The Best Kept Secret: Chic Little Boho


Nathalie Morel, Founder of Chic Little Boho


It was an average day, that was suddenly filled with love as I spoke with the Designer and Founder of Chic Little Boho, Nathalie Morel. Chic Little Boho is an environmentally friendly online clothing store that stole my heart with it's good nature and adorable fashions. Nat Morel has truly outdone herself, and speaking with her was an amazing, inspiring and refreshing experience.


Why Chic Little Boho is So Un­­ique



Nat is a vortex of ideas, heart, talent and thoughtfulness. Every original piece that she has named and created comes with a piece of her soul. A talented sewer who is self-taught, through sleepless nights spent watching YouTube videos to get it right.


How did it all begin

Nat, raised as a tom boy, discovered her feminine side through fashion. Often the “it” girl who would get her dress complimented on. Nat had a vision and it was to share her creations with the world.

Every piece is unique, there is literally a handful of each item so you have to shop quickly to ensure that you get what you’re looking for. Though Nat is crafty and often bringing back popular pieces. If you live in the city she will make customizations so the dress or garment fits you perfectly

Original Fashion


Since there is only a handful of each design you can walk around proudly, knowing that your piece is original, and only a small amount of that product exists.




Minimal Waste



Nat makes reversable tote bags with the left over materials. These are super cute and can be used as a purse, a beach bag, a lunch bag as a book bag or an anything bag. Little Chic Boho will make a conscious buyer out of you in no time. You will get one of these bags for free when you buy something.


Immense Talent


Nat told me, “I can just picture something and I can do it.” This girl really has a flare for fashion and knows how to make looks look exceptionally good.

In the words of a consumer, Maude Warner, "I love the dresses, the ethos behind the brand, and (of course) the founder. Nat seems to pour her heart into every order to make sure that everyone is happy and feels great in their dresses. I’ve already ordered another dress for this summer and can’t wait to wear it to the beach, a BBQ or wedding event.”

Another consumer, Jaymo, says, “wearing the clothes is the best part.” “The materials are soft and comfortable. It feels amazing on your skin.” In my own dress I felt like it was soft velvet on my skin. Jaymo comments that “not only does the material feel great, but the patterns and the designs are fresh and unique.” Nat is actually in the process of creating her own fabric and her own designs to make Chic Little Boho even more original.

Order Up


Jaymo says, “Nat is a dream to work with when ordering online. She’s skilled at what she does and makes a point to ensure you’re happy with the product and it fits perfectly. I love the sweet labels and the special touches she adds to the packaging to make it feel very boutique-ish rather then just another online package arriving in the mail. I wore mine in Colombia dancing (see above). It was perfect. [The dresses] are awesome on a beach vacation or summer living, dancing in, weddings [and day to day adventures]. Jaymo like many of us are constantly looking at Nat’s site to see what she’s come up with next. As Jaymo quotes, “You never know when a new design or an old favorite might appear I love that she is making clothes that flow and twirl, loose and free. Buying local and handmade is a real treat. Whenever you can, you should. I also like that she reaches out to artisans, like herself, in different countries. Creating the ability for their creations to reach an audience that they would never have the opportunity to.”




“I wanted to do it this way, to inspire people, people will always make excuses about what they want to do, there is so much, everyone can be unstoppable it takes a ton of work, heart and soul.”

I was inspired by this too, I would so much rather give my money to a person like Nat whose got flare, and style, but also works so hard to keep her brand thriving. These are the dressmakers that deserve our money, the ones who put heart and soul into it.

As Nat says, “it’s normal to doubt”, but look at what you can achieve when you brush off the butterfly dream and make something fly all on your own.

Nat wants Chic Little Boho to be a lifestyle and not just a clothing brand. She wants you to create adventures in your dress, take it around the world and share your experiences. Nat is set on the ideology, “what did you do to change someone’s life.” This altruistic mantra is quite inspiring as it raises a very valuable question, “where are you placing your impact?” Nat describes her business like you are the canvas and it’s her job to give people a sense of your personality before you meet.

Vision Your Dreams



 Nat is a true dreamer, an artist and a warm heart. She really cares and it shows. She is full of love. Before Chic Little Boho came alive, Nat would work on her vision board. A place where she scrapped her dreams for her to see and make a reality. This is truly inspiring for anyone who has a dream, simply start mapping it out, placing images on a board and watch as it come alive. Nat’s visions were to make the world a better place, to enhance positive experience and make people more aware of how damaging fast fashion is, and the importance to recycle. Proving to people that if you have an idea that you can do it, in Nat’s words, “let it become established.”

The Mission


Nat’s goal is to try to help people believe in themselves more, to be more confident, and love the skin that your in. She can’t stress enough the need for women to support other women. She is tired of all this “hate bullshit”, she wants to see others treating each other with respect, and just being there for fashion, but not the petty aspects of it.

Nat is a lover of the world and was inspired by the Gypsy Collective, a corporation that is trying to make their beach cleaner. She is also very spiritual, making mood boards of all the dresses she likes, and going fabric shopping, picking the patterns that appeal to her creative eye.


The Future

 One day Nat would like to have her own unique fabric and fabric patterns. She hopes to team up with other people in the industry that are good for the planet. She would like to incorporate more fun pop-up shops. Instilling confidence and feeling confident and capable and diverse. Truthfully, there is a perfect dress for everyone. Nat wants to spread good onto this earth by simply supporting and complimenting. She wants to see woman loving women, telling each other that they are beautiful. Regardless, Nat plans to stay dedicated to women’s apparel and inspiring the ideology that we should love our own sex and feel good in our own skin (if local Nat will customize garments to fit a range of body types). Chic Little Boho wants you to be proud of who you are and your body, whatever type that may be. Creating clothes that compliment all sorts of body types. This label is super body-friendly, and there truly is a treasure in it for everyone.

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