You Make It True: The Calling Vs. The Job

Having an idea about what you want and need is imperative towards building a healthy, happy and satisfying life. You can dream that you want one thing, only to find that it makes you miserable. What you dream about, might not even be your calling in life, but there is something you are destined to do. Consider the concept of a “calling” vs. a job, and which would make you feel the most content. You might have a job, but is it your calling? How do you define it? How do you really determine what marks a true calling? Growing up, was there anything that spoke to you? Did you see yourself in a particular industry? Was there anything that you excelled naturally at and enjoyed?

If you find that the work that you do is something, which you could never stop even if you tried. You have probably found a calling. Or if you find you love something so much, and you excel at it, you have probably found a calling. In the words of Michael Lewis, a columnist for Bloomberg News, “there’s a direct relationship between risk and reward. A fantastically rewarding career usually requires you to take a fantastic risk.”

It is not easy to do what you are destined to. In order to do what you love the most, you take a risk, but that risk is what makes it worth it. You could settle for a decent-paying job that you can stand, or you could take the rewarding risk of following your calling and doing something that you love. 

For some people, it is important that what they do reflects their identity, and who they are. As Lewis says, “a calling is an activity that you find so compelling that you wind up organizing your entire self around it — often to the detriment of your life outside of it.” Everyone has a calling, whether they know of it yet or not. For me, my calling writing, and every part of my being is wrapped up in it. From a very young age, I knew that writing was my calling. It helped that teachers would read my work to the class, and enter me in story competitions. I was inspired by my calling at a very young age, I was dedicated and I had the right support system (which is important). Though it’s not easy. You have to be willing, willing to commit to the hard, challenging, and risk-involved work required to make it possible. You have to really want it. You have to be ready to answer the call with conviction.

A job can be anything, and often people will comment on what their calling is, but they are not living it. Getting past the hurdles of making your calling a reality can be very valuable. If it is a matter of your well-being and your happiness, it is vital to consider finding out what your calling is, and how you can exercise it into your life. As it’s been said, it won’t be easy, but with certain skills you are bound to become that much more successful towards finding and living out your calling. Here are some skills that will help you exercise your calling:

• A profound and progressive commitment to making a difference in this direction (this is not about simply wanting it – it’s about committing strongly to it)

• An abundance of positive energy, because this will help fuel you to pursue a calling

• Optimism and consistent thoughts of faith and hope, when all odds are against you

• High spirits, high self-esteem, and confidence to know in your heart that your dream is achievable

•An open mind and a flexibility spirit to help shape you, and allow you to learn from your mistakes, and seek help when needed from a support system.

• A lot of risk-acceptance, and the ability to tolerate, and carry on despite instability

• The faith that you couldn’t continue without this work

• A very hard exterior

• The ability to “strengthen up” (build power, ability, and self-mastery) as you grow, you will need external and internal forces

Discover what makes you feel alive, and encourages you to be everything that you can be, and more. Take the time to figure it out, and go do it. The question to ask is what natural strengths and talents you can leverage in service of others and the world, in a way that fills you up, and brings you happiness and reward while doing it.

Live out your calling – and start expressing your true authentic nature, right now, by discovering careers that really speak to your true interests and desires.