The Tara Chloe Creative

I began my mission with blind eyes, as I tried to embrace the world and dreamt up my own creations. Most kids asked for toys for their birthday, but I asked for gift cards to Kids Only Books. From a young age, I became fascinated with stories and eventually started to write my own. Only in elementary school, I would get my stories published by duo tang in the library. Every top novel study I was a part of, every book conference, chosen for only the keenest readers in the class. I knew I loved literature, and I knew I loved writing, so naturally applied to major in English Literature at UBC. Since the age of eleven I have kept a journal, and to this day it amazes me how they reflect my growth and maturity. I've literally gone from Winnie-the-Pooh journals to beautifully embroidered Papyrus notebooks that I collect annually. My journals shape my journey.

As I got older, I kept writing, but I didn't know I had a talent for it. Not until my Eighth-grade teacher read my writing out loud to the class as a good example. She did this multiple times throughout the year (and when I had her again in Grade 12), and she told me that "she couldn't wait for the day that I become my own best editor." I could write, but the editing was something I had to work at, and still, have to work at (even though I am now a successful editor), but it gave me faith that she believed in me. She believed in me, like so many other professors I had along the way, who said they gave out their first A++ ever, and that I had the writing ability to be at the very top of the class. In my working career, it was no different, clients would always be happy with my work, and I received countless testimonials and referrals along the way. Though it seemed my work spoke for itself, as several people asked to employ me based off of my online work. 

Throughout my life, people have always admired my way with words, I can't count the number of times people have told me that writing is my calling. I want to use this space to flex my creativity and talk about the things that make me tick. To write about things in a way that suits my creative style. This site is not only a place to get your horoscope, but it is also a place to gain insight. Mental Health and Human Resources are two topics very close to my heart. I want to take about people experiences and draw awareness to causes that lack light within society. I want to be real about the things that bother people, but also celebrate the joys of those who have overcome their hurdles, and found themselves in a better place. In addition, I will throw in some just for fun pieces, and a lot of stuff on relationships and compatibility.  

We are embarrassed by the hardships we face because we live in a society where everyone wants to seem on top. This for some is simply not a reality, and even those who succeed, but secretly suffer have to come to term with their issues. We need to talk about things, which is why it is my goal to start a dialogue, which allows people to face their demons without judgment. A place where they can learn that it is okay to make a mistake or lose control.  

I want to write more than anything, but if I write for passion, then I must write about these things. Expect a mixture of recruitment tips, social media blogs, hr blogs, astrology articles, relationship articles and mental health material. Mental health is something that needs to be advocated for, people with it often live in the shadows and it's time we give this matter the proper attention. I know countless people who suffer but do not want to come out about their stories. This is because of the stigma attached to the issue, which can only go away if we refuse to.