS AQUARIUS #VenusinAquarius

  • Venus in Aquarius promotes a kind and loving nature

  • You are helpful, charitable, and giving but you are not an emotional person

  • You have an intellectually detached attitude towards love

  • Personal freedom is very important to you and you can’t be in any relationship that compromises your personal freedom

  • You have a wide range of friends, cannot handle jealousy and will walk away from emotional scenes

  • You believe in fairness and openness

  • Venus in Aquarius is more likely to have plutonic friendships because sexual involvements are more emotionally binding than you desire

  • You are very popular and can attract a great amount of lovers

  • You tend to give your attention to larger concerns then romantic relationships

  • Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams and Venus in this sign tends to give you what you dream of, though that’s usually not until midlife or later

VENUS IN PISCES #VenusinPisces

  • With venus in Pisces you are prone to tender emotions and a deep capacity for devotion

  • In love, you are gentle, kindhearted, very sensitive, and sometimes fickle

  • Being loved makes you feel complete

  • Venus in Pisces can pick the wrong lovers, ones that will take emotionally but not give back

  • Sometimes their is a secret love affair that causes Venus in Pisces grief

  • You are totally intuitive about love, never logical

  • No other placement of Venus is as self-sacrificing or places more importance on the happiness of loved ones

  • Venus in Pisces has true empathy for the problems of others

  • This placement also creates an imaginative, creative, artistic flare, which help as an outlet for your feelings, writing it out is always a good idea

  • Venus in Pisces is so generous that money tends to slip through their fingers


Happy New Year Horoscopes!



Every year we deal with ups and downs. This is an individual experience for everyone. Some people had a great year, some people had an okay year and some people had a horrible year. The situation is different for everybody. This is why we need to cherish good moments while we can, be positive and chose to love ourselves and others. Truthfully if we cannot achieve self-love we will never be able to find it in another. We need to stop worrying about what others think. Sometimes it is okay to have something great happen in your life and not share it on social media. When you feel secure about yourself and your life, you will naturally post less about your romance and achievements. You will also care less about what others are posting, and you won’t let it get to you in a negative way.

Be impeccable with your word, especially when Mercury is in Retrograde. Communications is such an important thing and you always want to be mindful about your what you are saying and how you are saying it

. I am coining the year 2019, the year of recovery. We all need to recover from something, and we are all working on ourselves, trying to be the best versions of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but sometimes we need to recover from our pasts. Whatever hit you in 2018 might require your healing attention in 2019. We grow throughout the years, things change, relationships change. Things fall apart, but one thing is for certain, there is always going to be something new and coming. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, hang in there because one day it may come find you. In general, people need to embrace mindfulness. Stop planning everything. Stop always being in a rush. Make time to take time, I promise you, it will be worth it.



Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Light, there will be: You might not be aware of it but you are the light for a lot of people. This has a lot to do with your ability to rise up over issues, and roll into a positive place. People like your fun, positive energy so bring it out. Don’t overwork yourself, and don’t hide behind your work. Be the leadership of light you were destine to be. Spread your good will onto others.

Love you will see: Aries is more of an action sign therefore they show love better then they speak it. Aries male is weird about commitment and could be a total mama’s boy. Aries will look for hot sex first and romance second. They don’t just say “I love you” to just anybody. It is important that Aries finds a way to express love verbally. They need to find the words.

Insight to Help You Believe: Don’t live your life like it’s a competition. You don’t always have to win. Slow down it is not a race. You shouldn’t try to fill up every hour, you should learn to just be. In the new year really embrace the moment.



Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Light, there will be: Taurus can be cynical, but usually they are won over by their loving spirit. This is a good time to self-focus and really figure out your life’s direction. For many of you, you’ve already got it all sorted out, though there still might be some unchecked boxes. You want to feel like you have it all, and when you are lacking something it really affects you. Don’t be lazy about the things that you want for yourself, they aren’t magically just going to appear. You have to work for them, and this is something that you can do.

Love you will see: Many of you are in happy, long-term relationships, which is great, but you need to figure out what your future steps are. Without being pushy, try to talk to your partner about the things that concern you. Taurus can aim to please and be taken advantage of. Sometimes Taurus just takes so long to make a move, but they want to be in an awesome relationship and are fully capable of staying loyal.

Insight to Help You Believe: Don’t be in denial about the things you want. Don’t deprive yourself. If you want a ring and it’s been ten years, let your partner know. Don’t people please. Don’t escape things. Deal with the elephant in the room. Don’t be hard on the ones you love, instead show your tender side. Nothing compares to the the true love of a Taurus.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Light, there will be: You can be the light. When a Gemini wants to shine brightly, they do. In fact, they sparkle. No one knows how to work the room like Gemini. They have a gift! Gemini knows when to turn the lights on, but some Gems struggle with when to turn them off. It can be hard to tell if Gemini is being sincere or not, a lot of them could win the Academy Award. Regardless, it’s really a coin toss. With Gemini, you never really know what you are going to get, but this year they will make things happen. Travel plans, work adventures, parties and events—the sky is the limit. Gemini is usually very anxious so they will plan their year with exciting things to do. Gemini almost needs a party, trip or an event to plan, look forward to and buy the best outfit for.

Love you will see: Gemini can tend to have a wandering eye. They seek out beautiful things and they are usually beautiful creatures. This does not mean that all Gems cheat, they don’t, but some certainly do, and for others it is not really something that they grow out of. Gemini is known to move on fast. They are also rarely fully single. They like flirtations and they love attention.
Gems will think about settling down or is settling down or getting rid of bad habits from the past. Gemini is amazing in love and has so much to give, but they have to be with the right person. It has to be a meeting of the minds. Love is always in your corner Gemini so try and be patient if you are still looking, it is going to happen. Some Gems will split this year only to realize there is better out there for them. Realistically, with Gemini’s duality they are known for having more than one marriage in their lives.

Insight to Help You Believe: 2018 wasn’t your most victorious year. That year is still to come, though many of you have killed it at your careers. Many of you were mixed up and sorting through some stuff, potentially emotional things that tested your ego. Don’t feel the need to hide your “messy”, everyone has problems and no one expects you to always be okay. Gemini does care about their image too much, so much so that they would be friendly to an enemy just to avoid a hater. Gemini would rather everyone think they are a bit of a big deal, and they are, Gemini just needs to work on being more emotionally available and more empathic. Again, this doesn’t apply to all Gems as some wear their heart on their sleeve and are super supportive and easy to talk to.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

  Light, there will be: You try to be in a good light and often you are, but as a highly emotional and moody sign, you can’t always display high spirits. This year, it’s important to let the light shine down on you. Get inspired. Ask yourself if what you are doing with your life is really what you want to be doing with your life. Look at patterns and signs to help you get the answers.

Love you will see: Cancer is all smiles when they are in love. Their heart beats to be heard by another. Love is in your back pocket—don’t worry, Cancer. Many Cancers have already married and met the one. This is a sign that likes to build relationships. Single Cancer needs to get out of their shell, gain some confidence and go after it. Just take chances, what do you have to lose? You’re probably a lot better looking and charming then you tell yourself you are. Trusting more people and letting people in is key. You can’t be afraid to get hurt. When you get hurt, you learn and figure out what it is that you want and what you need.


Insight to Help You Believe: Don’t ever sell yourself short. Sometimes you stand in the way of your own success and don’t even know it. Listen to yourself and be self-aware because you don’t always know how you affect others. Don’t be negative, especially about yourself. Take a moment to acknowledge all that you have done. Recognize that you’ve got gifts and crafts that others don’t—use them to your advantage, but always own up to your mistakes!


Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

 Light, there will be: Leo is the light, and boy do they shine brightly, but sometimes they get tired of always having to be the sparkle and shine. This year really think about your life and what you should do differently. Some of you have been putting some important things off. Regardless, the light will come when Leo is genuinely feeling good about themselves. Some Leo’s have been tested too many times, and have honestly lost care for some people. Some Leo’s are in denial about the things they really want for themselves, and if they think it is out of their reach, Leo will just pretend they never wanted it in the first place.

Love you will see: When it comes to love, not fooling around or casual dating, but love, Leo is one of the pickiest signs. They know when they know. Waiting to find the one can create some doubt, but it shouldn’t. Leo is never without possibility. Leo wants great love, and will know when it’s right. Leo, if you’re in a relationship and still talking to your ex—this is a bad sign. Leo’s attention cannot be divided when they meet their true match. Never give up on love Leo because this year there will be so many possibilities for it.

Insight to Help You Believe: It’s important that this year, you ask yourself if you are truly happy. Leo doesn’t always deal with their issues. They’ll think about them, but they won’t always know what course of action to take. Leo wants others to always think they are doing great. Leo can either really shut down and speak to no one or tell everyone in the world looking for their insight. Confide in someone you trust, but make sure you talk about your feelings. It might be beneath you, but I promise you it will help.



Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

 Light, there will be: Many Virgo people are on the reserved side so they may not steal the light like other signs. However, Virgo does have a light within them, but some are just particular about who they choose to share their light with. Virgo doesn’t always get the credit they deserve because they don’t push for it. Virgo wants to be a big deal, but they don’t want to brag about it. The light of a Virgo is quite modest.

Love you will see: Virgo rarely ever rushes in so if you’re waiting for a ring, don’t expect to plan when it comes. Virgo is the loner sign of the zodiac, they need alone time, and could only ever be with a very specific person who is practically tailored for that Virgo. Earth signs like Virgo are relationship signs, but out of all the earth signs, Virgo is the most difficult to settle down.

Insight to Help You Believe: Be with someone who makes you the best version of yourself. With love, work on being warm natured oppose to cold and introverted. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to, but sometimes it’s good to take a chance. You’ll know a Virgo really loves you when they break one of their old stubborn habits.


Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

 Light, there will be: Libra has a lot of light and a lot of people will be attracted to this light. Libra tries to keep things easy, and a lot of people like that they are no drama. This year, get in touch with your inner light. Let it guide you towards all the things you’ve been putting off.

Love you will see: True love will never come here unless the Libra learns to love and accept themselves without indecision. Don’t string people along if you don’t feel the same way. Don’t carry on with someone just because you like the attention. You’ll make for an excellent partner just as soon as your mind is made up. Libra is a romantic. Embrace the side of yourself this year.

Insight to Help You Believe: Sometimes it feels like you take one step forward and three steps back, and sometimes that is the case, but it’s time to really master what you’ve been avoiding. There’s never going to be a perfect time, there is only now, so act on it because you really are worth it. If you feel yourself floating up to high be careful, Libra needs to use good judgment and common sense.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

  Light, there will be: It’s weird that not everyone knows about your light, but then again you don’t share it with just anyone. You are often the light at the end of the tunnel for loved ones in need. You will have no problems taking care of your people, but this year you really have to make time for you.

Love you will see: Sometimes it is hard for a Scorpio because they are so emotional but don’t know how to show it. Some Scorpios reject their need for romantic love, and others are freaked out by it, but at the end of the day, no mater what complex you are suffering from, you want love, and you will find it, but you can’t hide away or hide behind others, you need to be present.

Insight to Help You Believe: It’s okay to not always be in control. No one is going to judge you, if anything they will respect you more. Learning to find your words is huge here because when it comes to others you might have a mouthful, but when it comes to yourself, you might not have a clue.


Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

  Light, there will be: A true Sagittarius is a blast in a glass. They will rush to the light in any situation. Sagittarius sees the facts, but they would rather see the bright side. They’d rather believe that everything is going to be okay. Known for their optimism, Sagittarius came to win, and often does. Sagittarius makes for an excellent CEO.

Love you will see: When trust is broken or you are given a reason to feel doubt—it can shake your core, but just remember that you will end up with one person and that person needs to be the right person. Sagittarius really values trust in a relationship, especially because many are not open books. Sagittarius has a private side, which is why their partner has to be the one they open up to and trust. Single Sagittarius will shoot their arrow when they see their target, they have no shame in playing the field, dating around and seeing what’s out there.

Insight to Help You Believe: Nothing is ever going to be perfect so you might have to lower your expectations. In an ideal Sagittarius world everything and everyone would be perfection, but Sagittarius knows that is not the case. Don’t point out other people’s flaws. Let them figure it out for themselves. Work on loving and accepting people for just the way that they are.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

 Light, there will be: You are a working ray of light! In the light is where you need to be and this year that’s exactly where you will reside. Hard work pays off so this just might be your time to shine. You are a very helpful person, and will continue to shed your helpful light in 2019.

Love you will see: Capricorn love is boss love. It means business. Capricorn is in it to last forever. They will be the ultimate ride or die and partner. Capricorn wants to fall in love, but first they have to be able to admit that they deserve love and good things. Capricorn can sometimes tolerate negative aspects in a relationship for too long. Capricorn takes their commitments very seriously. This year Capricorns will tie the knot, have children, and many romantic experiences.

Insight to Help You Believe: You are good enough. Say it out loud. You are worthy. Know this. Not all Capricorns are hard on themselves, just some. There are plenty, confident boss types in this sign. Don’t take on more than you can chew, and don’t be scared to admit if you have taken on too much. This realization does not make you weak, it makes you human.



Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

 Light, there will be: Aquarius is built with a lot of light, and boy do they shine. Aquarius is bright and shines brightly. They know how to make things interesting, as they are rarely ever dull. Aquarius is drawn towards the light. Achieving big things at the office, traveling the world, and going on adventures—Aquarius wants to be apart of it all.

Love you will see: Aquarius is a thinker, and therefore thinks about love before they feel it. They want to meet a partner, but it can take them longer as it is better they get to know or become friends with the person first. In love, Aquarius is amazing, but Aquarius will always need time for other things. Aquarius isn’t the type to feel complete by love. There is so much they want to do. This year, I predict proposals and newborns.

Insight to Help You Believe: Sometimes we meet people who change our core beliefs. Love can do that for the Aquarius who will open their mind to something they once felt differently about. Aquarius is getting inspired in 2019, a lot of of good things are coming your way, but you’ve waited for them and worked for them. If you find you are still stuck doing the same thing, try something new. This could be good for you, especially in regards to career, a little exploration never hurt. Regardless, you are so talented just ensure that those talents are being put to the right use.


Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

 Light, there will be: If you’re a true Pisces, you are probably the light in a lot of people’s lives. Pisces is vivacious. They have an endearing quality about them that others can relate to and open up to. The problem is that sometimes Pisces goes dim. They get down on themselves and life. This is why Pisces is always swimming towards the light. They want to be inspired, but more importantly, they want to know what’s to come, and the uncertainty of the future drives them to an emotional place.

Love you will see: 2018 was suppose to be a good love year for the Pisces. I predict 2019 will be of the same. Pisces has learned a lot. They have come a long way, they have grown. There are still those Pisces who tolerate abuse and nonsense. If you catch yourself falling into similar patters, it’s probably not going to work out. You know that you want that crew love. You know you need to be told nice things about yourself. You know you want to date someone who can stand on their own two feet. Stop telling yourself what you need to get by. Sadly, time won’t freeze for your ignorance. Don’t worry Pisces you know you’re kind of attracted to assholes and you’re working on it, but you can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to, and you can’t sit back daydreaming, praying on a miracle.

