Everyone is Emotional : How To Find Control in a World of Chaos.


It can be hard to trust in the universe when you're not feeling like yourself. Our minds easily become emotional states of living, as we allow our emotions( like panic, depression, mania, and anxiety) to take over our well-being and rationality. Some of us are running from our emotions. Filling up our days with so much work and activity that we don't have time to deal with them. Or we surround ourselves with people, and this includes interacting with them on the internet. We search for control because we feel out of control in our own lives, and this helplessness is hard to inspire, hard to deal and hard to embrace. There is nothing wrong with feeling, don't suppress your emotions. Even if it does take time, there is hope, and your emotions do not have to run your course.



Time is the essence of all things greatly produced. In life, we have to find the motivation to fight, to say, "screw it, I deserve better than this", or "fuck it, I want more" and then strive to achieve this. Work to make your life better because you have the power to create great change. Don't look to others to solve your emotions, they can support them, but it's up to you how you chose to let your emotions affect you.

We need to know when to let go, and when to move on, but we especially need to know when to ask for help. We need to know when we should no longer be a part of something. If that something reminds us of bad things, or if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to set boundaries for yourself. Know when to forgive, and when to hold on because you'll learn that so much is worth letting go. In order to move on, and to feel okay, you can't carry your past on your shoulders. 

The things, people, and situations, which drive us to emotional states are worth letting go. It is so important to focus on what's positive in your life because as hard as it seems, there has to be something, big or small that you are grateful for. Focus on that. Don't waste a second to insult the bastard or give into the itch to be rude to someone. It's not worth it to release some of your pent-up emotion and anger onto someone else. Remember, every time you are giving out this negative energy that you are showing something unresolved within yourself. If you are gong to feel bad later about your actions, it is not worth it. Don't waste time giving negative thoughts conviction. Instead, deal with what is actually bothering you. Don't feel like you have to put on a face for others, your concerns matter and you have to deal with them.

If they bear weight in your mind, you shouldn't just ignore it. Don't let these thoughts change the way that you are thinking, feeling and behaving. Recognize your emotions and identify what you are feeling. Remind yourself that they are just thoughts and that most of them are not true. Try to focus on the facts and what actually happened, and base your emotions off of what really went down. 

You don't know the future, so stop predicting it. Try to take days as they come. Don't get ahead of yourself and dream of obtaining more. Set goals, but try to be happy with the things you've already got.

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Don't let bad thoughts change the way that you are feeling--don't let them affect your mood. Remind yourself that they are just thoughts and that most of the things we tell ourselves aren't true. Try to be mindful and focus on what is happening in the moment. Try to live for that moment--dwelling on the past is dangerous. It's one thing to work through it, it's another thing to ruminate, obsess and self-harm about it. Don't let yourself feel sick about things that you have no control over. Focus on what you can change in your life or what you can do to get your mind off of it.

Spend times participating in life, and distracting yourself with things that bring you pleasure. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing that will distract you from the negative feelings. It might not feel natural at first, but if you go at a pace that works for you, it allows you to slowly interact in healthy ways that make you feel more positive about your environment.


Do what you can to continue to get things done in your life, but do it for you in your own time. Don't compare yourself to others, they are not experiencing your reality, and they should not factor in or make you feel insecure about your problems. You need to own your pain in order to experience any real gain from it. It won't be easy, but it will get easier, and eventually, it will feel natural.  

Be motivated by you because this is how you will see the best and most sincere results. Be on top of what you're feeling and by what you want--not by what you think others expect from you--be genuine with your desires. You will be happier this way. If you are brave enough to do your own thing, then you should. Even when you feel like you can't do anything, just try to do something--it will help. Try. Force yourself if you have to, but make that change. Keep yourself busy until you are busy, but also allow yourself to feel what is it that you are feeling and work on techniques and coping mechanisms that can help you calm your storm. Don't distract from the pain. Deal with it, and watch as things start to improve.

Regardless, keep going because you never know with life, you simply never know, and therefore you should never give up. You never know when you will get better, meet someone new,  go someplace amazing, land a new job, get a raise, fall in love, buy a house, or have a baby. There is concrete life evidence that proves that for some, dreams come true later in life. None of us, get it all, at the same time, and none of us can ever stop working towards the things we want from life. We can't stop because it's merely a matter of time before we start to see our story unfold.

There is concrete life evidence that proves that for some, dreams come true later in life. Some of us get it all, lose it, and then get it all back. None of us get it all (but you can be content). At the same time, none of us can ever stop working towards the things we want from life. We can't stop because it's merely a matter of time before we start to see our story unfold, and it's up to us to build that story, to share it and give it an ending that we can feel proud about.

You never know when the slot machine is going to give you a try at winning, but you've got to wait. Yes, the house often wins, but if you keep playing, and you keep trying, then your goals aren't too far from your reach. The most important thing is that you feel healthy and capable of dealing with the day-to-day stresses. That you have a support system to love you, and listen to you, and help you get back on your feet. In some cases, you might need to see a professional and get some medical help with the situation, and there is nothing wrong with this. Medical matters often require the help of trained physicians, especially understanding how to treat unique mental health issues. You won't get the answers overnight, but there is hope at the end of the maze. If you keep going, if you keep waiting, it seems like nothing, it feels like nothing, but time eventually makes use of time.


Time makes good use of time, in its own time, almost when we're not looking or too caught up in life to notice the minutes passing. Time works in mysterious ways. It always has and always will. and you just have to find the will to wait for it. Don't be wilful towards possibility, embrace it. Being as willing as possible to accept that you will and can get what you deserve is the best way to be.

In fair truth, it's the small things that really affect your day. Like having a good conversation with someone at work, or having a polite stranger wish you hello on the street, or hearing a compliment from someone that is absolutely priceless.

The big things seem so extreme, and they are, but in reality, it is the small things, which truly make or break or day. When it's all said and done, it's what you chose to tell yourself, what you chose to think about and how you chose to live your life. Regardless, of what it is, when we live day to day, we are able to evaluate our well-being day-to-day and try to take on the stress of the moment, and not the world. In truth, it could be anything,  it could be work success at the office, a winning moment with a partner, an athletic goal, anything. Most importantly, it could just be the small acts of human kindness, which mean more than anything. Regardless, there is always a silver lining if you are in tune enough with yourself to search for one.