Insight to Help You Believe: A lot of you are growing into your own skin and loving it. A lot of you are accepting that it’s okay to say goodbye to people. A lot of you are growing more confident, which is exactly what the fish needs. You are a dreamer and you should pursue your dreams. Don’t be lazy. Do whatever you have to in order to make your dreams a reality.

Fall Into Your Horoscope

the one.jpg

These horoscopes are designed to give you a deeper insight into your sign, and what is possible for you. By no means am I telling you what is going to happen in your life. These are my intuitions. I am sharing aspects of your star sign based entirely on my own perceptions. If you are born within ten days of another sign, read both. Your Astrology is not just about your sun sign, but your entire chart and what that is composed of. These horoscopes are based on the elements of your sun sign, though every birthday has a different chart and different combination of dominating elements. Aspects of these horoscopes may not apply to you, it really depends on how much you identify with your star sign.


Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries friday.jpg

You need to start thinking about what matters to you long-term. Sometimes Aries gets too caught up in what is happening now, though they are constantly thinking about their future. A lot of you have worked super hard and are starting to see the fruits of your labor. Aries can’t help but want to make it and be number one. They have a competitive heart and don’t always like to share. Now is the time to bank on your good mind. Follow the sense of your heart. Your instincts are probably right on the money. Don’t get too caught up in the spectacle of things. Look for meaning. Find a meaningful place for you to dwell. Remind yourself that yes, you can always have, want and acquire more, but you likely already have enough. It’s okay to like attention. You deserve it just don’t let it go to your head. Finding a modest version of yourself will attract others to you. In love, you need to express your feelings more. Tell people how you feel about them. Make sure you partner knows how important they are to you. No it is not an unspoken truth just because you are married or have been together for awhile, you need to learn how to communicate your emotions and feelings without any other stimulant in your system. Aries will sometimes make the mistake of thinking of themselves oppose to thinking about their partner. They care, but they aren’t going to butter you up or kiss your ego. This goes both ways, as much as Aries needs to give love they also need to get it. If you can’t keep Aries’ attention they will find it elsewhere. Aries isn’t afraid to go after it, but you know you’ve won their heart when they start to calm down and start becoming an even better person then they already were. The best partner for Aries will bring the best out of them.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus Friday.jpg

A lot of you have made changes that weren’t a part of your comfort zone. You may have finally left that job, or embarked upon a new journey with your loved ones. You’re in no rush, but you know what you want and your not afraid to say what that is. Sometimes Taurus can move slowly, especially when they are making a big decision. Other times things just change for the Taurus in a heartbeat and they have to adjust to it. Taurus wants to feel like a winner at the end of the day so they won’t take failure well. Taurus is tender and loving at the root, and will generally put forth this energy to others. Don’t introvert your feeling Taurus, talk about them. Don’t be scared to get deep, and get down to the truth of matters. Your feelings are important and a lot of people care about them. No matter what challenges come your way, remember that you are strong. You are a force, and you can handle it. Be positive about the good things in your life, and don’t hold back from what you want to do. Vocalizing concerns in a wise manner is best. Don’t shut off or tune people out. Deal with any confrontation that comes your way, and trust that love is on your side. This is a sign that makes for an excellent partner so just know that your mate is truly lucky for you. Your level of loyalty is hard to fine and greatly appreciated.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

gemini friday.jpg

 It doesn’t matter if people like you or not. Yes, you are very attractive and charming, but some people will naturally rub you the wrong way. It would be shocking if Gemini didn’t have beef with some other sign. Regardless of the bad banter Gemini’s get, there are true gems to be found in this star sign. Literal gems who are so lovely and kind. Gemini is challenged by appearances versus reality, sometimes they like the look of something or how something seems to be, but they don’t give it a deeper look. Focus on what’s real. Some Gemini people will love to be surrounded by people—they will love to be popular, though it is better for Gemini to concentrate on what is true. Who is going to be there for you when things get difficult? Who can you really talk to? And sure, Gemini rules communication and can easily talk their way to the top or out of trouble, but I mean intricate emotional conversations. The people you can be your vulnerable self with are the people who matter the most. Dig deep, Gemini as a lot of things will come to the surface, but it’s what’s below that really matters. Some Gemini’s have a shady past or a shady side, but they can overcome it if they focus on what’s of value. Don’t ignore your problems. Gemini can get upset, but they prefer to let things go, however this doesn’t mean letting go of what your feeling. It’s important that you take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself. Don’t get sucked into situations where you know better but do it anyway. Be mindful. Try to pay attention to something different for a change. Stop worrying what other people think. Gemini, you have a very generous and thoughtful side, keep showing this side of you, and always give for the right reasons.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Cancer Friday.jpg


It can take Cancer some time to find their calling, but once they do, they will be in a good spot. Cancer has to love what they do otherwise things will not go well. Cancer has to work hard at not letting their mood determine their day and interactions. Cancer can be very moody, and will let their mood destroy their whole day. If there is a problem of any kind, try to determine your role in the situation. Really look back on how you handled it and whether or not you were wise about the situation. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Your feelings can take over your thoughts, and sometimes this is bad. The more you crave a relationship the less likely it is going to happen. Cancer needs to be in a good place with themselves. They need to be honest with themselves, and try to work on the things that need fixing. Don’t hide in your cancer shell and protect yourself. Come out, and tell us how you feel. Speak your mind more, don’t just show how you are feeling, talk about it. The more you stay in your Cancer shell the more you will doubt yourself and miss out on opportunities, people and places. Cancer is really good at building a place to call home and they want to do this with another person. This will happen, just focus on your own gifts and strengths first. Live out your own goals and see what happiness comes your way. At this time, you might be starting over, or looking for a new path to follow. This is good, and now is the time. The universe is constantly sending you messages, it’s about time you started to listen. You are hilarious and have amazing wit, but you don’t always have to be entertainment. Know when to take a break and cool your jets, though you likely will do this any way. Cancer is very sensitive and feels things very deeply.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

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You do best when you get to project your own vision. Whatever you do, you have to be the master of it. Some of you tire from being the backbone in too many people’s lives. Now, like always is the time to be selfish. Not to say that you don’t secretly (or openly) love yourself, but Leo will take people on. They won’t disclose weaknesses about themselves to just anybody. Leo wants you to think they are winning at all times, and often they are, but beneath that lies a jar of insecurities. Leo isn’t always as confident as they come off, but they are smart enough not to vocalize these things. Leo will want things to be perfect, which is why they will have a hard time when things go astray. They might think they are good at handling stress, but the truth is they aren’t. Sometimes Leo will want things done their way, and will get annoyed when others don’t compliment their vision. Still, they like to be on good terms with people so they won’t rock the boat unless they absolutely have to. Leo doesn’t take confrontation as well as you would think. Leo will protect themselves from any form of negativity. They can’t cope when things are dark. A Leo can easily be the big arm that comes to save you, but be careful, if something you tell them could one day indirectly affect Leo, they might use it against you. Even if you thought they were super understanding and supportive, Leo can’t help but have standards. If you really do them wrong, they will never trust you again. If they really do you wrong, they likely will never see it this way. Leo isn’t a fan of being in the wrong, and they will defend themselves dramatically if needed. At this time, it is better for the Leo to really ask themselves what and who they want in their lives. Leo needs to look at the big picture and consider the facts before making a judgement call. Whatever you do Leo, don’t turn your back on true love with anyone in your life no matter what people say. What’s in your good heart is what matters. Trust gets broken, but it can repair itself, you simply have to ask yourself if it’s worth it?

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Virgo Friday.jpg

If you have doubts of any kind, you are not making the right move. You should just know in your heart and your head what it is that you want to do, and then you should move forward to do it. Virgo will just know when they’ve found the right mate. They will feel like they’ve met their dream match, and Virgo will develop and grow from this love. Virgo is a very critical sign, so when someone fits the bill, the feelings come naturally. The problem is that Virgo will often think before they feel. They think about everything. Even if they are critical, they don’t take criticism well. A stubborn sign, Virgo will often fight for their own rights. As a very smart sign, they have good instincts and can usually see the pros and cons of any situation. Regardless, Virgo will proceed with caution. They are not the type to rush into anything. Virgo is one of those signs that enjoys their own company, and they will need alone time regardless of who they are with. Work is very important here, and the work ethic of a Virgo is usually outstanding. They will put in extra hours, they will strive to learn in their role and really push the boundaries. Their abilities will be recognized, as many will flourish in their career pursuits. Virgo is a realist. They don’t kiss butt or charm people. They are what they are and what they appear to be. They aren’t scared to come head to head with the truth. Virgo can be hard to get back in with once you have upset them, but many have a high tolerance rate for diversity. They aren’t always forgiving because even when they do forgive, they don’t forget and they will use the past against you if its in their favour. For the time being, Virgo should focus on being real with themselves, and thinking about the future proactively. What’s really going to benefit you? Are you doing it for the right reasons? What’s at stake? It’s okay to show people what you are made of. Virgo is not the type to brag, but they still want attention and they still really appreciate being told why they are awesome or doing a great job.


Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

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Libra may never want to grow up, but they have to eventually and this can be challenging for some. Libra often doesn’t know what they want. They can be attracted to something, but also see why that person or thing is not good for them. Libra won’t do well with early age commitments. It is better if Libra meets their partner later in life because Libra can easily be swayed, or steered into another direction. Libra is very charming and loves to flirt. Sometimes they cross the line, and don’t figure things out until they’ve lost them. Libra, like a lot of us, struggles for balance. They constantly need to be assessing what is beneficial to them and what is not. Take a chance Libra, you never know where it will get you, but nobody got anywhere by playing it safe all the time. Work on developing your confidence, and if you feel like you are really confident, work on being modest. There is a butterfly feel to the Libra, as they touch and go, but rarely stay. People that demand your attention and can get you up and at it are good for you. Libra needs to be motivated in a gentle way. They will not respond well to cruelty or bullying. They need to be stirred sweetly not shaken abruptly. This is a good time to really figure out what it is that you want for yourself. Ponder it, but don’t make yourself crazy with intense thoughts. This sign is usually very crafty and creative. They have a good eye for aesthetic, and know what looks good on people and themselves. Insecure Libra will have a hard time making their mind up about almost anything. Libra secretly knows that people don’t make you strong, you make yourself strong, though they can try to be on everyone’s good side. Know that this is not possible, and bridges will burn even if you try to rescue them. A lot of you have very important people in your life, and this is because you do know how to play it cool and go with the flow. It looks this way any way, but we know Libra has a lot going on upstairs, and even if it appears like they have thrown caution to the wind, trust me, they haven’t.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio Friday.jpg

You have to be careful. Sometimes you project your inside stuff onto others, without knowing it. When you are unhappy it does show, and this is because you are such a strong person. You really impact people even if you don’t know it, you have great influence. Use this to your advantage. Remember that nothing stays the same, no matter how you feel, almost nothing lasts forever, despite your insane loyalty and ability to keep remarkable friendships. Soon it’s going to be Scorpio time, and this means time to be upbeat and positive. You can’t hide behind anything at the end of the day, though you do this so well. You have to face what you are really feeling head on, otherwise it comes out in other ways. Scorpio like all water signs is not good at hiding their mood. You could say Scorpio is happier when they have something to love, and without that they can get a little down, but hang in there because it is going to work out. Scorpio is lovely and deserving. While they always tell you not to mess with a Scorpio, this is true, but Scorpio is a wonderful, generous and loyal sign. Scorpio hits the jackpot when they find someone they can tell their secrets to, though Scorpio will always have secrets that they keep to themselves. Truthfully, Scorpio struggles to be happy for others when they are in a bad place, but this is because Scorpio is not the best at playing pretend. If something is going on with them, it will be apparent. As mentioned, Scorpio season is upon us, and this will be a good time for Scorpio to recharge and figure out what they want to improve. If you feel like you can’t be bothered, try to shake yourself out of it. You will defiantly feel better once you tell people how you are feeling with words.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius Friday.jpg

Whatever it is that you are doing, you should be owning it because Sagittarius is a boss. They are better in charge, and playing a dominate role oppose to a submissive one. Sagittarius simply needs to put their efforts in to see something grow. They are a sign of independence who will do what they love naturally. Very gifted and bright this sign is capable of so much. Good fortune is in their cards. As hard as they may work, it is important for Sagittarius to find time for themselves. Sometimes Sagittarius just feels things would be better if they did it themselves. Some can have anal tendencies, and will prefer doing things a certain way. Others will struggle to let people get close to them, until they come across the right person. Sagittarius wants to be respected, and they will not settle for second best. Sagittarius needs to trust you over anything, and this is why they might not open up easily emotionally. Sagittarius like Scorpio can be very private about their personal life and their true feelings. Sagittarius is smart and knows when to share and when to shut up, though they will have advice for you. This sign is very philosophical and able to give you advice that will help you live a better life, or at least what the Sagittarius believes is so. Now is a good time to channel energy and keep at it. Your hard work is going to pay off, trust me. It might not be tomorrow, but in good time, you will be shinning. Keep with the optimism, which is in your heart and you can’t go wrong. You know it’s possible now you just have to make it possible. Some of you are just starting to go after your dream, and this is a good thing. Try not to let negative thoughts get in your way or prevent you from going after it.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn Friday.jpg

There is both a bossy and submissive side here. Capricorn will want to help you do your job better, but they will also want to people please, and do right by others. They may not vocalize it, but they do care if they are liked. Capricorn tends to take the job seriously, sometimes too seriously, which can affect certain relationships if they are not careful. Capricorn likes to know what others think of their work and their efforts. Secretly addicted to validation, Capricorn almost always aims to please. It’s been said that Capricorn is boring and dull, which isn’t true. Capricorn wants to have a good time, but sometimes their career and life demands can get the better of them. Capricorn will put work first, but they also care about love and generally are a long-term relationship sign. Still, they need to be with someone who will let them have a say. Capricorn will get hurt when their efforts are not taken into account, and they give more then they get. This is a good time to focus on balance, and find a place of content in your life. If you are broken over the past, trust that it will repair. Things don’t happen impulsively for the Capricorn, they happen naturally. As they always say, when you least expect it.  


Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Aquarius Friday.jpg

As a true, full-blooded Aquarius, your life is rarely boring. You have a lot of different people in your life who you are friends with for different reasons. You can’t help but see the good qualities in others, even if things don’t work out, Aquarius will not forget what attracted them to you in the first place. Aquarius, as much as you are a hard-working, social butterfly, you still need to take time for yourself. This is important. Aquarius wants love, but they are not in a rush. They are usually very much their own person and very independent. Many Aquarius people fall in love, but are not in a rush to get married. Aquarius might chose to have children before they tie the knot, if they even do. Aquarius is aloof until they meet their match, which isn’t always easy for them because they need to connect beneath the surface. When they do magic can happen. Aquarius is usually very adventurous with an open mind. They are unique individuals that usually attract people easily. This is a good time to figure out what’s most important to you, and try to prioritize it. Don’t let too many activities or too much work take away from your treasured interpersonal relationships. You are an asset and anyone in your life, especially your employer should know this. You are gifted and smart with an ability to get what you want. It’s easy for you to make friends, but it’s even more important for you to make close, deep connections. Aquarius needs someone they can talk to about their fears and insecurities. They often need someone who is a bit opposite of their energy to help bring out certain qualities in Aquarius. Aquarius symbolizes the need to make friends with lovers before hooking up with them. This is because Aquarius thinks a lot about love, they think about love before they feel love, and they need to mentally connect with someone. A part of you is a little bit lucky, you might just have a personality that people love. When you feel the pressure of stress or if you feel overwhelmed by any life aspect, reflect on your accomplishments, and know that you are super strong and can get through anything. Aquarius was never meant to be kicked down for too long, they usually have a powerful spirit, which keeps them fighting.


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces Friday.jpg

This is supposed to be a good year for The Fish. While they always have their ups and downs, Pisces is likely in a good place. A place which will allow them to grow and grow up. Pisces struggles with the elements that come with growing up, but that doesn’t mean they lack the desire for marriage or children. Pisces is sweet-natured, but can be feisty and sassy. They really want true love, and often dream of how they would like things to look like in their life and in their partnerships. The problem is that Pisces will tolerate negativity in their relationships. They don’t handle rejection well, and often wear the rose-colored glasses when they are involved. Pisces needs to write down all the things they need from a partner, figure out what they want and not steer from it. As such a mutable sign, there can be many variations, but Pisces can be weak. Wise Pisces has learned not to let people take advantage of them, and has cut out the people who didn’t value them properly. This is a time not to be lazy because you might just be in a really good headspace. Waiting for things to happen is never easy for anyone, but Pisces will learn that any hardship that has come there way has only made them stronger. They have also learned that things can change, some people just take longer to come around. Regardless, minus the life chaos, all you can control is yourself. Your reactions to things mean everything, as you start to really watch what you say and how you say it. Lead with the part of you that wants to kill with kindness, but don’t let people walk all over you or use you. If there’s something missing in love, you need to acknowledge it. Love is important but sometimes it is not enough. You need to have that lasting, raw chemistry to truly build a connection. If you are thinking about it constantly in a critical way, you need to realize this romance is likely not best for you. Don’t go along for the ride, learn to drive and take control of your destiny.


Drake Named His New Album After His Star Sign, Do You Identify With Yours?


It came as no shock when Drake named his new album, The Scorpion. With songs like Trust Issues and song lyrics like, "I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry." His work truly reflects him as a true, loyal Scorpio. Even if he is on the cusp of Libra, Drake certainly relates more to his Scorpio side. A lot of rappers have shown that their star sign means something to them. Rapper Nas has an entire song called the "Virgo", and Nicki Minaj is famous for her line, "he asked my sign, I said a Sag, I'm a star, Sheriff badge. The dream even does an entire rap on the zodiac, giving it life and presence in our musical world. Lil Wayne is a Libra and is constantly referring to his Libra scales. With all this in mind, do you find that you too relate to your star sign? Check out these horoscopes, which will cater to the prototype of each sign and see if anything connects with you. We will also touch on the month of August, and the end of summer. 

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

You've been busy, sometimes it feels like you don't get a moment to rest, but you like it this way. Aries would feel very empty if they didn't have an agenda of some kind. August will be no different as you will be jet-setting and exploring and creating all kinds of adventures. You also will be pulling your weight at work. Accomplishments are very important to you, as you strive to be at the top of the pyramid. This is a sign that likes to make money, and will better themselves and work hard to get to the top. Relaxing Aries is totally different from working Aries. They still like adventures just of a different nature. They know how to party and have a good time. If Aries is in the mood for a party, they might overdo it. Aries loves attention and when they don't get it from their partners they can look elsewhere. Aries kicks ass in an argument, and knows how to play the game. They will strike but they can be over it in a matter of minutes. The emotion they lead with is anger. Aries is more likely to get frustrated about something oppose to crying their eyes out over it. Though there is a sensitive and loving aspect to an Aries person. They might seem really hard and hard to impress, but they do care about others. Sometimes they just don't have the words, and sometimes they do. Aries will find a loophole to get out of trouble. They have an alluring charm that people can't help but forgive. Aries means well, but sometimes they can forget about things and people who are important to them. Aries can't help but get caught up. August will be another on the go month, as Aries probably has their entire schedule sorted out. It's important for Aries to make room for people that they can get deep with and who they really love. Sometimes Aries is so busy they don't have time for romance, but they do what they can to make it work and usually pick partners who also have demanding careers. Regardless, Aries, while they can be bossy, is a very friendly, good-natured sign. As first in the zodiac they can't help but be a little demanding. Aries has a vision, so get on board, or get off the train. 

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

This is a sign that wants the best things in life. They want things to brag about. As a highly material sign, Taurus will like clothes, stuff, toys, gadgets. They will love to shop when they can though they are known for the pragmatic purchase. They will mull it over before they buy it. Taurus is like this with a lot of things. I know a Taurus who stayed with her company for over ten years. They don't change easily and are pretty set in their ways. Other people can open them up to new things, places, food and drink, but Taurus has a stubborn side and will only do as they wish. Taurus is ruled by Venus (the planet of love) so while they might look like they hate you, they are actually very loving, tender and warm inside. Taurus makes for excellent partners, with the least likely divorce rate in the zodiac, if you fall in love with a Taurus it is likely for life. This August Taurus will do intimate things like spend time with close friends and family. They love to travel and see new spaces. They usually have really good taste and dress well naturally. Taurus girl is often thought of as the zodiac princess in that they are almost always put together perfectly from their head down to their toes. Some Taurus girls can only go glamping, though they do love the sunshine and the outdoors. Taurus just wants to be in a space that they love, and hopefully can call home one day. A big change is on the rise; Taurus simply cannot be lazy. They are very hard-working, and this work pays off, but sometimes they slack in other areas. Taurus is a true friend, someone who will likely be in your life forever. They are usually the best people to talk to about stuff, and give great earthy advice. Taurus needs to be confident right now so that they can get what they want. They have so many wonderful ideas, it's just a matter of putting them into place. 

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Gemini can be a jack of all trades. They figure things out easily and don't need a lot of help. Gemini runs their own show. While, Gemini is getting a lot of slack seeing as Donald Trump is one, they actually can be wonderful, very generous and charming people. They rule communications of any kind. They know what to say and when to say it. Many are good writers, but some write like they talk, which could be the case of our president. Gemini's mouths can get them in trouble. They tend to be attracted to gossip and popularity. They want everyone to like them, and sometimes they play the part to make this happen. Other Gems don't give a fuck about what people think, they say what's on their mind and stick to it. Gemini is a visionary. They see things. They notice things. They know how to put things together, and like Taurus often dress to impress. Even if it is a masculine sign, Gemini is quite fem. Gemini males will have plenty of gal pals and they will love to shop and have deep, meaningful conversations. Gemini girls will know how to glamorize. This is an interesting sign because no two Gemini's are alike. As the twins they can either have multiple personalities or play into the good and bad aspects of the twins. Either way, if Gemini is in any trouble, they will know how to talk themselves out of it. Gemini knows how to fake it till they make it. They know how to make connections. They know how to be a leader, and someone that sets the bar high for others. There is a joke that there isn't anything a Gemini couldn't do. Gemini lead with your confidence and your heart. Sometimes you are in your head so much you reject your heart. It's time to stop thinking so much, if you can stop that running dialogue in your head. When it comes to love, Gemini needs a mental connection as well as a physical one. They connect mentally and especially with people they can really open up to. There are good and bad in every sign, but sometimes Gemini is just a gem. Pure and sweet and giving. You never know what you are going to get with this bunch. I once met a Gemini who barely talked, but when he did he was witty and very funny. Gemini knows how to play the game; they just have to keep up on self-care. Taking care of yourself is paramount. Don't go for just anyone, the doubt will sink in. Trust your gut when it comes to love, you'll know you've met them when you're not thinking about their flaws. Gems do strive for perfection, but they just have to find someone who is perfect for them. 

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Cancer can be tricky because if they don't like you, they won't want to have much to do with you. If Cancer is uncomfortable, they will revert into their cancer shell where they keep hidden thoughts and emotions. Sometimes Cancer avoids certain people all together because they don't mix well with them. As a water sign, Cancer is very sensitive and emotional. They don't want to be the punchline of your joke. They don't want to be put down. Cancer is a moody sign, but when they are in a good mood, they are some of the best people to be around. Known as the zodiac comedian, Cancer is very funny and will make their friends laugh. They usually have close groups of friends or people they hang out with one on one. Cancer isn't a player, even if they try to be, Cancer wants love. The real thing. Cancer is a relationship sign. They are also very paternal, good with kids and animals. Cancer wants to build a foundation. They want to build a home. As a crafty sign, they can be very artistic, and know how to make a space look amazing. Cancer can battle for confidence, but it's important that they own it because this is how they get what they want. When Cancer takes charge, or moves quickly on an idea they can be quite powerful. Cancer might be shy at first, but once you open them up, you will be in the presence of a lovely individual. 

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Happy Birthday, Leo! This is your time to shine and really work on the things you need to seek help with. Don't cut people out who love you just because it suites the optics of your life. Be that 24K gold Lion who will make friends with anyone and show heart and kindness on the regular. August will be a busy month as you celebrate yourself and the direction your life is heading. Things are starting to look up, but they often are for a Leo. The biggest misconception is that Leo's don't have pain or insecurities. In truth, they have much stress and don't always deal with it properly. Leo man will likely shut down and shut off. He will take space from whatever is bothering him and ignore in the hopes of getting back to that good place. Leo girl will need to vent about her problems and will probably take solace in a good friend or even a therapist. Leo puts pressure on themselves to be the best, look the best, and act the best. Sometimes this gets tiring, but Leo pulls it off so well. Leo would rather look at things positively, make jokes, and have a good time. Whatever they do, they are best when they are their own boss and in charge of their business or line of work. Leo is a natural born leader. People admire them and look up to them. As rulers of the heart, Leo can be quite loving and knows how to make other people feel good. Sometimes Leo is too busy taking care of others and forgets their self-care but it's important that Leo find an outlet just for them. Take some alone time. Take some time for you. Leo's love attention, but I know one who hates his birthday and never wants to make a big deal out of himself. This is the modest Leo. The type that knows they've got a lot going for them, but doesn't feel the need to share it with the world. Leo is picky in love, and probably thinks it is never going to happen, but once Leo meets their love, they are certain and there is no going back. 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Virgo is the modest version of Leo, they want to make it, but they'll leave the bells and whistles at home. This is a highly intelligent sign who is an extremely hard-worker. They enjoy the comforts of home, but they can't help but want the best out of life. Money is something they hope to make a great deal of. Virgo is very analytical and some are even intuitive. If they know you well, they can just read you. A great sign to lend an ear, Virgo makes for one of the best listeners in the zodiac. Even if they seem like extroverts, there is always something they are keeping to themselves. Virgo doesn't fuck around. They are real people who tell it like it is. Sometimes Virgo takes it too far and is too much. They have to watch that they stay within their limits, and don't reach too far ahead too fast. There are two types of Virgos (as a mutable sign there are actually many) one who wants the attention and will demand it and one who doesn't want to be seen. We're talking very minimal social media usage and ghost profiles. Virgo doesn't always know how to engage, but the other type is flamboyant and will certainly spark a "look at me" vibe. Some Virgo people love to be seen and heard, while others like to keep to themselves. A Virgo might struggle with communication because it is all pent up inside them. Some Virgos can't find the word and are better at getting it down on paper. Generally, a grammar Nazi, Virgo will be the type to fix and notice your mistakes. Bad spelling will be a turn-off to the hardcore Virgo. You've probably noticed that things work out in time, but it takes a lot of hard work and wishing to get there. Virgo needs to stop being so self-critical and secretly hard on themselves. Virgo will strive for perfection if it's possible. Some Virgo people have a smug attitude where they think they are better then everyone else. Emotionally, they might feel connected, but often they are not. Virgo will think before they feel, and sometimes they just do with any caution. Virgo doesn't mind being in love, they are a capable relationship sign, but they are very picky and looking for a love that is perfect for them. It's okay to be different from your partner, Virgo could benefit from a little opposition. What's important is that Virgo learns how to forgive and let things go. It's only hurting you to stay mad at someone. Try to get rid of the saying, "I forgive, but I don't forget." Forgive and forget, everyone is human and makes mistakes. We already have too much hate in this world, let's try to eliminate some of it. Everyone has their story and you don't know where people are coming from or what they've endured in life. 

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Libra is the charmer of the zodiac. Every Libra I've met, knows how to turn it on and turn it off, but they usually turn it on. As the Libra Scales, they often have a hard time figuring how they feel. They can't make decisions easily, and often miss out on things and opportunities as a result. Don’t get it twisted though, Libra can make things happen when they are ready. Many of them are gifted smart. Libra is a flirt, but a bit of a butterfly as they may land somewhere only to fly off to someplace else. They are undecided in love, and often don’t know how they feel. When I say this, I mean that I know many Libras who have stayed in relationships for a long time, without it going anywhere. Some Libra are scared of commitment and saying “I do”. Libra is the type to be attracted to strawberry and vanilla at the same time. They want the best of both worlds. Libras are usually very attractive by nature and quite thoughtful and romantic. They can be players, Libra isn’t always a one love at a time kind of sign, but if they meet someone of control who can provide them with a backbone then they are golden. Libra this is the time to take charge. You are due for a big move. Don’t sit on your thumbs. Start putting plans in motion, even if you have to take it one step at a time. Some signs are killing it on the regular, but you are due, and some of you are overdue.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

If you relate to Scorpion Drake, then you are likely a person of mystery. You have a lot of secrets and secret behavior. You’re not one to talk to much about yourself, in fact you deflect the conversation back onto the other person. Scorpio is the toughest of the water signs, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have emotions or feel things. They feel things very deeply. Loyal to an extreme Scorpio isn’t the type to flake out on plans. If they say they are going to be there, then they will be there. Scorpio women are usually very capable souls. They know how to build the fort and hold it down. At work, they are usually excellent and produce great results. They are not afraid to step up and take the lead. Scorpio can be controlling and will want things their way. They tend to organize and plan very well. This is an intellectual sign with sharp minds and wise words to share. Scorpio isn’t afraid to roar if they have to as sometimes they can be quite bitchy. That being said they hate having bad blood with the people they love and would love to have harmony at the end of the day. Scorpio wants to say their piece but at the end of the day they want harmony.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius is the boss of the zodiac, like rapper Jay-Z, Sagittarius can be quite the business person. Sagittarius sees what they want and then they go after it. They have no problems spending time alone, in fact many prefer it. Sagittarius can also suffer from trust issues. They don’t really want everyone knowing their business. If they do want you to know, you will hear about it as Sagittarius can be the type to brag. They are also good at saving money. They don’t believe in reckless spending. They believe in making good investments that are going to benefit them in the long run. Sagittarius love adventure and they will love traveling and doing exciting things. They can be the life of the party as they know how to socialize, especially in a business setting. Very smart, Sagittarius knows what is important in life. They know they have to get a good job and support themselves or a family. In love, they are looking for a ride-or-die partner, someone they can open up to and someone who is going to bring them out emotionally. This is a really great time to ensure that you are communicating with your partner, make sure their needs are met. Don’t be selfish or make it all about you. That will only turn your partner off. Spend the money you’ve saved, but spend it wisely. Make sound investments and trust your natural instincts. You know when someone is coming off a little shady so stay clear.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

This is the time to demand more for yourself on a personal level. You’re likely killing it at work because Capricorn is one of the hardest workers in the zodiac. They just need to be told that their work is good, or that the meal they prepared is tasty. This is a sign that needs their validation, or at least they’d like to get it without having to fish for it. If you’re dating a Capricorn woman let her know she looks good. Compliment Capricorn on the things they are doing right. Capricorn wants the best things out of life. They have high expectations. They want to live a good life and make a lot of money. Capricorn usually is the type to get that promotion or become manager or CEO—because they work for it. They literally will work themselves from the bottom to the top. They like nice things and will go after them. In love, they want someone they can rely on. Someone who will always be there. Capricorn is a long-term relationship sign. They are looking for a partner they can ride through life with. Steady, capable and caring, Capricorns make excellent partners. This is the time to be honest about what you really want. Don’t be boring, express your feelings. Take time for yourself and find a safe haven to relax. At the root you are pretty simple so welcome more complicated things into your life.  

Aquarius (January 20-Feb 18)

I have this running joke that in this sign, there is a “Jennifer Aniston” complex, meaning that Aquarius can often find love later in life. This isn’t true for all Aquarius people but it is a known fact that Aquarius “thinks” more about love than they “feel” it. This is why it can be hard for Aquarius to find love in their earlier years. Also, Aquarius is sometimes emotionally challenged and has a hard time connecting with people on an emotional level. Aquarius can be aloof and need space. Though friendliness is their key zodiac trait, and they love to have a lot of friends. They love adventures and planning them. Aquarius isn’t really a chill sign. They are more of an out and about sign. Aquarius is the weirdo of the zodiac, which isn’t an insult it just means they are eccentric. This is a good time for Aquarius to continue with the chapter they just opened and see where it takes them. Aquarius is also the genius of the zodiac, which means a lot of very bright and intelligent people are born Aquarius. Aquarius usually has their eyes set on achieving more and more. They are unconventional about marriage. In fact, I know an Aquarius mommy who had her baby with her love and they didn’t get married. Aquarius doesn’t always do things the way society claims they are “suppose” to be, they follow their own compass. Regardless, whatever you are up to, ensure that you take some time for yourself. Even if that means going back to work or school. Aquarius needs something that is just for them.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, which they are actually all the signs in one. You never know what you are going to get. Just like the symbol, The Fish, there are plenty of different kinds. Some are a total catch; others you’ll want to throw back. A true Pisces is very compassionate, they are kind, sweet and care about people’s feelings. They are generous to a fault. Pisces doesn’t always see how great they are. They doubt themselves and get overwhelmed by feelings. This is the sensitive, intuitive sign that has physic energy. Pisces can usually finish your sentences or will know what you’re going to say before you say it. They are highly emotional and just want love. The way love is meant to go in their heads, but it often doesn’t go their way. Either way, Pisces has a lot of love to give and they need to meet the right person to give it to. Now is the time to stop going with the flow. Switch it. Throw something different down on the table. You might think you are good at games in love, but you suck at them and are always so obvious. If you’re in a bad mood or mad about something it will show. Pisces is simply too honest of a sign. It’s important that they figure out what they want, when they want it and set the bar high. It’s okay to walk away if something is missing, you deserve the full deal. Don’t swim to red flags, let them be a learning lesson to you, as in never again will you go down that road. Be confident. Don’t stutter. Don’t hold back, just be you. The person who is going to love you is going to love you for exactly who you are. If you’re holding back feelings or not getting what you want, don’t compromise. Also, don’t let people do things to you that cross your comfort zone. You’re growing up, ever so surely and you are realizing a lot of things. Listen to yourself, a Pisces gut is seldom wrong.



Ice Cream Conversations They All Want The Scoop.

ice cream libra.jpg

It's that time of year when the sun comes out to greet us, and this gives us energy. We are emotionally very sensitive to the weather, when it's rainy and windy out we feel less motivated. The sunshine makes you want to do things, be places, and take part in activities. The sun will inspire you to achieve your goals. You will want to do and accomplish more. This is the nature of the sun, to shine a light onto all of us. 

ice cream aries.jpg

Aries ( March 21-April 19 )

Mind:This is your time to wind down and relax. I know you want to kick it up a notch, but when isn't this true? You could use some relaxation and time to just let things chill. Recently, something big happened, something good or life changing. Focus on that. Don't ask for more. Sometimes you want more when you already have enough.

MoodStay humble and calm. The angry side of you doesn't need to come out. You will enjoy your life so much better if you focus less on the stress. Don't stress yourself out either. Don't put pressure on yourself to be great all the time, you are great so just accept it. You might think that you are unbreakable, but even you will push people away when you are under emotional distress. 

Matter: This is the time to be head over heels in love. Stop being so practical. Stoping thinking about love and just allow yourself to throw yourself into it. You want the love when it's right, and while you can nag, you generally love the person that you are with and can stand being around them without forced breaks. 

ice cream leo.jpg

Leo ( July 23-August 22)

Mind: There is so much that you are thinking but not sharing. In fact you are over-thinking and this gives you anxiety. There is nothing to worry about. Sure, there is stuff that is giving you the no feeling, but it's nothing you can't overcome. Don't party yourself stupid just to feel alive. There is plenty of good surrounding you. Keep your mind in that positive place and you will be untouchable. 

Mood: You're craving love. Real love. The kind of love you can't talk about or write about. The type of love that isn't captured in a Drake song. You want the real deal, and for some of you, this is when you really give yourself to your partner. You want to be adored, cherished, and appreciated. You want people to see all the magical things that you do. 

Matter: Your love, or whoever you love the most these days is really going to help you get through. You know who matters in your life and you know who doesn't. Fake friends have shown their true colours and you don't have the time now. You don't have it in you to care anymore. If you are single your learning to depend on you, if your are invested you are very much in love and always putting your romance first, unless of course work gets in the way. 

Ice cream sagittarius2.jpg

Sagittarius ( November 22-December 21)

Mind: You want to be everywhere and do everything. You don't like being help down. You get restless. You might even start to shake your leg if you find yourself too bored. Your mind is set on the adventure. Your great at doing the 9-5, but sometimes you just want to take off and explore. Your giving up the thumbs up sign because you want to stay positive. There are some things you wish you had the answer to, but you know you could never ask. Sagittarius isn't going to take it deep unless they absolutely have to or if they've had a few.

Mood: You're happy if you get tot see the people you love and spend time with your friends.As mentioned, you like to see the glass half full. You want to do fun things and this increases your mood. Setting things to look forward to will also keep you in high spirits. You want to move, and you want to go somewhere. You want to see things, but you also want to excel at your career.. 

Matter: There is likely someone that you admire very much. There are probably feelings you haven't expressed, but your feelings are deep. Trust in it. If single try to stay out of trouble. Don't rely too heavily on dating applications. You need to meet someone in real life if you can. You have to feel out each other's chemistry. 

you're really you will see the mighty draw.

ice cream aq.jpg

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Mind: You have a cool side that never goes away, but you can also be so focused. Whether it's work, a side project, friendship or romance, you've got a quick mind with it. You're not afraid to take it there if you need to. If you need to be brutally honest, you will be. Mind you, you've got charm and lots of it. You know how to get what you want while keeping everyone else happy. You're mind is bright, and when you're good, you are a bright light. You attract people to you because you are so interesting.

MoodAs long as everything is packed up and ready to go, you are okay. You just want to be one step ahead of the game if you can be. You know how to get a lot done and on your own. Sometimes you crave that alone time because often your life is very full. Love is always something that you think about and care about, but you can get a little distracted. A little romance could be good to spice things up. Plan something for just you two, keep that flame burning brightly. 

MatterYour significant other matters, but so do a lot of others things like your health and your job. Aquarius will be getting their fitness some place, as they work hard to stay in shape. This will mater, but not as much as their loves and this usually includes partners, kids and pets. Or a whole sort of things, Aquarius likes to keep it interesting. 

ice cream libra.jpg

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Mind: Libra is trying to get and stay focused. Or at least, focus on one thing that they can achieve from start to finish. The mindset of the Libra is cool. They don't want any drama, but they do want good times. It's not uncommon for Libra to have lots of friends and people to spend time with. Libra needs to get their head out of the clouds. They need to find something that makes them want to stick around. Sometimes Libra will tolerate poor conditions when they deserve more. People can take things out on them because they refuse to get involved and will often retreat and take space if there is a conflict. 

Mood: Libra will be up and down as they struggle for balance. They can get in moods, but it won't take long to get them out of these moods. Libra is looking for excitement, concerts, outings and good times. They want to photograph all of their memories. Their mood is usually of a charming nature. Libra can work any room and any one. They know they have something to offer even if they do struggle with confidence and knowing that they've got it going on/

Matter: Libra is the universal sign of caring for the people in their life. They will try to be there for everyone, but sometimes they get in the way of their own good deeds. Libra needs to be good with Libra in order to be good with you. A lot matters to Libra. They hate to end things on bad terms, and sometimes take the blame when they shouldn't. Libra is about achieving harmony in their lives and all they want is to get along.

ice cream gemini2'.jpg

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Mind: Sometimes Gemini has too full of a mind. They ate big thinkers and can get anxious sometimes in their thoughts. Gemini can be a bitch or a dick when they want to be. They know what to say to really hurt you if they want to. Gemini mind is bright and active. They are excellent communicators because thoughts generally appear so fast in their minds. Gemini mind is fast so you better be abde to keep up, their not the sign to wait for you. Gemini time is double time. If they say they are going to call you back there is a high chance that they won't. 
Their mindset is busy and they don't always have room to hold new information or take on new matters, but their everywhere, putting out fires all over the place. 

Mood:  Gemini mood can be fleeting. It's just the good twin/bad twin thing. They never know what energy they are going to lead with. Gemini has many sides, but one is that they like to have a good time. There are many famous Gemini party people. Gemini is also prone to doing for others, they don't know how to sit down most of the time. They enjoy relaxation a lot, but don't always get enough of i in thee life. Mind you, there is the Gemini who is constantly watching TV series or playing video games. Gemini is very visual and they learn better this way. A lecture hall is not always the best place for a Gemini

Matter:  Gemini puts their family first, and their love. They care what people think like our president who cares way too much what people think. Gemini is image-focused. 
They want to look good and sound good, and they don't mind being popular. At the end of

ice cream aries2.jpg

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Mind: You're mind is in the right place just keep it in a peaceful place and stop giving yourself reasons to get mad. Things are good and a lot of you are in a good place. Stay there. New things are entering your mind, and change is on the rise. You want to avoid reverting to your stubborn side. Give up your mantra sometimes, and try to find a place of compromise. This could be a really goof time for you to wrap your mind around some gems. 

Mood: There are still some things you are not over. Men or women from the past. A job that gave you no validation. Besides that, your mood is good. Your not complaining as much, and you are embracing the things about your that rock, which you've ignored. Your mood could be loving or accepting, but whatever it is, you've realized something that could change the course of your life. 

Matter: Your loves. Your family. Your friends. The people who has stuck by you through all the chaos. You never deserved to be hurt, and this is the healing process. For some of you, you were doing just fine until someone came along who mattered. Your job matters to you too, and you do a damn good job of it. Finally, you are feeling recognized at work and like what you do actually matters to people. 

Ice Cream Capricorn.jpg

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Mind: You're determined to make something happen, big or small, but you want it to be great. Your mind is full of happy thoughts, but also doubting thoughts. Like you thought you would get picked for the job or you thought you'd make more money. Virgo just wants to be called out as wonderful, when they are, but sometimes they get pushed over when they are really talented. You mind is clean and clear, you are like a rocket ship with one mission. You have a sense of duty now, and this is playing games with your brain. You want to excel, but fear some of your choices, if they are the right ones. 

Mood: Content but itching for more. Some just wants to change the world. They want to leave some positive impact. Their mood will be good, but also distracted. If only they could sit still for a moment or stop having great ideas that change their mood. Virgo will also be in a hard-working mood, they want that dream job or that dream family, and they will know how to raise it. Virgo has good ethics, morals and values and when they apply these things they can be a huge success. 

Matter: The people you love, your family, and everyone. Virgo is the type to spit it back up if they don't like it, which is why if you matter to them you mean a great deal. Virgo is looking for that perfect fit, and once they've found it, there is no turning back. Virgo is the sign that stays with the people who matter, and they know exactly who those people are. Don't waste time on fake friends and phoney engagements. Keep your head down and continue to fight the small battles, which come your way. 

ice creamm.jpg


Capricorn (December 22-Jan 19)

Mind: Capricorn will have a busy, hard-working mind. They keep getting all these great ideas and living them through. The mind of a Capricorn is very focused and very dedicated. They might not be able to take their mind off of you. Though they are trying, when Capricorn falls, they fall pretty hard. Capricorn mind can be like a lightening rod, they can be very productive when they want to be. They have a goal-setting mind so there will always be something that Capricorn is working on. They want to strive for the best and they will put in the hard-work and effort to see dreams realized. 

Mood: Capricorn is always putting work first, but now they are unwinding a bit and trying to enjoy life. A Capricorn mood is almost always determined by how successful they are. When Capricorn is winning they want the whole world to know it. When Capricorn is losing, they will hide their feelings and have a tough time letting go. Capricorn was born to achieve and make things happen so when they don't they can  get down on themselves.  

Matter: Capricorn cares for the people they love, but sometimes they care for people who don't really matter. Just because someone is really nice to you it doesn't mean you have to be their best friend. Stick to your true friends. The people you know for certain that have your back, and don't engage with people who are just using you or who want something from you. 

ice cream scorpio.jpg

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Mind: The Scorpio mind is alive and active. Constantly thinking, I'm not sure how they get rest from their head, but it is mighty powerful. Scorpio will be good to you if you are good to them. They don't like certain people and will distance themselves from these people as much aa possible. Scorpio doesn't fake anything and their usually in the mindset to tell you the truth. Take it or leave it, Scorpio has a tissue for your tears, but they aren't going to deny what is catching the blind eye.

Mood: Moods are up and down here. Sometimes Scorpio feels great, and other times they feel like shit. You can almost always tell in their fashions, how they are feeling. If Scorpio is hiding behind a hooded sweater they likely just want to be left alone. If Scorpio is wearing some badass, fashion outfit, this usually means they are in a good mood and want to be noticed. It's rare that Scorpio goes after something and doesn't make it happen. They work hard and really put the efforts in to achieve and do well by their standard. 

Matter: Not that many people matter to Scorpio, they've got their family and a close circle of friends and that is enough for them. They have trust issues, so they only let you in if you pass the test. Scorpio will matter to a lot of people, they have a way of bringing people extra close to them. You know you matter to a Scorpio if they open up to you and tell you their deep, dark secrets. Scorpio is mysterious and often keeps a lot to themselves. When they share the vault with you, you can rest assure that you really matter. 

ice cream cancer3.jpg

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Mind: Cancer will be in either a productive or lazy slump. They will want to excel, but they could get pressed by a mood. The mindset of a Cancer is very creative, and it is always thinking. Cancer mind is funny and active. They can be a bit shy sometimes especially if they are warming up to you. Give them time, from their minds wonders will speak.

Mood: Cancer is the signs of moods, they are always going up and going down. Cancer has fleeting moods, which will affect their relationships. When they become too closed off, and shady, this is the time to start asking the questions. Questions that are probably too big for Cancer and they feel like they cannot answer. Either way, Cancer might run if emotionally challenged. 

Matter: A tight crew. Cancer keeps it cool and they know who to stay in touch with. If in love, their baby is everything to them. Cancer isn't scared to throw down a little romance, in fact at times they encourage it. Cancer is super caring and probably has a soft spot for many, but if they do, you will know as this is not a sign to fake friendships.

ice cream cancer2.jpg

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

Mind: Compassionate. Forgiving. Willing to the see the other side of the coin when you shouldn't. It;s okay, it's just a Pisces thing. We think far too much and let people in too easily. Suddenly someone means something to you and you just met, what's up with that? Pisces do make strong connections when they do make them. They are pretty picky about who and what they will waste their energy on. 

Mood: Hopeful. You want something so bad, and are working so hard to make it happen, that it could happen. You just have to get your head out pf the clouds. and put your mind on earth where it needs to be. Pisces could always benefit from a little water, and whole lot of earth in they're lives. Mood will also be open-minded to what is going down and how people are reacting. A Pisces will often suss it out before they put their stamp on it that they are going.

Matter: Everyone. Everything, and why? Pisces needs to put themselves first, they need to matter right now. Love is great, but it is blind, it will take over your mind, you've got to rise up. Put your cards on the table and figure out how you are going to play them so that this time: you win. Pisces cares about a lot of people, some of which they shouldn't, and it's this "care", which gets them in trouble. Don't do things just for attention, figure out what matters, what really matters and focus on that. 

There is No Such Thing as a Good Year: Horoscopes for 2018


Every year we grow a little bit. We mature and figure out what’s important to us. We always hope for a happy new year, but life is complicated and presents many challenges. What we can bank on is happy moments. Life is a roller coaster, full of ups and down, and you never know what can happen. Regardless, focus on the happy moments and try to obtain a positive attitude towards your own life and others.  


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

 Fresh Start Feelings:  There is an increase in wealth and success for this sign. Something big is on the rise for Aries, and it will likely call for a celebration. The change should be a positive one. Expect a big shift at the start of the year. This is your time to shine. Though you’ll also have some seeds that didn’t grow. Let them go, don’t dwell on them, dwell on the harvest and the good times that are bound to find you.

The Look of Love: Aries needs to keep themselves distracted in a good way. They are most attracted to their partner when they show signs of excellence. Aries will get off on other people liking their partner. They want the best on their arm. Be careful though, if Aries isn’t getting the attention they need in their current relationship, they will look elsewhere. It is always good to keep this sign stimulated. And while sometimes they go cold, they really do need a lot of love. This is the time of year when bad Aries relationships are meant to end.

On to The Next:  It’s time to get in the kitchen and whip some things up. You’ve got a lot of tricks up your sleeve and now is the time to use them. Either you just made a change or plan to make a change, but regardless there are going to be some big chances. You are making room for chance and reevaluating who and what you want in your life.


 Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

 Fresh Start Feelings: This is a time to be joyful because lucky Jupiter is in your house of partnerships and this will keep relationships in a good place. Not just romantic relationships, but work relationships, family relationships, the whole nine yards. Interpersonally, you are in a good place and should focus on what’s making you feel good. This very well could be the year of the Taurus.

The look of Love: This is a time for Taurus to feel happy in love. Many of you have great partners because you make for a great partner. Single Taurus is finding their way, but they have to watch not to be too picky or hung up on their past. Having demands is good, but having too many demands is bad. Marriage is in the cards at the beginning of the year, many Taurus people have been with their mates forever. Don’t worry, it’s coming! Taurus usually feels like your spouse even if you’re not married, which is why walking down the aisle doesn’t come right away.

On to The Next: It’s time to switch it up a bit. You’ve worked there for how long now? Taurus finds a comfy seat and they like to stay put in it. Many of you have been looking for a career change or life change and now is the time to do it.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Fresh Start Feelings: You crave that fresh start feelings, and you like to let things go, but some things and people really stay on your mind. Relationships haven’t been the best in the past while. There has been a lot of push and pull, but you are coming into your own. You are making realizations, which you never would before. You’re starting to trust just a little more, though it’s hard when your trust has been messed with.

The look of Love: You’re not afraid to make them work for it, but you’re also so open to sexual experiences, you can’t help yourself. As a very visual person, you will be attracted to a lot of people. Even if you aren’t single, Gemini can tend to have a wandering eye. Still there’s nothing they wouldn’t do if they truly love somebody. For those born after June 15 relationship will be hit or miss. Gemini is used to the drama, but doesn’t want it all the same.

On to The Next: Gemini can pine, but they won’t pine for long. If a good opportunity knocks at your door, they are bound to take it. This is a good year for Gemini to go after their passions and do things that really make them smile. Gemini can care about impressing others, but when they let go of this, they get the best results. Most of this won’t register with Gemini as they don’t like to admit things about themselves especially if those things are negative.


Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: If a theme for this year is harvesting, you will have no problems. Cancer is great at building things into what they need to be. They will collect their comforts and stay close to the few people they truly trust.

The look of Love: This is a great year for love, so don’t lose hope. Don’t forget the already thousands of Cancers who are happy and have found the one. Cancer needs something to nurturer and protect, which is why they are excellent at raising a family. Family is a big theme for Cancer this year. You should think about your role within your family and what they expect from you.

On to The Next: Cancer is onto some big things. Things they need and want. It might feel like it is finally coming together for some of you, but either way, you are in a better place. Your confidence is only going to get better as you enter this year and make good moves.



Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: Leo is all about the fresh start. They don’t forget the past, but they are more than ready to move on from it. Leo wants good things to happen and because they have this stance –good things do happen. This is Leo’s time to thank Jupiter for blessing them last year, and to now enjoy those blessings.  

The look of Love: Sometimes work gets in the way of romance. You can’t help being dedicated, focused and hard working. Love is always in the air when a Leo is present, but sometimes life gets in the way of making it out for date night. It’s important to tell your Leo why you love them. They want and need attention from their lover. Do not neglect this.

On to The Next: You will experience some big and exciting things this year. Your hard work is going to pay off. 



Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: Virgo is modest but in charge. Beneath their sometimes shyness is a very powerful voice. This will be a good year to flex your skill-set and show the world what you can do. Typically, Virgo is modest and doesn’t like a bragger. As the sign of service, they work hard and like to impress others. Whatever Virgo does, it can’t be for just them. They excel when they are helping others, and while there are impatient Virgos, many will take the time and put in the hours to help you.

The look of Love: Virgo wants a partner, but it’s got to be the right partner. If Virgo isn’t feeling it, they aren’t going to take your hand in marriage. This sign is very particular about who they date and what they are looking for in a mate. Virgo is the wannabe perfectionist and is highly critical of both themselves and others. If they are putting you down in any way or not giving you the attention you acquire—they most likely aren’t as into it as they should be. You will know when Virgo is in love because it will feel so real and naturally a good fit.

On to The Next: Virgo is very much, me, myself and I when it comes to making things happen. They work well with themselves and get a lot done in solo mode. Not to say they can’t function in groups, but just to say that Virgo is much more of a leader type than a follower type and they can be stubborn about their choices. Still, they like to do the right thing and really listen to concerns. If it’s a good idea, Virgo will be all over it.



Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Fresh Start Feelings: This is the year, the one where you start to make matters better for yourself. You get depressed sometimes, and you get demotivated, but you have so much to give. When you’re working, you’re working hard, but it’s finding that urge to get out and get something done.

The look of Love:  Libra can be a tricky one to date, simply because they don’t often know what they want. Even if they are with you, it’s not common that they feel unsure.  Libra isn’t usually into fast-tracked relationships. They live for the moment, and when they want to, they make for excellent leaders. They just have to get past their insecurities, find their voice and not be afraid to use it.

On to The Next: There is a lot of hope for the Libra to do great things this year. It’s almost as if they have a moment with themselves where they realize they want more for themselves. Though Libra will put up with poor conditions longer than they needed to or desire to. 


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Fresh Start Feelings: Scorpio can be so set in their ways that they remain the same. You can almost predict the Scorpio reaction, this sign is so fixed and set in its way. There is a speed of success going on here, in that Scorpio is seeing happiness unfold in their lives. Scorpio is setting more boundaries and making more positive changes. Lucky Jupiter is in Scorpio for the first time in 12 years. This will bring all kinds of fortune, and provide Scorpio with good things.  

The look of Love: This is something that Scorpio really wants, but they can be introverted and have a hard time trusting people. Regardless, love is in the air for the Scorpio they just have to feel it. They have to ensure that they are tolerating the right things and being treated right. Scorpio doesn’t fall for just anyone, but when they do, they fall hard.

On to The Next: Keep with this ideology that forces you to take care of your own needs. You might feel like something is missing, but you never know when something is coming. Be patient, take advantage of opportunities for you to get out and keep a positive, not bitchy attitude.



Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Fresh Start Feelings: Sagittarius is always ready for a fresh start, but sometimes they get stuck. This will not make them happy though they will tolerate it. As long as it’s serving the Sagittarius in some way, it will be hard for them to walk away. Regardless, Sagittarius is not meek and will own everything that they do. They are capable of achieving many great things, and when they work hard, they often see good results.

The look of Love: Sometimes love for the Sagittarius is seeing something they want and going after it with their bow and arrow. It can be about fun and conquests, but at the root Sagittarius is looking for the right person. Someone they will actually feel proud to be with. This year, Sagittarius has to decide who they want in their life. Who is serving them? Sagittarius loves the company of themselves, but they need to find people they can trust.

On to The Next: This might be a good time to start a new project or get invested in something new. Sagittarius gets bored when things remain the same for too long. They need to meet new people and see new things. They secretly live in a state of being away, and will take themselves out of the picture when they are ready to go. Sagittarius doesn’t believe in social obligations, they do what they want.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Fresh Start Feelings: If anyone is in need of a fresh start it’s Capricorn. They worry about every little thing and sometimes forget to take care of their needs. Don’t get it twisted, in the workforce, Capricorn is the boss. They are not a passive sign. They are very with it and witty. This will be a highly social year for the Capricorn. They will be quite popular and busy living life.

The look of Love: Capricorn wants true love more than anything. They are looking for the perfect mate. Sometimes they struggle to open up so when they do it’s a big deal. They need to find a teammate, maybe even someone they can do great business with.

On to The Next: A part of Capricorn is scared to move on from the things that have hurt them. When they love, they love with all their heart and have a hard time letting go. It’s important for the Capricorn to do positive things that are good for their minds. A lot of Capricorns don’t like to talk about themselves, which is why they need to meet someone they can open up to naturally.




Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Fresh Start Feelings: Aquarius is all about the fresh starts. They do find their “place” and stick it out for a long time, but in their lives, they are open to so much. Aquarius is bored when they don’t feel challenged, so there will be something big this year that they are working on.

The look of Love: Aquarius is picky in life because they “think” more about love more than they “feel” love. True love here doesn’t always come overnight, it takes times, but with that time an amazing partnership can develop. It’s key that Aquarius meet with their partner’s mind, as they can’t romantically connect unless they are attracted to their brain.

On to The Next: Aquarius will accomplish big things in 2018. It’s a part of their personality to do it all, and do it all with the enthusiasm and passion. Aquarius likes to take that extra leap into something new, just as they will love to practice the things that make them the most happy 


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Fresh Start Feelings: Pisces needs the fresh start more than anyone. They need to change the way they think. They need to make their lives more about them, and less about the people in their life. Still, this is a great time for Pisces to start growing up a little and making some impressive changes. Firstly, Pisces needs to take care of themselves. They focus on all the wrong things when they should be thinking about self-improvement and self-success.

The look of Love: Pisces wants this more than anything. You won’t come across a lover like a Pisces. They will do anything for you. With such a generous heart, they really want to make you happy. Cool on the drama Pisces, let little things go and pick your battles. Waiting for results isn’t always worth it, but sometimes it is. Don’t try to rush people, but also don’t sit on your hands for too long. If you’re not getting what you desire, you need to move on. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

On to The Next: This is the year of the Pisces transformation. They may finally see the light and the wrong direction they’ve been walking in for too long. This is the year that Pisces is turned around and pointed into the right direction. Embrace your gifts and share them. Don’t let the shy Pisces side hold you back from being a success. Themes this year for Pisces are travel and education. Go back to school If you’re thinking about it. See the world, embrace new cultures and make new friends.






Horoscopes To Help You Along, Disarm and Charm.



Mercury Retrograde was in Virgo, and now the Retrograde has moved into Leo. On September 5th we will finally see Mercury Direct, and we will see a full moon in Pisces on the 6th. Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign so it will bring forth some exciting energy. This is a time for closure. You must bring things to an end if needed. You’ll also be able to get out of the craze, which can likely be your life.

Communication is key. Really pick your words carefully, and if you feel a fight coming on, let it die. You don’t have to give into every impulse you have.

Virgo is a sign of self-improvement, and in August there was the Uranus Retrograde, which encourages us to deal with what we haven’t. Quit bad habits and tie up loose ends.

 Now is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It doesn't mean you won't have big plans for change, you will, but you will also be about working at being an even better person.



Aries (March 21-April 19)

It won't be hard for you to steer forward into a new direction (you like evolvements), but it will be hard for you to let go of something that is really bothering you. Naturally, in your Aries 's nature you try to avoid it, but if it continues to come up, you have to deal with it. You have to communicate your concerns and it is in you to do this. Aries isn't the biggest fan of confrontation, and would rather show a tough skin then fall a part when problems arise.

You will be challenged and you will have to deal with what is left to be dealt with. Take a minute to just relax. Let other people guide you for a change, and don't always be so quick to see a better way of doing things. Give other people a chance, they may prove to really impress you. In love, just be yourself.

Don't be too selfish but also don't feel the pressure to be more romantic if you're not. You show love and support in other ways. You almost feel like nothing could surprise you. It will take a lot to shake you. You are pretty well prepared for any potential storms and certainly, exhibit the traits of a true survivor.


 Taurus (April 20--May 20)

You can think that you keep a lot of things to yourself, but it's always apparent when you don't want to do something or when you don't like something. Most of the time you are up for the hustle, up for the travel, but sometimes you just want to stay at home and surf the internet. Right now, remind yourself that people often know where you side on things. Even if you don't say something. What you have to say and what you want is of great value.

This week is a good time to deal with the incomplete, the things you've avoided for years. This is also a good time to make amends with people.  Find your ground. Don't think of what you need, or what you need to add to your life, focus on what you need to do to keep yourself in good spirits. Taurus is capable of living in the moment. They only get into trouble when they look too far into the future. When Taurus gets too stressed or too angry, Taurus can freak out.

Ideally, Taurus would like to have everything planned out, they want things to go how they desire them to, and there's no saying this won't occur, but Taurus has to actually believe in the neutral stance they are taking. Don't go along with anything just because you feel you have to. It's okay to know what you want and to make all the right demands. It's okay to ask for what you need or what you would like to see happen. 


Gemini (May 21--June 20)

It would be a lie to say there isn't always a little stress or anxiety surrounding this sign though they hide it well. Gemini loves to be the person that everybody loves. They love to enjoy life, but their responsibilities are also very important to them. Gemini is able to express duality in their life.

Gemini sees the voids, and will always be working to fill them, to improve things and make things look and feel even better than before. This is the time to stay on the bright side of things. Work towards making those self-improvements. If you know something is hurting you then you have to remove it from your life--this is a part of resolving the unresolved.

Socializing is great (and most Gems love it), but sometimes it can come at a cost. This week, you could  be challenged. Watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. You work hard to keep all your ducks in order, but you also know life makes it impossible to do this. It's not to say you don't feel bad about this quality, but Gemini knows how to get out of trouble. Gemini is charming and will know how to work it in needed situations. Use your charm for good, and put your visions in motion. Don't be afraid to take a chance on something that looks unappealing. Something good can come from something unexpected so be patient. Don't lead with that anxious Gemini energy, be confident and see where things can go.


Cancer (June 21--July 22)

Cancer will feel like home being self-critical. This will give Cancer the chance to work on building confidence because sometimes Cancer doesn't see how great they are.

Now's the time to come out of your shell a little bit. Be the guy who makes the first move, and take action towards something that really inspires you. Sometimes you get caught up in love or the lack of love that is in your life. You have to find a way to get yourself out of this headspace and into something productive. Life isn't just about people so don't bank your happiness upon them.

If you haven't discovered it by now, people find you pretty funny, so don't be afraid to take the limelight for a change. Utilize your natural empathy as always, but don't scare away easily and allow yourself to shine. Stay on top of your work because you know It makes you nervous when you feel unprepared. Don't get lost in the emotional world of things. Try to stay active and effective and I can promise that your week won't be so bad.. Sometimes you are impulsive when you are trying to have a good time, but self-care is important.


Leo ( July 23--August 22)

It's probably another jammed life period for you, events, friends, marital and family obligations and the like. Leo might also be leaving town, as they search to fulfill their need for adventure and enjoyment (and in some cases, escape).

Leo when un-conflicted will be very open and attentive to their love. Leo recognizes true love and when they are, there is nothing they won't do for their mate. When conflicted, Leo will be more self-involved, getting their attention elsewhere, but usually from other people. This time, like all the time,

Leo will be busy Leo will need that validation of love from their partner and their friends. Leo wants to feel special to you, and if they feel this way, they will do all sorts of sentimental things to make you feel like you matter. Be careful Leo, don't let love blind you or consume you. There is still self-work to be done.

Though seemingly so full of it, Leo has to work on their confidence, as well as their honesty. Leo is constantly putting pressure on themselves to be the best, but no matter what good they hear, it often isn't good enough. It is encouraged you resolve the unresolved. It will help Leo sort out the things that get them feeling uneasy sometimes. Leo has to give into it though, Leo has to welcome constructive energy into their space. In some cases, certain relationships can only improve if Leo learns to communicate about issues effectively and truthfully.



Virgo (August 23--September 22)

 Stay true to how you really feel and don't let others affect your opinions. Deep down, Virgo always knows how they feel. Unless they are on the cusp of Libra, Virgo is pretty damn good at taking control.

This time encourages self-improvement, something Virgo is very big on. It will feel natural to you as you're always in your head on how to make yourself an even better version of you. Big decision blocks are coming your way, but you will get past them and make something beneficial out of it.

It appears, at times, like the past rules your current agenda. Virgo should be inspired by their past to make positive changes and move forward with their future path. Change is on its way. Things are shifting for the Virgo, and they are entering a new wavelength, which will test their will for something that should be very important. It will come will challenges, but it's nothing Virgo can't master.

You have your plan in mind, and it is a good plan for you. Follow it, and see what positive could unfold. Work is a big part of who you are, but sometimes you have to pull on the breaks and realize that money is never going to be the thing that makes you happy. You are an intelligent and critically minded individual. You need to do what you love or you will never last at that profession.


Libra (September 23--October 22)

At this time, try to make room for the people you've been casting off. Your heart is usually in the right place, but you can't be in two places at once. You'd love it if this were possible.

You need to take responsibility for your word. Own what you say and do what you planned on doing. In love, you can struggle because you can easily be attracted to multiple people at the same time, and you are so indecisive about love and life, you never know what you want, let alone if you will be attending.

There is a lot within the Libra that Is unresolved. Be inspired by the Uranus Retrograde and really work on yourself and your commitments. You struggle for balance in your life, but your rare to be a no show when it counts. Libra is a good friend, and sometimes that's all they can be, but if they work on untangling their issues, Libra can be a lot more.

A Libra who has found their way can be an excellent lover, even if there will always be those young Libras who don't know what they want. This week, try to be sincere. Don't just take something because it is free or hang out with someone because there is something in it for you. Don't just date someone because you are bored. Base your choices on feelings, and tap into your emotional side. You know when you're not really satisfied so don't settle for any games.


Scorpio (October 23--November 21)

 Literally, there is no telling of all the things that a Scorpio could achieve in one day. They certainly can have this Superman/Superwoman complex going on.

 It's really important for Scorpio to keep moving forward towards making self-changes. Many Scorpios had/have to get rid of a lot of things before they can move on towards their happiness. Lightening the load, and encouraging Scorpio to relax are key initiatives.

In love, Scorpio is devoted beyond words. Unless something is missing from the relationship, cheating is unlikely, though it is important for Scorpio to fulfill their sexual urges. This is how Scorpio expresses themselves. A Scorpio will always show how they feel before they tell you how they feel. They project about 10% of what they are actually thinking and feeling.

Don't be afraid of losing something at the risk of being brutally honest--you know you're capable of this. You need to do right by you and ensure that you are getting all the things from life that you desire. The full moon might cut you loose, which is a time when Scorpio loses control, but sometimes they need this and it can actually be an enjoyable time. Other times it is a sloppy mess of saying a lot of things you normally wouldn't and potentially forgetting everything.


Sagittarius (November 22--December 21)

Not much can hold you down, and this time shouldn't be any different. Sagittarius will be up to all sorts of things. They crave adventure and activity and often need constant stimulation. Sagittarius is eventually going to get bored and will want to do something.

This is a good time for Sagittarius to acknowledge that their sometimes selfish, and display, anti-social, anti-emotional ways, which can make others feel uncomfortable. Sagittarius thrives on positivity. Sagittarius would rather you toughen up, and hide the sad things they can't bear to hear.

If you find yourself facing problems this week, learn to talk about them. Bottling everything up inside is not good for you. No one is going to think you are embarrassing, they will think that you are human. In the case of some Sagittarius people, they need to deal with a matter which they've been avoiding for a really long time. This time all about this, dealing with something underdeveloped which must be caught up with. Deal with those things, be honest, don't find ways to avoid people who you might be afraid to talk to. Use your natural business skills and put your excellence to the test. You came to win, to conquer and to fly, so do exactly that.


Capricorn (December 22--January 19)

Your time will probably involve doing a lot for others, isn't that typical? Sure, this might be a part of your profession, but regardless of how hard you work, you can put your needs last. Something within you just likes to take care of others.

Stop looking for validation from others. You will know by profit if your work is good and that is enough. You have to get on board with your needs and stop accepting less than what you deserve. You worry a lot and focus on things, which prevent you from having a good time.

When you do let go and give into the moment, people love to be around you. Show others that there is another side to you. Don't be cautious just let go for once and do something that you never have before. With love, you are looking for that perfect soul mate to cherish and have as your family and team member.

A lot of Capricorns are in long-term relationships because they make a good partner and will do a lot for the person they love. Single Capricorn is probably still haunted by their EX, is looking but might not be ready to find love right away. Capricorn can do committed relationships easily so if they're not in one there is likely a reason for it. Hang in there Capricorn, love is coming soon.


Aquarius (January 20--February 18)

The sky is the limit for Aquarius right now, but it's almost like all the time. Aquarius is almost always getting up to interesting things. Unless born on the cusp of Capricorn, Aquarius likely can't stay in one place. They are just so busy.

With friendliness as their number one zodiac trait, Aquarius is probably full of plans. It might involve going to a show, meeting friends for dinner, or doing something physically active like working out, playing a sport or going on a hike. Aquarius likes to live a well-rounded life.

They tend to find love later in life. They can have many dates/relationships, but when they find the one it is really apparent. Suddenly aloof and eccentric Aquarius won't run astray. As long as are down to join them on their journey, they are unlikely to stop loving you. Aquarius is known for being emotionally-detached so they benefit from a partner who is more empathic and can open them up emotionally. Everyone needs someone to come to about their problems, and if Aquarius comes to you, you can take it as a sign that they truly love and trust you.



Pisces (February 19--March 20)

You've got the persistence so don't be lazy, Pisces, keep swimming against the current. Regardless of what comes your way, you can stay afloat and wait it out. Right now will have its up and downs, but it is what you make of it. Focusing on positive thoughts oppose to interpreting the facts will be good for you.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. If things aren't going your way, it doesn't mean that this can't change. Life can seem like eternal waiting, but eventually, things will start to make sense. This time of self-focus will feel natural to Pisces. They are constantly looking at their personal flaws and trying to work on them.  

Try to get really invested in a project that keeps you mindful. You tend to dwell too much and need to re-focus your thoughts. Remember, only concentrate on the things that are in your control.Let those other outcomes determine themselves. Not knowing what is going to happen drives you crazy, and you tend to assume the worst outcome, but I promise you that something is coming that will make you feel good, and it will be because you earned it. You just might have to wait a little longer than desired. 


An August to Remember: Horoscopes That Explain Mercury in Retrograde.


If you’re wondering what is bringing on all this sense of change. It’s the Uranus Retrograde encouraging you to develop what is underdeveloped and to deal with bad habits. This is the time to make the changes you put off. This is the time to deal with the undealt. Additionally, we are experiencing a Lunar Eclipse where the moon is currently in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius. They say to expect the unexpected at this time—anything can happen and is possible. This could be a time for a great change or a large disaster. 

To top it all off Mercury is in Retrograde in Virgo. This will always shake matters up some as we learn to properly communicate with each other. Communication will be challenged and this will affect a variety of things. Misunderstandings could occur, fights, and falling outs. The Virgo aspect means that this is a time to work on yourself and make improvements. Virgo is always trying to improve themselves and this energy will be in the air. It's a month of hard work, but you can do it. 

The moon will return to Leo on the 21st, and Venus will enter Leo inspiring a fun-filled end of summer.


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: You find yourself irritated over little things. There are things you can’t let go of at this time. Your angry and you show it in different ways. You also suppress it. You could be off your game at this time and making wrong choices. Though you will be blinded by the light and see only what you can stomach. Aries could be a little too honest at this time and play the insensitive card. Aries won’t admit defeat and this would be the worst time for them to get into a brawl. Best take it easy Aries and really think about the things in your life that matter.


Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like:  A very ugly, stubborn side could come out, or just a bitchy or bossy side. Taurus will be controlling and uneasy when affected by this. They will also be hard on themselves. Taurus sometimes strives for perfection, but is happy to accept whatever they are given though they wont be opposed if it’s the best. Taurus might be more likely to make a diss or show a bad mood at this time, but for the most part they will keep it chill, Taurus takes a lot to get worked up.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: Gemini will be loose with their lips at this time if they are affected. They might say some things that they regret. They might talk shit about someone they care about. They might just tell you to your face. Gemini is too honest when they are not in a good place. They also go into bitchy mode, meaning they could literally cut your head off if their having a bad day. At the worst case scenario, this could mean scandal and drama for the Gemini. They really need to watch their interactions of communications.


Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: Cancer will be self-critical at this time, and might put themselves down. They may also hide behind their humor as they don’t like to show (just anyone) their emotional side. Cancer wants to seem okay even when they are not. Cancer might also be prone to lose control at this time, they could snap or become very stressed out. Work can do this easily, but Cancer has to find the balance between drifting off into their own little world and staying in the real world.



Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: All the things that Leo pushes down now rise to the surface if they are affected by the retrograde. Leo is pretty good at pushing problems away, but now they might make that dick comment or make fun of someone or do something unkind. Leo might also start a big debate when it’s not needed. Leo doesn’t want to deal with “bad stuff”, so they will do whatever they can to keep their communication in line. They might get a little stressed, but again, Leo will know how to deal with that and will having healthy coping mechanism.


Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)


What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: You will be more volatile, more quick to snap or tell someone to fuck off. All those times you get annoyed by people and don’t say something, well this may be the time that you do. Your not afraid to stand up for yourself at this time. Your not also not afraid to use your voice. Sometimes, it gets muffled, but you don’t have the fear that used to follow you. Sure you get scared, but you’re much braver now. At this time you could be a little bitch, you could be cold or rude. You could also be insulting, though you never mean it, you will know where to hit em’ where it counts. Virgo is loving, but when Virgo is in a bad place they isolate and can turn into a foul being. Virgo needs to feel okay to be okay, it’s that simple.


Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: This would be the time that Libra gets involved, and didn’t mean to and says something offensive. Libra can make that one comment that really knows how to slice you. Libra might be gone all together, AWOL and unable to reach. Libra gets caught up and will forget about you. They don’t mean to, it just happens. Libra can also show aggression at this time, which isn’t like them. Libra will be frustrated and like there are a million things they want to say but don’t have the ability to. Slowing and over time, Libra will get out their stories, but you’ve got to be patient.



Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: If affected this could get pretty nasty to say the least. Scorpio will cut out communication with you all together or be a horrible bitch. Scorpio doesn’t have the patience for stupidity, they want you to get it and to get it know. They won’t be afraid to call you out if you are being what they see as “wrong” in their eyes. Scorpio will make sure that you know their perspective, they want their truth to be heard at all times. Though they will always be making and keeping secretes—this is just their nature.

balloons dark.jpg


Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: If Sagittarius is affected by the Retrograde they will be over-communicating. Talking to much and possibly telling others how they can self-improve. Sagittarius can’t help but see room for better and want to cheer it on as it grows. Sagittarius might shut down at this time, become tired and stressed. A lot of things could be bothering them, but they struggle to talk about it. If they find the right person, Sagittarius might open up quite a bit, but it’s never something easy for them. Sagittarius has to work on being in a good disposition and showing kindness to others in communication.




Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)


What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like: Capricorn is always thinking about stuff, but rarely talking about it. This might be the time, though Capricorn can avoid serious, matter of the heart conversations. Capricorn could fight back at this time and say something unexpected. Capricorn is always going along with the beat, but sometimes they have an issue of their own. Talking is a way for Capricorn not to feel alone, but they want to talk about their choice of topics, otherwise they will get uncomfortable and change the subject.




Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like:  If affected by the Retrograde, Aquarius can become mean. Aquarius won’t like anyone in their way of success. Aquarius can be known to gossip and put other people down. This is all very minimal as Aquarius is a very friendly sign. They know how to connect with people, but have to watch their honesty. Aquarius can say things rather bluntly and has been known to hurt people’s feelings. It’s not that Aquarius doesn’t care, they really do, they are just emotionally-detached and not as quick to react to matters they find small.



Pisces (February 19-March 20)

What Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo can look like:  If this time affects Pisces their tongues will get them in trouble. Pisces has to really think about what they are going to say before they say it. They might not only say the wrong thing, but they might offend someone in the process. Pisces has to be careful not to over-communicate if they don’t get a reply they have to take that as a sign. Sometimes getting no message is also a message. Pisces needs to know when to quit. Often they think they “know better” and just want to prove their point. Their persistence comes from caring.


Slay, Strut, Stay Strong and Survive: Your Astrological Summer Guide.

By: Tara Chloe Dusanj

The super moon shifts from Gemini to Cancer and we feel a sense of home in our hearts. We are reminded of what matters, we are inspired to create, and to make great things. At this time, our emotions will be more present, and feeling happy is a part of this. You’ve had stress, you have stress, but your almost ready to let the “what if’s” go. You realize they drag you down and that your destination needs to be forward. Yes, we want to move on, but the Cancer moon will make sure that you’ve truly dealt with your issues and your heartaches. It’s okay to take some time and let it all out of your system, just don’t take too long. Cancer builds and creates, but Cancer also tears down, be cautious of this. Don’t be the last man dwelling, but be the first person to make a move that benefits you. Don’t bank your existence on your heart. You will heal, but only if you tell yourself that and believe it.

 Cancer can throw in some pessimistic energy, but you have to work through this and get back to showcasing your talents and fostering a home, with the people you would do anything for. This summer might seem like a good idea to relax, chill out and forget it all, and it will be for some, but for many others this will be a time to find the sentiments in your life and start planning for an even brighter future.  

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Typical Aries has stride in their step, they have confidence in their movements. They are not scared to take the dare or be the object of all eyes. Aries loves to be adored. The summer will relax them a bit, as they take in good weather and trips away. If the workload cools off, Aries can find more time to look into passion projects. There is this element about Aries where they can just get everything done, quickly and alone. Aries love the company of people, but they are deadly alone and can get a lot accomplished. Tone it down, always, Aries needs to work on being more mindful and embracing the moment without looking for other things to be concerned about.

The Emotions Within You: It’s not that Aries doesn’t care. They care a great deal. Sometimes they just don’t know how to show it. Aries can be turned off of the high-stress and emotional, simply because the life of an Aries is already high-stress and full of emotions. In their leisure, they want to hang out with fun, upbeat people who are down for good times and adventures. Aries can also be logical about their emotions. They use their head more than they use their heart, but if they’ve let you, it means something. You shouldn’t get discouraged if Aries gets distracted with other things. Aries is a fighter, and they don’t respond well to weakness, they expect you to be a warrior of your own pain. Though they, of course, hate seeing the people they love suffer, and just want happiness and success for all. These are the kinds of things Aries wants to be around.

The Fate in Your Hands: you can have it all and you probably already have it all, but you need to learn to appreciate it and be happy with what you have. It is in your fate to be a little greedy sometimes so you need to think of others. Keep account of how your actions with affect the people that care about you. You have so much potential in your finger. Whatever you decide to put your full energy into will be the most successful, but you’ve got to be sure. You were born knowing what you want so if you start to question something ask yourself why this. This summer is going to be full of adventure, and work, you can’t seem to stop yourself there, but it’s a really good time to think about what you want going forward.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

The Energy That Surrounds You: You can be hard to read. A lot of the time you think something but don’t share it. You’re usually pretty calm and chill, but you can get worked up. The bitch or the bully does live somewhere in you. You’d rather be loyal and tender, though you don’t show just anyone your tender side. Your grounded and have good common sense. You’d like to think you have a good sense of direction. You are generally stable, hard-working and flexible. You have pride but you also put pressure on yourself. It wouldn’t be common for you to look bad or unpresentable, Taurus knows how to put themselves together. This is the time to take big turnovers and changes. Sometimes Taurus gets stuck, but they just need to take that leap of faith and trust it, even if it doesn’t hold the same security as a paycheque.

The Emotions Within You: Taurus has a lot of emotions but they keep a lot of them to themselves. Taurus is selective with what they share, but if they found someone they can really open up to and trust, this is key for the Taurus. Taurus is happy if they know they are loved, and that their partner has expressed some devotion. Single Taurus is eager to meet someone but also picky about who they can open up to. Taurus does have strong emotions and they are sensitive creatures. They need to know that their emotions are worth sharing, and try not to let these emotions overcome them in times of frustrations.

The Fate in Your Hands: I’m not lying when I say that you can have whatever you want. You are a very hard-worker, but you need to be doing the right things. You need to be in a job that you love and once you are, you will flourish. You are good at being the boss, even if you do it on the sly sometimes, you will find a way to get your point of view across. Big things on the rise for the Taurus. Many of you have your foot on a good mark and are ready to start a new race. It’s important that you find your place. Taurus wants somewhere to call home. They want to make a home to come home to. When Taurus loses their sense of routine or structure they can suffer, but this is a sign of strength and one that will always come back brighter and better.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

The Energy That Surrounds You: it's complicated. Gemini can go back and forth. They can have two reactions to any given situations. They can have ten. Gemini is very much in their head, thinking constantly. It may seem like they communicate a lot, but it’s about 10% of what’s really going on. Anxiety follows this sign. Often Gemini is restless and trying to get out of their head, but often they keep looking forward, keep making plans and moves to improve their life. Gemini in a lot of ways has this unstoppable energy. They want to be liked, but they don’t always do the things necessary to get other people to like you—unless of course, they like you. When they have a fan base it is strong, as long as Gemini doesn’t let the popularity go to their head.

The Emotions Within You: Gemini will have emotions and then push them down. Gemini doesn’t want to have problems or be a problem they want to solve problems. Highly intelligent, Gemini can wrap their mind and insight around a lot of things, but they have to be more honest and open about their emotions. Sometimes Gemini will play emotional games, dropping bread trails hoping that you figure it out, but most of the time they will just shut down and say very little. Gemini can be bitchy and mean when they want to be, but a lot of time they just withdraw and try to take their mind to a new place. It’s not always possible, but Gemini is always trying to let go of what bothers them. Gemini is also moody and they have to get a grasp on their moods and how they affect others.

The Fate in Your Hands: Gemini is inclined to have a heartbreak or two. They attract a lot of suitors, but when things don’t add up emotionally, Gemini gets distracted. With Gemini, it’s where they put their energy. Are you out all night partying? Or are you thinking abut your future, and how to become the best version of yourself? The fate is really in your hands. Whatever you want more is up for you to determine. Just make sure that whatever you do it is serving you. Are you getting what you need? Are you a sitting duck? It’s time to keep making moves in the direction of your success. You can get it all together, but you may need to let it all out first.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Cancer has an emotional and all-knowing energy about them. They can be shy if they don’t feel comfortable. Cancer will go into their ‘Cancer Shell’ when they don’t want to talk about something. Cancer is up when they are making things happen, helping others and doing a standup job. Creativity also follows Cancer. They are the type to be crafty and put things together. Cancer can be a master planner. Cancer is happiest is at home. They enjoy domestic duties, are capable of keeping things clean and putting dinner on the table.

The Emotions Within You: Cancer is most enjoyed amongst good friends that they can have good laughs with. While humor is easy for The Crab to hide behind, they have tons of emotions. Emotions from the past and present, and they have fears about the future. Though, they may also have plans. Sometimes Cancers emotions make them doubt themselves. Cancer can be self-critical and hard to whole-heartily impress. Cancer like most water signs is selective and they will show their true, awesome colours to the people who matter, to the the people that Cancer likes and trusts.

The Fate in Your Hands: Changing your outlook is key here. You have to believe you will get the things that you want, work hard for and deserve. Love might already be in your life, and if so, embrace it confidently. Be mindful of your disposition and try not to get down over little matters. If you are single, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s only a matter of time, but you have to believe that it is coming, you can’t get down on your luck. You’re not a victim of love. You have so much to offer in a partnership, you are a valuable asset and one day you will meet the right person.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: The sun shines down on Leo. Yes, there are more quiet, modest Leos, and even Leos who get down, but for the most part, people in this signs have a lovely nature. People will want to be around you. People will admire the things that you do and give you credit. Leo lives for creating the best moments possible in life and they want to share them. They generally really do care what people think, which is why Leo is likely to befriend an enemy or be nice when you are rude. Leo shuns negativity. They will deal with it in their own way, but they want the outer sphere of their life to be amazing and positive.

The Emotions Within You: Leo is an emotional sign because even expressing optimism and joy, requires having an emotional connection. Leo is happy to embrace all the emotions that feel good, but they aren’t the best at taking care of the hard emotions. Leo doesn’t want pain, and when they feel it, it will be unbearable. Loyalty is everything to The Lion and when this gets crossed, the Leo will be secretly hurting, but they won’t always talk about their feelings. Some Leos won’t be able to stop talking about their feelings because it helps them, but there will always be a part of Leo that hates to admit defeat. They aren’t the type to share their bad days, but they will share their triumphs.

The Fate in Your Hands: This is supposed to a be a lucky year for Leo, the planet Jupiter (planet of luck and fortune) is on your side. You won’t have to pick up the phone looking for work, things should be steady and consistent. Make time for your partner, don’t put them second or third, put them first. They are likely used to living with you and your social and active life. A little romance never hurt. Keep on the path that works best for you, and be honest with yourself. Don’t avoid the things that fester at you, deal with them. Deal with them so that you can move forward the right way, in an honest way that has more potential.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: There are constantly on the go Virgos, but the nature of this sign is more of a homebody. Virgo will love the idea of being home and being able to relax. Virgo is a big thinker, intelligent and prone to have suspicions. Virgo likes to know what is going on and flexes a curious and inquisitive spirit. They have a lot of good, but then they also like things that are not entirely conservative. Virgo is critical, and can sometimes respond better to a critical partner then they do a soft, and easy going one. Virgo is secretly self-critical and constantly seeking self-improvement. They put in the efforts, and work had, but they know their shortcomings, even if some of them will never articulate weakness. Virgo can be stubborn, but if they really love you it will be hard for them to shut you out for too long.

The Emotions Within You: Virgo may appear bulletproof, but they actually are very sensitive. They remember the cruel things you did and said, and they don’t forget it, they can’t. Virgo can try to understand, but it’s hard for them not to place judgments. Virgo is private about their emotions. They wouldn’t want others to know they are upset, though it’s usually written all over their face. Virgo wants something good to be proud of, and while they falter a lot about what they want, there are some things they are absolutely destined to do.

The Fate in Your Hands: A Virgo, once said to me, “well that’s what I do, I set goals and I make them happen.” Virgo has the ability to put their mind to something and figure it out. Give them time and they will show you their overall worth. Follow the path towards pursuing your career dreams. For a lot of you, this is more important than locking down a romance. Virgo knows that will come when they decide the time is right. Continue to get yourself sorted, keep doing what you are doing if you are working, don’t settle. You know you have big dreams and nothing is stopping you, but you. In the long term, if you find yourself still questioning or sizing that person up, it’s probably not a good fit. When Virgo finds the proper mate, they get stopped in their tracks and they work towards being a better person. True love will motivate you, but it shouldn’t leave you feeling uncertain or that there is something better waiting for you on the other side.  

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Libra will always have this uncertain energy to them. They can’t make up their minds about what they want, who they want to be with or where they want to go. Libra spends a lot of time battling whether or not things are possible. Libra is also like a butterfly, like most air signs, Libra will fly to a lot of places, but will never stay too long. Forming commitments can be hard for Libra because it means making allowances for someone else. Libra is charming and attracts a lot of people and friends. They are also cool and know how to play it cool. It’s not likely Libra is chasing you, but it likely that someone is chasing Libra. Libra is alluring and aseptically pleasing. They know how to represent individuality.

The Emotions Within You: Libra has a lot of emotions that will come to the surface, but Libra will also minimize their own problems. Often Libra isn’t comfortable talking about themselves unless it’s the right person. Libra also shows a lot of emotions through love. They might be gone from your life from awhile, but they never stop loving you. Libra is emotional, but sometimes they bank on being neutral. As they try not to feel the things they are feeling because at the same time they are unsure of what they are feeling. They will often see how things could be better, but are a very forgiving sign that hates drama, and often is full of second chances.

The Fate in Your Hands: Make sure you are headed in the right direction. If things continue to bother you then you need to make a change. Don’t avoid the things that matter, and don’t escape through socializing. In relationships, sometimes couples drown themselves with other people, and hang out in groups, helping to avoid the fact that you don’t really want to talk about it. Sometimes Libra doesn’t want to realize something important that they should. Libra has a hard time letting go when they love someone.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Sometimes the energy is hostile when you don’t want it to be. Yes, you are usually very busy and on the go, but you like making peace. Despite the reports that you should be cautious of Scorpio, Scorpio is actually beyond loving, wise and generous. They carry a knowing spirit and an intuition about people and places. Scorpio will not associate with people they don’t like and they will not travel to places that don’t interest them. This generally goes for food too, though not as much. Scorpio’s energy is all hidden emotions. They are highly emotion but they do whatever they can to avoid dealing with the brunt of it. Scorpio can also be the healer and they will want to help, but they have to watch their boundaries and some Scorpios can overstep, though often this quality is valued.

The Emotions Within You: Scorpio is the emotional one who doesn’t want to talk about it. Talking about it can make them feel uncomfortable. It takes Scorpio time, experience and growth to handle a confrontation. Scorpio will always state their truth and give their insight, but this doesn’t mean they want to argue with you. Friction does occur with what Scorpio would consider to be daft people. Scorpio can be self-righteous and all-knowing and can be inclined to wanting to do things their way. Scorpio can be attracted to submission in romance, but they still crave a challenging sense of intellect in their partner. Scorpio can’t help but wear the pants, though you’d be surprised how happy it makes them to see you help. Scorpio will do, but sometimes they overdo and Scorpio will be aware of it and can become fickle. It’s best they hang around people who are as equally giving as they are.

The Fate in Your Hands: It’s hard because sometimes the Scorpio cycle moves so slowly. They might be making a lot of advances, changes or developments, but their emotional state is hard to temper with. Scorpio has to figure out what they want most and reach for that. As a highly intelligent sign, they have a lot of possibilities and can go many places. It’s simply up to the Scorpio, who should be asking themselves, “what am I doing? Do I really enjoy doing it?” Scorpio needs to be happy for Scorpio and with Scorpio. They can’t seek validation for people, even if they will because it’s important for Scorpio to feel complete with who they are. It’s imperative that they can get to a point in life where they really demand something for themselves or follow through on a dream or a goal. Scorpio might be doing a lot, and they may be very happy with this, and that’s excellent. If Scorpio is dissatisfied, they need to take another look at the picture.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

The Energy That Surrounds You: Sagittarius is on the go and they ain't waiting for no slowpokes either. Sagittarius might love you to death, but there are certain things they won’t budge on. The energy here is hot and curious. Sagittarius likes to know things, and they will ask questions, but when the tables are turned, Sagittarius is very cautious of what they might share. Sagittarius is adventurous, but there is a private energy to them as well. They don’t trust easily, willing or sometimes, not at all. Sagittarius can be impulsive and get invested in business dealings and gambling matters that can cause them problems. They may also be prone to forms of substance abuse. Sagittarius lives for the high and they would rather stay up. Sometimes they bend the rules to make things happen, but not always, there are plenty of healthy and harmless Sagittarius people who just want to live right and to feel good about themselves. Sagittarius also has a very ambitious side to them, they are constantly striving, achieving and moving on to the next thing. Sagittarius likes when they or others excel, though Sagittarius is known to have a competitive side.

The Emotions Within You: Sagittarius is characterized for keeping their emotions private. There are certain things and subjects that they just won’t want to talk about. Sagittarius will open up when they feel comfortable or when they have formed a bond of trust. Sagittarius usually likes to keep their emotional feelings to themselves. Sagittarius will also keep thoughts to themselves, though generally outspoken, Sagittarius always know when the best time to escape is. Sagittarius is strong about their emotional coping mechanism and it is to up and leave. Sagittarius will not deal with anything that you confront them with. Sagittarius makes change and choice in their own time. Sagittarius has to feel ready in their bones when they take a leap of faith.

The Fate in Your Hands: The only thing in the way of Sagittarius is Sagittarius. You’ve got natural gifts and abilities. It’s in your data to be running businesses, making investments and making decent bank. Sagittarius can be very good with their money when they aren’t being foolish. Sagittarius merely needs to stay on the right path. Sagittarius loves positivity and when they surround themselves in this they can’t help but smile.



Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

The Energy That Surrounds You: This energy can get intense, especially when you put too much on your plate. You tend to want to explode, but then hold back, but then at the right moment you will lose your bearings. You will do it in a way that it hurts no one. It’s not your intention to harm or hurt others. If someone has been good to you, you will be good back. Capricorn can sometimes deny themselves the things that they want and deserve. Always hard-working but always satisfied in all capacities, Capricorn has to be careful not to take the stress of their day out on the people that they love. Capricorn also has a professional energy. They might like to do things by the book, but they plan to be the best and get the best results.

The Emotions Within You: Emotions here are washed down because Capricorn will avoid confrontation. Capricorn is an emotional sign, but they don’t always express this emotional aspect in their demeanor. Capricorn cares what others think, they care about their image and want to project the best on everyone.

Capricorn sometimes hides or pushes aside their longings in partnership or relationships. Sometimes Capricorn doesn’t demand enough in the love department.

The Fate in Your Hands: The fate is going to be friendly, but it’s going to take time and work. It will have to be a progression or a big chance. With the Capricorn’s hard working nature, Capricorn is constantly working themselves to the top.

Aquarius (January 20-Febuary 18)

The Energy That Surrounds You: You have a worldly energy that wants to see and do and feel it all. A true Aquarius will make all of this happen. They have the determinations to make dreams a reality. Aquarius is thirsty for knowledge, people, things, and education. Aquarius is the sign of constant self-improvement, they are constantly working on themselves. Aquarius is also known for being emotionally-detached. They would rather live life then stop for bumps in the road. It’s not that they don’t care, but that Aquarius gets caught up in their own chaos.

The Emotions Within You: Aquarius will detach from the conversation emotionally, especially if it is triggers at them. Aquarius can be receptive to thoughtful feedback, but they will not tolerate an attack. Aquarius needs someone who can get them to stay in one place, someone who can open them up and connect with them on an emotional level.

The Fate in Your Hands: Anything is possible here, it’s all in the hands of the Aquarius and what they like, and Aquarius will know what they like. Aquarius has crazy, genius potential and can really do great things. When they stick their mind to something they usually get it.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The Energy That Surrounds You: A lot of emotions surround you, which complicate your life. Your energy is to run away, is to escape and do whatever you can to flee the bad moment. Pisces is caring and empathic. They try to listen and be there for the people who matter. They are compassionate. Pisces can be moody, they can feel one thing one day and think an entirely different thing on another day.

The Emotions Within You: Pisces is swimming in emotions. They feel everything. They feel for sad people on TV. As a mush ball of emotions Pisces will call you out on the truth, or sometimes say things you don’t want to know. Pisces is both emotional and honest, and can often talk about their state of mind.

The Fate in Your Hands: Things are constantly progressing for the Pisces, the last of the zodiac, the sign made up of all the other signs. Pisces is special for this reason, and while they will be special naturally, even more, special things are on the rise. Pisces just have to believe in their own gifts and just continue to do what you love. You will get recognized it’s only a matter of time and if you are in a role, I hope it fulfills you.

Horoscopes To Help You Get Closer To Summer

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all

It is easy to get involved, to involve ourselves, but sometimes the best thing you can do is back out, and do nothing at all. Getting involved in other people's business is dangerous. Don't let it be a possibility for things to come back at you in a negative way. People think their stories and secrets are safe with others, but we share stories, we tell people not to tell, and we don't know what they do with the information. We need to keep an eye out for what we trust because some things are not what they seem to be. You sometimes are not what you seem to be, and this is because we all feel under the microscope. We worry who is watching, who is listening, who is judging, but we forget that it is our goal to do right by ourselves. We need to live freely without the constraints of wondering what others think. In truth, it doesn't matter. They don't affect the core being of your reality unless you let them. Otherwise, they are utterly insignificant and a total waste of your energy. For the tail end of spring, don't let yourself get caught up in the things you can't trust. Let no one affect you in a negative way unless of course, someone needs your help.  There is always time to be altruistic, and if you're a good soul, being this way will only enhance how you feel about yourself. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)

It is always important that the Aries slow down, but they don't know how. Some Aries function on one level and that is high speed. Aries will want to take on it all, and they often won't be content with what they've got, sometimes Aries wants more. The grass can always look greener, but this is the time to take value for what you've got and show gratitude. Don't get too caught up in your own personal agenda. You are strong, intelligent and capable, and there are people who could benefit from the good energy that you bring. Aries, you are happier when you communicate what you are really thinking and feeling, people can tell you are angry even if you don't show it, and we all know it is in Aries to show it. Or Aries can just be a showboat, as they won't mind taking the spotlight. Just be careful, Aries. In life, we can only swing from too many branches before we fall. Have your pick, but don't over pick, this behaviour will not leave you with what you want. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sometimes you do too much on your own and for yourself. You don't need people, and that's okay, but don't lie to yourself, you do want people. You want that perfect romance, but you'll have a hard time settling for something that isn't a proper fit. Let people in more and let people help you, leave that doubt at home and trust in worthy individuals. When you act too independent, you send the message that you don't want to talk about anything real, you'd much rather that everyone think that everything is okay, or better than that spectacular. At this time you will want to feel on top, positive and happy, but if you don't you need to deal with your feelings. Don't push them down, bring them to the surface. You'd be surprised to discover how attractive this look is on you. People just want to know what's going on, and the real version of the story, not the version you tell yourself to get by. 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

You can try to cover up the things that hurt you, with new happy things, but that doesn't change the reality of matters. Those things will continue to bother you until you deal with them. If anyone knows how to come back from a negative situation it's Leo, they will fight for their happiness, as they are not willingly ever going to let you take them down. Leo will ignore the things and comments they can't deal with. Now is a good time to focus on love, the true love that is in your life. Make time for love or you will regret it. Don't be too busy for the people and person who you live for. Find a balance between work and play that looks good on you. You can't be everywhere at once so pick your dwellings carefully. Things will heal, as long as you are doing your part. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You may seem happy, but people don't really know you. You are always working on something more, and therefore rarely get to celebrate your successes. You need to work on being a better help, sure you're helpful, but there is a part within that shuts down. You need to keep your light on now more than ever, as the littlest things will turn you off now. You might spot flaw now, but this is good for your work and working insight. Virgo may appear dim, but give them a moment to speak and they will impress you. Virgo tries to keep the mood right but has learned the hard way that other things will come to battle. Virgo is sensitive to those moments and needs to ask themselves, "how do I want to be spending my time." If they get too caught up in what is serving them, they may forget their original protest altogether. Be mindful at this time about what you want, see your garden grow, but make sure to water all your flowers because you never know when you might need them. If your ducks swim out of the row, worry not, you are the best person to get them back in order. 

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

A Taurus can't really be controlled, but a Taurus can be tolerant for too long, and put up with things that don't seem to be going anywhere. Taurus dislikes this. They need security and have to feel wanted and protected by you. A Taurus can be patient as long as they are happy, but they'd like to see some progression. One Taurus feels grounded and like they can get their feet wet, they will be happy. Taurus isn't the type to rush in, but when they know that they really want something or somebody things can be very full-on, very quickly. At this time, it's wise to pay attention to your heart and see where it's at. Assess when to leave your stubborn side at home, and note what and who makes you feel more carefree and beautiful in your own skin. 

Capricorn (December 22-Jan 19)

The only thing standing in your way of happiness is yourself. Stop thinking so much about other people. Focus in on your current goal, and try to be mindful of it. When Capricorn gets too distracted with too many worries and thoughts, they lose their appeal and ability to be effective. Sometimes Capricorn has a hard time relaxing when this is what they need the most. At this time, don't expect too much to change for the Capricorn, they are probably stuck in their routine, but they need to pull away from it. Capricorn needs to take chances that aren't always pre-calculated. Capricorn can be happy if they feel like they've got everything they want. Capricorn can't be hungry for more, they need to feel full. They need to stay fresh in order to prevent them from going boring. 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

A part of you was or is too scared to let someone get too close to you, at least not people you don't trust. but you've learned that when you do let people in that it can be the best. You are bright and often see all of the possibilities, which is why you thrive as a leader. You usually have a good way and there will be many people to follow you. This is the time to remember people who you do have deep connections with, but have lost touch with. You need to challenge your mind and body, but also your heart and spirit. Aquarius has to get to that place where they want to talk about their inner feelings. Try to figure out what is holding you back and challenge it, let yourself rise naturally as things come your way when they are meant to. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Happy birthday, Gemini! This is your time to shine. Be honest with yourself about how you really feel about things, but also think about how others would think about things. Be considerate of your friends and partner, but make sure you aren't over extending yourself. Sometimes Gemini can do everything and still feel like something is missing. At times, the Gemini will have a hard time walking away from projects. They like to get things done, but they strive for perfection. Gemini has an eye for detail. Now is a good time to stay true to who you are. It doesn't matter if people like you what matters is that you like yourself. Put your vision into motion and win through creativity! 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

You could try a little harder to meet demands. Excuses are excuses, you get caught in your Libra bubble. It's hard for you to know what you want, but you won't back down when you find it. You'll always be looming in the shadows of what you want, but it's time to come out and make a move. People want to hear from you, but they also want to see you take some conviction. Playing it cool works well in a lot of situations, but some matters require us to wear a serious hat. In order to let people in, in a productive way, you've got to step up and show people that you're not unsure and that you can make demands. You have a lot of talent and charm so don't waste it, harness it and watch it grow because when Libra gets their head on straight no one can stand in their way.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Nobody should ever question you if they know what's good for them. You know how to do your job and you know what's right and what's wrong, and you aren't afraid to express it. Scorpio generally has very strong, intense emotions. They will get very invested in things that catch their heart, but if they are rebuffed, they can be waiting around for the validation that never came. Know Scorpio that if it feels weird, it likely is weird, but weird doesn't always have to be a bad thing. It is always important for Scorpio to take on less, and give more time for the self, but the nature of the Scorpio will keep rising. Sometimes Scorpio is that person who puts out fires, Scorpio will come to your rescue just ensure that you are giving to Scorpio in return. Scorpio will never ask for attention (sometimes they will demand it), but when they get it, it makes their whole world. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Your sensitivity can get you in trouble if you are not careful it may bring you to lose something or someone. They might seem disposable now, but down the road, you may be itching for the thing you gave away. Learn to communicate your concerns, it is one thing to have the feelings, but it is an entirely different thing to know what to do with them. You aren't always the most confident person, but the people in your life probably think you should be. Others probably wish that you could see yourself the way they do, but it takes time. Cancer has to figure out when they feel comfortable in their own shell, and every Crab goes at their own pace. Don't expect others to motivate you into a happy place, you have to get there on your own, and you can. Stick to what you want to believe and don't question it, stop questioning things, just work and make things a reality, the rest will come in time. 

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

You've got the natural ability, but sometimes you lack the drive. You could be doing a lot to promote your talents, but things hold you back. Pisces is often very focused on people, and the attention they give to others takes away from what Pisces could do for themselves. With Pisces, it's all about timing, as the last sign of the zodiac, which is a mix of all the eleven signs that came before them, Pisces is an unpredictable Fish. It can be said that Pisces will be happiest when they do the things they love because Pisces cannot stand to be around certain things. They will never excel at things that don't interest them. Pisces are usually quite particular. During these moments, the fate is in Pisces' hands. Pisces determines how fast they go, and if it goes slow, when they want it to go fast, they decide how they want to react, but bear on caution. Try to think things through logically by looking at the facts and paying less attention to your interpretation of the facts. Yes, Pisces is highly intuitive, but they need to be open to the idea that sometimes they are just wrong, in both the things that they do and the things that they say. When Pisces leads with emotion they can forget their valued wisdom.